Secure Your Mac With Gatekeeper | Mac Basics


Because it's designed to accommodate multiple users, easy networking and always-on connections, OS X is very secure, more so then a Windows PC. As we'll see, other users (and outsiders) have only the level of access that you grant them. However, this can be both a strength and vulnerability, in that you could be fooled into giving a rogue users or application access privileges. This is what happened with the Flashback Trojan in early 2012 (a … [Read more...]

How To Use Migration Assistant


How to use migration assistant to transfer important information, such as user accounts, applications, network and computer settings, and files. Here's how to use it : Step 1 > To migrate your data you need either a Time Machine back up on a removable disk or an older Mac connected to your new one with Mountain Lion already on it. Once you have your back up connected, open the Applications folder and scroll through to the utilities folder … [Read more...]

Make The Most Of The Notes App | Mac Tutorial

notes app

Pages or TextEdit is great when you want to create beautiful documents or hammer out long reams of text. But what if you just want somewhere to jot down your thoughts or make a quick list? This is where Mountain Lion’s new Notes app comes in: it’s essentially a notepad on your Mac, but with some clever features that make it much more useful than a pad of traditional paper. Most importantly, it will sync seamlessly with the Notes app on … [Read more...]

Using Your Notification Centre On Your Mac | Mac Basics


There's nothing worse than realising you were due in a meeting ten minutes ago, or you've forgotten a birthday. Luckily, Mountain Lion's Notification Centre can make such disasters a thing of the past. It can display little pop-ups on your screen to tell you about a new email, an event in your Calendar, a new iMessage, or a note you've left for yourself using the Reminders app. Notification also appear in the Notification Centre sidebar, which … [Read more...]

File Sharing Between Mac and Windows


Many people these days have more than one computer at home. If your mac sits on the network as a Windows PC or two, then being able to share files between them is a must. Because Windows and OS X use different methods of file - sharing, it used to be quite tricky getting one to see the other, never mind serve up shared folders for transferring files quickly between them. Things have change in OS X, thanks largely to Apple Support for the SMB … [Read more...]

Searching With Spotlight On Your Mac | Mac Basics


When you need to find something on your Mac, there are several starting points. Which one is appropriate depends on how broadly you need to search. Apps that organise large amounts of related information, such as Calendar and iTunes, have a search bar built in. But sometimes you won't have a clue where something may be stored, and that's where OS X's Spotlight features comes in handy. In fact, Spotlight is the basis for searching across your … [Read more...]

How To View Files With Quick Look | Mac Basics


You don't need to open an image or other file to take a quick look at it, thanks to built-in feature in OS X called - what else? - Quick Look. Simply click the file i the Finder to highlight it, then tap the spacebar to preview it. (Alternatively, you can press Command + Y, or go to File → Quick Look, or click the Action button - the one with the cog icon - in the Finder window top bar and select Quick Look. If you're using a trackpad, you can … [Read more...]

Another Big Changes On OSX Mountain Lion

OSX Mountain Lion Workflow

Mountain Lion boasts a number of improvements designed to help you work  faster and more efficiently. Foremost among these is Documents in the Cloud, which makes it easy to keep documents synced across your Mac and iOS devices. Apple apps like TextEdit, Pages, Numbers and Keynote have support built-in, and third-party developers can write the feature in. Launch TextEdit, for example, and go to File > Open. The dialogue shows the document … [Read more...]

Guide To The New Features in Finder App On Mac | Mac Features


Every new version of OS X adds some enhancements and changes, and Mountain Lion is no exception. The Finder (the app you use to manage your files and folders) has seen some important changes to the way it works. They're all designed  to make it easier for you to use your Mac, and some will hit you at once if you've used previous versions of OS X, but not all are immediately obvious. That's why we've put together this guide to the new features in … [Read more...]

Auto Save and Versions,You Won’t Lose Your Work Again | Mac Basics


Thank's to OS X, lost work could become a thing of the past. Barring catastrophic failure of the hard drive, you need no longer worry about losing stuff of things go wrong. This is because OS X now has two clever system built into it: Auto Save and Version. Provided you're using an app that has support for these two features built in, OS X automatically saves what you do as you go along. If you late decide you want to jump back to an older … [Read more...]

Game Center Play Against Friends On Mac

game center

Mountain Lion brings the Game Center experience, previously available only for IOS, to the Mac. If you already have a Game Center account you can log in and access stats and scores as well as view friend requests and receive game suggestions. Games you've played on IOS devices will be listed,a s well as those you download from the Mac App Store, with a link within the app enabling you to view Game Center compatible games. Game Center isn't … [Read more...]

Sociable Facebook & Twitter | OS X Mountain Lion Updates

twitter on mac

Take a quick trip to the Mail, Contact and Calendars section of your Mac's System Preferences pane enables you to sign in to a number of social networks including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Vimeo. Once you've signed in, you can share links, photos and more to your friends, directly from the app you're currently using. What to share an interesting blog post with your followers? Or perhaps you've taken a funny picture with Photo Booth that you … [Read more...]

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