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Our iPad’s a clever bit of kit: using a range of technology, including a GPS chip, it nearly always knows where in the world it is., with incredible accuracy. With the Find My Friend app, you can share this location with your iPad-, iPhone- and iPod touch-owning friends, and see where they are too. There are all sorts of uses for this: find out which restaurant your friends have decided upon, for instance, or see how far from home your partner is so that you know when to start cooking.

Being able to do this raises legitimate concerns about privacy and security, but you can control who sees your location, and when they see it. We’ll show you how.

First off, download the free from the App Store and tap its icon. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Apple ID – the same one you use to download apps. When you’re Asked if Find Friends can access your location, you need to tap OK.

You’ll see the little compass arrow appear in the status bar, indicating that your iPad is using its various methods to pinpoint where you are. The app now uses Apple’s Map app for your location rather than the previous Google Maps service.

How To Track Down Your Friends

  1. Invite your friends > Launch the Find My Friend app and tap All (left corner), then tap Invite Friends. Type their names to search Contacts, or tap the plus sign to browse the list. If the people you want are not in Contacts, type their Apple ID email address. Add a message, then Send.
  2. Accepted! > Once accepted, you’ll be able to see their location, but not vice-versa: they’ll need to request permission. This appears under Request, where you can also invite people to see your location. You’ll need to switch on Location Services, in Setting ➡ Privacy.find-my-friends-ipad-screenshot-001
  3. Temporary share > To share locations for a limited time, tap Temporary, then tap the + to create an event, set the time limit and add people. Everyone who accepts will be able to see all the other locations – ideal for a group meet-up. You can edit the time/date afterwards and resend.
  4. See where someone is > Tap All. At the top is an option to see all your friend’s locations on a map (now using Apple’s own Maps). Alternatively, tap an individual to see where they are. Tap the address that appears to see their location: your own location appears as a blue dot.
  5. My Location > Tap out of the map, and then tap Me (bottom of the screen). This will show where you are on the map. You can give that location a name by tapping Label, or see it on a map by tapping the address. To hide your location, toggle “Hide From Followers” to On.
  6. privacy Setting > Below the Hide switch is a list of everyone who can see your location. To prevent a specific contact from seeing where you are, tap their name, then tap Remove from Followers twice. To disable Find My Friend altogether, tap Account ➡ Sign Out.

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