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Social networking has completely changed how we communicate, and with Twitter linking functionality incorporated so deeply in iOS 5 the links between the iPad and social networks has never been stronger. So we have compiled this feature as iPad tutorial to ensure that you use your iPad to navigate your social network sites, to stay in touch with friends and family across the key social sites and tools.


IM+ for iPad | iPad Tutorial | Social Networking on iPad

When you open the app for the first time you’ll see list of different social interfaces. Setting them up is easy as selecting the interface you want and entering in your username and password. Once you have all your networks set up the main screen will show all your friends that are currently online. At the bottom of the screen, is a simple menu that allows you to quickly view your incoming messages, keep a list of people that you contact regularly and set your status. The status setter is nice because it allows you to quickly set a “global” status over all your accounts. The app also includes push notifications which is very nice considering the app is free.

iPad Tutorial – IM+. This free app is supported by ads, which is understandable when you consider the expense that they have to go through to run a push notification service. Thankfully the ads are not intrusive. There is just a small ad bar at the top of the screen that changes periodically.

Apps Store | IM+ for iPad | iPad Tutorial


MyPad – For Facebook & Twitter

MyPad – for Facebook & Twitter | iPad Tutorial | Social Networking on iPad

The vast majority of applications in this category offer a slight – often unrecognizable – twist or addition to an existing social app or enable access to an established site and this latest release from the developers, Loytr is no different. MyPad although an unofficial product offers a fresh and rather unique way to connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Mimicking a tabbed web browser style you are able to open multi-able profiles and any external links at once to scroll between them.

Impressive on the eye and at a low price, this application enhances your Facebook and Twitter browsing and interaction which is the highest recommendation an app of this nature could seek.

Apps Store | MyPad – for Facebook & Twitter


Agile Messenger HD Pro

Agile Messenger HD Pro for iPad | iPad Tutorial | Social Networking on iPad

The concept behind Agile Messenger HD is to let you connect to Facebook IM, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber and AIM, and then remain online permanently, thanks to iOS 4.2 multi tasking and Push notifications. For the most part the app was a success, for example during testing the application remained unstable whilst numerous accounts where running at one time. Alas the key problem we encountered was the layout, and the sheer volume of contacts that are accessible at one time, even on the iPad’s larger screen we found ourselves clicking the wrong contact several times.

iPad Tutorial – Agile Messenger HD. To home a variety of messenger apps in a single location is not without it’s merits. Yet thanks to the poor user interface the merits are outweighed by the lack of functionality, thus we were left pondering if less really is more?

Apps Store | Agile Messenger HD Pro for iPad | iPad Tutorial


 WordPress For iPad

WordPress for iPad | iPad Tutorial

The intended purpose of this app is to create blog posts on the go while having features such as the ability to add photos and descriptions to post. First impressions of this app was, there should be an option to not only login to existing blogs, but also create a new blog if need be. If posting a new entry to a blog, you can add tags and categories as well as set the status of the blog to Private, Published, Pending Review or save the post as a draft.

This app definitely meets expectations in functionality since every feature is user-friendly and is also visually appealing and far more suitable to the larger screen of the iPad than other handheld alternatives.

Apps Store | WordPress for iPad


Pollzer HD Free

Pollzer HD Free for iPad | iPad Tutorial

Having a good rant about the narrative direction of your favorite soap opera or venting your frustration over the latest public vote for the public’s current TV addiction is a doubled edged sword. If you find yourself in an audience of conflicting opinion or worse still complete indifference, the ability to “share” is one sorely missed, until now.  Although in its infancy we have high hopes for the future of this app, simply selection the subject matter that appeals to join a group of fans and discussion/argue…

iPad Tutorial – Pollzer HD. Lively discussion from the safety of your iPad is a fantastic concept, and one that will surely gain momentum with this practical and inventive app.

Apps Store | Pollzer HD Free for iPad | iPad Tutorial


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