Ghost Trick Phantom Detective For iPhone

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective For iPhone

You're dead. Cruelly murdered. Now that is a mystery! Ghost Trick Phantom Detective For iPhone : Wouldn't the ability to possess inanimate objects and would be awesome? Well, there's a catch - you have to be dead first! That's the unfortunate position that the hero of Ghost Trick finds himself in at the start of this quirky puzzler. Having been assassinated, it's up to our hero to travel from object to object, using a sort of soul transference … [Read more...]

Eufloria HD For iPhone

Eufloria HD For iPhone

Flower into a budding strategic space commander Eufloria HD For iPhone : It's a strange kind of strategy game that insists that you kick back, relax and try not to feel too much pressure, but then there's a lot about Eufloria that's unusual. It's a game where you control plants that grow on asteroids in space and have to defeat opposing plant armies. Your forces are made up of Seedlings, which grow on Dyson Trees, but are also the resource used … [Read more...]

Nonocube for iPhone : Simple but Difficult , Can You Solve All of The Puzzle ?

nonocube puzzle

Are You a puzzle lovers ? Or you like to solve a puzzle ? Then you must already be familiar with Sudoku . In Besides  Sudoku , there are many other games that you can play with Apple devices , especially the iPhone . Now , more choice of  puzzle game that you can play with your iPhone .Game creation of Greycode Software developer  is named NonoCube  .Are  You curious about this game ? Here's the review of this  iPhone puzzle game  for you … [Read more...]

Hero Academy For iPhone

Hero Academy For iPhone

Holding out for a hero because our upcoming item queue's currently full of swords and shields. Hero Academy For iPhone : Hate would be a harsh word to describe our initial feelings towards the game, it would also be accurate. And that's because Hero Academy initially shoves a difficulty wall in front of you — one that repeatedly punches you in the face while laughing like a loon. The strange thing is, we weren't expecting that either. On the … [Read more...]

SpongeBob Tickler for iPad

Spongebob Images

If you or your kids love SpongeBob SquarePants, you will likely love this. For two minutes. Before you realise you have better things to do. This app presents you with SpongeBob in an underwater scene, and you can do pretty much whatever you like to him; touch his mouth to make him speak a limited number of phrases, touch his eyes to make him wink, and touch the background to create bubbles that he stares at. If you tilt the iPhone, he slides … [Read more...]

Assassin’s Creed For iPhone: Altair’s Chronicles/Action

Assassin images

The path of the assassin stretches to the iPhone There are sceptics out there who claim the iPhone isn't capable of being a handheld gaming device; Assassin's Creed is the perfect evidence against such cynicism. This is easily one of the best 'traditional'games to appear on Apple's gadget. It sees Altair hunting down an artefact known as the chalice'in the hope of bringing The Crusades to an end. Controlling our protagonist with the ever more … [Read more...]

7 Alternative Games of Flappy Bird for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch

alternative game of flappy bird

Related with Flappy Bird withdrawal from the App Store a few days ago , all of a sudden , a lot of sticking to a surface similar games or perhaps same  with that Dong Nguyen development  game  .hopefully Nguyen returns the game to the App Store so you can also feel annoyed when playing this game. But , while waiting with anxious , it would not hurt if you try alternative Games of Flappy Bird which we present for you below . Immediately , here … [Read more...]

Lemonade Tycoon For iPhone | Strategy | RPG

Lemonade Tycoon Images

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If it gives you an iPhone, play this EA has brought some great simulations to iPhone — including Sim City and The Sims— but the classic Lemonade Tycoon is a real gem. Styled with retro pixel-art graphics and an easy-to-use push-button interface, the game is all about building the ultimate soft-drink empire. The manager of your own lemonade-vending franchise, you must you buy in the stock and watch the … [Read more...]

scarry game for iOS , Prepare your Halloween


ios not only presents a light and funny game , but also spooky games , which can make your Halloween this time more tense and can raise up your adrenaline . and this opportunity we will talk about the scarry game for iOS that can be enjoyed during this halloween.Here are them: 1 . Year Walk Year Walk , spooky game that will take you the streets for solving puzzles in the Swedish forest about 19th century . The music was eerie , full of mystery … [Read more...]

Cobra Command for iPhone

cobra-command icon

A retro classic re-enters the skies Those of you who remember the Laserdisc title Dragon's Lair — which, incidentally, is also available on the iPhone — will be instantly at home with this retro classic. Placed in the cockpit of a high-tech attack chopper, it's your mission to eliminate a terrorist threat across several different locations. It's just like playing a cartoon from the 1980s, with traditional hand-drawn animation and a cheesy … [Read more...]

Crystal Defenders For iPhone

Crystal Defenders For iPhone

Square Enix tower defence? Just a fantasy, surely? Crystal Defenders For iPhone : Taking a popular genre for iPhone games like tower defence and blending it with the art styles, job system and characters of Square Enix RPGs like Final Fantasy seems like a great match, and it generally is. Players of Crystal Defenders must protect a hoard of crystals against waves of varied fantasy enemies, all with different attributes and immunities, by placing … [Read more...]

Bird Strike For iPhone

Bird Strike Icon

Try not to get yourself in a flap, there's a pretty boy Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most instantly appealing, and Bird Strike certainly ranks as pretty straightforward; you merely have to launch a bird up the screen and ensure he gets as high as possible. However, this bird isn't really a natural flier, and the initial fling will only get him so far into the air, which means you will have to utilise the various rockets dotted around … [Read more...]

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