Introducing The Smartest Of Smartphones | iPhone 4S Review

The iPhone 4S was introduced by new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, at an event hosted at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters on October 4. It sold its first million within 24 hours of being made available for pre-sale. Apple also offered up new iPod products, defying expectation by keeping its iPod classic within its line­up. “For many users, this is their introduction to Apple,” explained Tim Cook.

All eyes were on the new iPhone, “Despite competitors trying hard to copy the iPhone,” said Apple’s Marketing Chief, Phil Schiller, “They just haven’t been able to do it. How do you follow up a hit product like the iPhone 4? With the iPhone 4S.”

Introducing The Smartest Of Smartphones | iPhone 4S Review

Initial reaction was muted. Critics seemed unwilling to look beyond the fact the essential design hasn’t changed. A typical reaction: “Apple announced improvements in the hardware performance and with the service layer, it has been let down somewhat by having almost no change in the user experience and in the industrial design. Unfortunately for Apple, this is happening at a time when competitors are aggressively bringing new products to market with superior user experience in the form of wider and better screen, intuitive Uls, and more integrated apps,” said Informa analyst, David McQueen. However, Apple’s customers still flocked to pre-order the new iPhone.

iPhone 4S Review

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The new fifth-generation iPhone uses Apple’s A5 processor – used in iPad 2 -delivering more speed and graphics power. Hardware improvements include an 8MP camera capable of capturing 1,080p HO resolution video and a reliable antenna.

The iPhone 4S is a worldphone, usable on any network. While it doesn’t deploy LTE it can be used on CDMA and GSM networks. But it’s the software that really appeals, Only the iPhone 4S offers Siri, the intelligent personal assistant technology Apple’s been working on since acquiring it last year.

Siri enables you to pose questions, ask for reminders and more, it will use location, mapping, email, and the internet to respond to whatever you ask it to do. You can speak naturally when asking Siri its

questions, so if you ask what coat you should wear it will give you a weather forecast; it can also find contacts or figure out traffic information and more, Early L indicators show Sid leads this new market.

Apple new iPod range introduced a new iPod nano (from £115), which features a redesigned UI, new clock fares and better fitness features, such as Nike+ integration and an FM radio. The 160GB iPod classic (E199) and the £40 iPod shuffle remain available. The iPod touch (E169) now runs iOS 5 features, so it runs iMessage, Game Center, Notifications and Wi-Fi syncing to iTunes and integrates with iCloud.

“iPhone 45 with iOS 5 features and iCloud is a breakthrough combination that makes the iPhone 45 the best iPhone ever,” said Schiller. “While our competitors try to imitate iPhone with a checklist of features, only iPhone can deliver the breakthrough innovations that work seamlessly together.”

iCloud is Apple’s suite of free cloud-based services, which in the UK include iTunes in the Cloud, Photo Stream and Documents in the Cloud. This service will automatically and wirelessly store your content and push it to your iOS devices, Macs and PCs. Apple’s introduction of iCloud and iOS 5 saw hiccups with complaints of slow download speeds, ‘bricked’ iPhones and lost contact data.

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  1. As with all Apple marketing, the iPhone marketing strategy is very clear, simple and clever. With the plain and simple apple icon, Apple focuses on the pure innovative style of their products without all the “fluff”.

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