How To Force Restart Your iPad | iPad Troubleshooting

It shouldn’t happen very often (if at all), but there are times when your iPad seems to freeze up or get stuck performing an action. If this happens you can force the iPad to restart without worrying about losing any other data than that which you were working on.


Performing a Force Restart is actually very simple to do, all you need are two fingers and a couple of seconds. When your iPad freezes, hold the Sleep/Wake button located on the top edge of the iPad, and whilst holing this, hold down the Home button at the bottom of the iPad.


You will need to hold both buttons down until the iPad shuts down and restarts (usually only a couple of seconds). Let the iPad completely restart and you will see that nothing is amiss and you can continue to do whatever you were doing when it froze.

Originally posted 2011-11-30 17:57:38.


  1. ayo says:

    can you help me quickly? my I pad refuses to unlock indicating that ” the i cloud has not been updated for 6 weeks now , plug in and connect to WiFi” i tied all within my knowledge still to no avail. please help.

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