Get A Free, Steady And Reliable Connection With Your Home Computer Via Your iPhone

iRdesktop is a free Remote Desktop Client for Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services), capable of natively using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) so you can not only view but also fully control your Windows Desktop using your ‘Phone. This app supports all Windows Versions that have support for Terminal Services respectively Remote Desktop Services out of the box.


The uses of a remote desktop app are limitless and in business can make the difference between meeting a deadline or not! Having linked your iPad to your PC, you can then easily navigate your desktop by simply using your Pad as a virtual mouse and keyboard. The results are excellent and offer complete control over all functionality of your desktop computer. From sending emails to accessing  standard operational software. There is a slight lag between the two platforms, so playing complex games or streaming video footage on your PC via your ‘Phone is not recommended. This version, which is limited to Windows PC only, is solid and we experienced no issues of compatibility and considering this is free the limited operation system connectivity is easy to overlook.

Apple Store | iRdesktop For iPad

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