Its not a cell phone, IPhone Uses for an Active Lifestyle

Know Your IPhone

Knowing your IPhone helps you make better use of the apps, download updates, and to use shortcuts the iOS provides. Acquiring this knowledge may require some research, time, and fun because discovering more about your iPhone should be just that: fun. One of the fun things you will find is that the iPhone is the perfect phone for those with active lifestyles.


Because of its high power and low profile design, the iPhone really lends itself to many different uses. Here are just a few active lifestyles that will benefit from the iPhone and the apps developed for enjoying those active lives: runners, swimmers, hikers, and bikers.

Runners have many apps that are designed to track mileage, speed, and even average calories burned.

Swimmers can log their swims to give a visual representation of their progress. Some swimming apps even let you input pace, intervals, and stroke.

Hikers can find apps for free and for purchase that will enhance their hikes tenfold. From apps that simply have trail ratings to apps that have maps, audio guides, and the ability to plot photos along the trail.

Bikers have apps that function much like the apps made for runners with a few things to mention like elevation changes for each ride and the ability to sync online with your friends and compare with your team.

Accessorizing is Key

No matter which apps you have or what lifestyle you lead, accessories will do more than just enhance your iPhone’s look but your interactions with it as well. Accessories like arm bands will allow you to go anywhere with your iPhone and others like a Bluetooth heart rate monitor that can sync with your active lifestyle apps to really let you take your training to the next level. For the swimmers, kayakers, and other H2O enthusiasts, waterproof arm bands and bags will keep your phone protected while you enjoy getting wet.

Warranty and Insurance

A busy lifestyle often implies an on-the-run lifestyle. Each day is filled with numerous opportunities to forget where you left it, to drop it, or to get it wet as you rush and race from place to place each day. Understanding the warranty on your phone can help you save money and stress if you ever do happen to damage it during normal use. Whether you are active due to work, family, or fun, you may find it beneficial to invest in insurance or extended warranties on your phone in case of an accident during your many different diversions.

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