5 Reasons Custom iPhone Themes and Icons Designs Make iPhone Rock

Although Apple provides a couple of alternatives for apple iphone style and icon design, individuals constantly crave for something new. One of the main factors iPhone users 'jailbreak' their iPhone gadget is since they desire more recent and fresher themes and icons for their apple iphone. One wonders why many folks wish to mount custom iPhone themes and layouts. The reason is fairly simple: there are a number of skilled and creative mobile … [Read more...]

How to Download Facebook Paper for outside Regional U.S. Apple ID

Facebook paper

Previously we have reported about the Facebook Paper that get complaints from FiftyThree as paper developers  . As we all know Facebook Paper is only available exclusively at the Apple Store U.S. And for device which  have an Apple ID account regional U.S. could set it up easily .  but for most of you who have device which don't have a regional U S account or exist outside the US regional , it must be an obstacle to get it. But do not to worry … [Read more...]

Starting Out A Project Of Creating An Iphone Application

In recent years, the world of apps has grown significantly with time. Apple first brought into market iTunes back in 2008, prompting many developers to go an extra mile and create something unique, entertaining and easy to use. While this is a widely acclaimed fact, it begs the question, “how can a person with less expertise on matters with regard to app development create his or her own iPhone app? The good news on the other hand is that … [Read more...]

Clear For iPhone

Clear For iPhone

Clear strips away the chrome, in favour of an ultra-modern, gesture-based to-do list for iPhone Clear For iPhone : Until Reminders hit in the fall of 2011, one of the most glaring holes in iOS was the lack of a dedicated task manager. Lots of developers stepped in to fill the gap, and now there are as many to-do list managers in the App Store as there are things you need to do. But it's difficult to make a splash when you're talking about … [Read more...]

Inside The World Of Dinosaurus For iPhone

Inside The World Of Dinosaurus For iPhone

This Stephen Fry-narrated pp takes you into the exciting world f nature's extinct giants Inside The World Of Dinosaurus For iPhone is a giant-sized interactive encyclopaedia of over 60 species of dinosaurs. You get to see all the old favourites, like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus as well as lesser known Therapods, Sauropods and Cerapods of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods. While there are different ways to … [Read more...]

Mobile Security: What You Need to Know

mobile security

We've talked about the basics of mobile security before. The fact of the matter is that most people still take for granted that using the web and transmitting data via mobile device is completely safe even though, well, it isn’t. NASA (a trusted technological and scientific resource if there ever was one) has not just acknowledged the threat that faces mobile devices these days. It is now requiring employees to have a minimum set of … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About VoIP Technology

VoIP on mobile

It is time for some VoIP Technology 101! You are probably already using it, but do you really know what it is? Well it is actually very simple, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This means that calls are not made using a traditional telephone carrier, but via an internet connection instead. Services like Skype use VoIP technology and you can find other available free software around the internet. The main advantage of VoIP over a … [Read more...]

New Revolution by iPhone Apps


Like clients anticipate much more from mobile phones and consumer requirements are at any time growing everyday, iPhone has create latest improvements to fulfill the rising requirements of users. Furthermore, iPhone application design tasks are implementing a completely unique strategy to construct applications that prove to become a glorious strike between the consumers. The passionate designer who's concerned in the improvement plan should to … [Read more...]

GroupShot For iPhone

GroupShot For iPhone

Now it's easy to take group photos without one person ruining it all for the rest of you! The idea of GroupShot is simple: take a bunch of similar photos of a group of people, and combine the best bits from each one to create the perfect group shot, yep, without a little thing called Photoshop! So if you've got an almost-super shot but with one person blinking, you can just replace their head in that shot with a more suitable expression from … [Read more...]

Increase Your Productivity with Newlook of iWork and iLife


Recently,Apple announced The new look of iWork and iLife lines in iOS and OS X. This was done in order to bring the supporting system for their 2 new operating systems, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks . For iWork , Pages now comes with a new design , in order to facilitate your work with this application . same with Numbers . Eddy Cue when presenting this lines  application update said that his team re-create this  application from the beginning … [Read more...]

Fingerprint Security System : Effective but Dangerous

fingerprint scanner

A few days ago , Apple has introduced two new smartphones ,  iphone 5C and iPhone 5S . Both of them are equipped with a fingerprint sensor technology or Touch ID . Indeed, a few moments after being introduced , a lot of people think that this innovation is one of the major steps to change the conventional security system that using a password to be  more effective and safer . However , although it’s sophisticated , but the application … [Read more...]

Persona For iPhone

Persona For iPhone

Too many social media apps? Persona simplifies your life, getting all your notifications in one place. Persona is an app designed to integrate all your social media information into one, simple interface. Facebook, Twitter and RSS can all be added for free, but you have to pay 69p each for Google Reader, Tumblr and Instagram feeds. Setup is easy and there's a step-by-step guide, to ease the process even more. Tweeting and updating your Facebook … [Read more...]

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