iPad Twitter Apps | The Top 10 Rated And Reviewed

Twitter is probably one of the most used apps and one of the first sought after apps on the iPad.  Since the iPad was released there have been many Twitter apps that have made their way into the app store.  Each one has it’s own unique set of features but the main function is to connect to Twitter and be able to send and receive tweets with others.  Since you have many choices when it comes to iPad twitter apps, we thought we would rate and review the top 10 Twitter clients so you can make the choice the next time you are looking for a new one or your very first one.

The Top 10 iPad Twitter Apps

Twitter is an extremely popular social networking tool that is used by just about everyone who wants to communicate with their friends, colleagues, fellow students, and it is used by many others that find value in the ability to search for information contained within conversations.

At first you might think Twitter is rather boring.  But when you look underneath the hood you see that it’s a very powerful way to communicate and find real-time information (on just about any imaginable topic). To use Twitter on your iPad, you will want a good app that can deliver the features that are most important to you.  Here are the top 10 that are rated as such by testing, trying them out, and user feedback.

Echofon Pro

Echofon Pro is an iPad Twitter app that has been around for awhile but it definitely rates up there as one of the top Twitter clients.   It is easy to use, super fast and it has all of the common tasks you would want in a Twitter app.  If another Echofon user sends you a Direct message, it can notify you via push notification (a pop up box on the screen of your iPad).

Even though this is a fairly simple Twitter app, it is still filled with the basic features that most people want.  And because it is not filled with unnecessary features, that means it is fast and very easy to use.

This is a great Twitter app for your iPad if you are looking for simplicity and speed.  It’s convenient list-based interface is easy to use and very easy to navigate.  With Echofon you get what you need and nothing you won’t use.  Some users complain that they would like to see support for Posterous and yfrog (for images).  Others say that it can have some location issues.  Overall, however most people are very satisfied with it.



TwitRocker is one of the newer iPad Twitter apps and it has definitely got a lot of features you will want to check out.  This is a Twitter app that has more than just the basics.  It is powerful and flexible with a very nicely organized interface.  One nice feature Of TwitRocker is the ability to send conversations via email. This is very useful if it was important Twitter conversation and you don’t want to lose valuable information.

TwitRocker is a very nice iPad Twitter app.  It does exactly what it is supposed to do and offers you some premium features as well. The interface is easy to use and it is arranged with the lists at the top instead of on the side like most other Twitter apps.  The only real issue users report is that it has been crashing more often than not but these types of things are usually fixed with updates.



Osfoora HD

The iPad Twitter app is one of the most top-rated in the app store currently.  It is rated as such due to the low price point ($1.99) and very large set of features.  Osfooora has been a favorite Twitter app of many iPad users since it was released a few months ago and it still remains that way.

It is a blazing fast and clean Twitter client that provides very easy access to all of the necessary Twitter features.  It has multiple account support, supports unlimited lists, and it also has the ability to tweet songs.  Additionally, you can see who is nearby with a feature called “nearby tweets”.

These are just a few of the features of Osfoora HD.  It’s a great Twitter app for the iPad because you not only get a super fast client but you get tons of premium features at a non-premium price.  Users tend to love Osfoora. There were a few crashing issues several updates ago but those have been fixed and since then there have been no real complaints.




TwitBirdPro is a fast, flexible and full-featured Twitter app for the iPad.  It has a lot of the features you see separately in all of the other Twitter apps wrapped up into one.  It has four really amazing themes, a very logical and intuitive interface, a timeline, and all of the normal Twitter features.

While there are three versions of TwitBird, the Pro version gives you the most functionality and the largest feature-set.  One of the really nice things about TwitBird Pro is how the developers kept it so simple but yet full of very nice features you would not even expect in an iPad Twitter app.

For the most part this Twitter app gets the very best reviews.  There were some issues in the past with picture uploads and a few complaints about the lack of a black theme but those issues seem very sporadic so all in all it’s a great app that offers features you won’t find in most of the others – and for those out there who really use Twitter a lot this is perfect for them.




Tweetdeck is a long time favorite iPad twitter app.  It is used on the desktop by tons of people so it was a favorite for quite some time in the app store but there are a few features severely lacking with the mobile version of Tweedeck.

It offers about the same set of features as the other basic iPad Twitter apps and it also offer something not seen in the others which is the ability to view your lists in columns.  This is a great feature if you do not like the standard way most Twitter apps show the lists which is to have them all to one side and you choose which one to view (one at a time). With Tweetdeck you can see up to 3 columns at the same time.

Tweetdeck started off as a great app and then it ran into some issues.  One of the (still) major complaints is that you cannot view another person’s profile by simply clicking on their name.  Also, there have been crashing issues and most people generally agree that while the desktop version is full of great features, the iPad version needs some work.  Having used it for a few months, I can attest that it is a great Twitter app but I agree with others that it is lacking some major functionality.




Here is an iPad Twitter app that offers up a really unique interface but keeps things simple enough to make it a favorite by millions of users.  It boasts a really nice “floating window” interface that keeps everything right within your reach.

It is not as heavy on the features as much as it is useful and easy to use.

Twittelator is the perfect iPad twitter app for the person who likes simple but also wants a different kind of interface.  I see this as the perfect casual Twitter app.  Users love this app and the only complaints so far are that it is not the same as the version they love to use on their iPhone.



Tweetings HD

Tweetings HD is a fairly newcomer to the iPad Twitter app party.  It is a simple and easy to use client with a very nice feature list.  What makes this app different is the great push notification features and GeoLocation.  It is really no different than the others except that it has become a favorite due to it’s speed and stability.

Tweetings HD offers a very nicely designed interface which is probably why it is so popular at the moment.

Users really love this Twitter app but there are a few complaints that it takes awhile to get used to the interface and that it can be unstable at times.  Other than that, not a lot of complaints with this one and people generally agree it’s well worth the $3.99.




Newly updated TweeTime is your basic iPad Twitter app.  It has all of the features you would expect to see and does not add a lot in the way of anything new.  It is the classic list view where your information is on the left and your tweets are on the right. It supports all of the basic and necessary twitter functions as well.

User give this app a 4+ rating each time it is reviewed as it is fast, stable, has the features you need and at $2.99 it is priced perfectly well for what it does.



IM+ Pro

Here is a very different iPad Twitter app that is far more than just Twitter.  IM+ Pro is an all-in-one app for GTalk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Jabber, and Skype chat.  With this app there is no cost per message and you can send photos, voice msgs, and IM for free.

The actual Twitter functionality is great and it does not disappoint on features given that this app does so much more.  It’s an app for those that want not just Twitter but all their messaging platforms in one place.

IM+ Pro is definitely a premium app.  The Twitter functions are great as are the rest of the features.  The only complaints people have are that it sometimes fails to connect to one or more of the services and most of the time that happens to be Skype.  Otherwise, there are no real complaints as it functions exactly as its supposed to.  This is the perfect app for the road warrior or the student.




Brand new to the app store this is the official Twitter app for the iPad.  It is a basic Twitter client.  It offers the features you would expect to find in any other Twitter app and it also has a really unique interface that opens up new windows in “layers”.

With this free iPad Twitter app you can see your messages, DMs, lists, share photos, and of course send tweets.  It is not as fully featured by far as the other Twitter apps but it is very simple to use and it has received incredible reviews.   For the price of free you can’t go wrong trying it out.

One of the things I do not like about this app is the layers.  there is no intuitive way to get rid of them and you almost have to close out of the app entirely to get back to a normal view.  Here is our previous review of the official Twitter app for the iPad.



It’s really hard to pick just one above all others.  Osfoora HD is probably the fullest featured at the best price with the lowest number of complaints.  IM+ Pro offers a great set of features as well but it is more than just a Twitter app.  The official Twitter app is also very good but it is more suited for those that just want the very basics.

What is your favorite iPad Twitter app?  Which one do you like the least? or are you looking Yahoo Messager for iPad?


  1. Jennifer says:

    Nice list of apps. :) Personally I love TwitBirdPro. It just has everything and the timeline feature is awesome because it lets you keep track of every conversation you’re having. The local feature is really nice as well. I had TweetDeck because that’s what I use on my laptop, however, the iPad app is pretty much useless. I’ve also downloaded the new “official” Twitter app, but I haven’t played around with it enough to give any feedback.

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks Jenn! I agree fully – I use Tweetdeck on my desktop and laptop but the iPad version is seriously lacking in functionality. I do use TwitBirdPro on my iPhone and the official Twitter app on the iPad – which is “ok” but not perfect. Yet…it’s free.

  2. [...] have definitely tried multiple Twitter apps.  Our first top pick has always been TweetDeck, but over time we have found it to not necessarily [...]

  3. Darryl Jones says:

    It’s a new year and several months have gone by now, Shane. Which is your favorite Twitter App for the iPad right now?

    1. Shane says:

      I have to say that I’ve been using Osfoora the most – but – on my iPhone I use Hootsuite and I’m beginning to use in on my iPad as well so…I’d lean toward Hootsuite for the fact that is’ fully integrated with all the same features and it’s STABLE

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