Meet MagicJack Plus – Great Call Quality, Super Low Price, Shoddy Customer Service

In 2008, Ymax released magicJack, a break through device in the telecommunications industry that offered consumers a brand new idea home phone service. This idea was that phone service didn’t have to be offered on a month to month basis but rather could be offered yearly, and for a much lower price. This new device allowed users to make extremely inexpensive phone calls directly from their home computer over the internet all for a price of just $20 per year. The company sold millions of magicJacks sinse its release serveral years ago and they are at it again advancing their game further with their recent release of magicJack Plus.

Like the first version of magicJack, magicJack Plus allows users to get incoming and make outgoing phone calls directly through their home computer. A major difference in the new edition, however, is that magicJack Plus does not require a computer to function. As stated above, yes it can work directly via a computer, but it can also work without a computer.

All VoIP providers deliver service the same way–through the consumer’s internet provider The original magicJack device was plugged into the consumer’s computer, which then accessed the internet. The new magicJack Plus, however, can be plugged directly into a an ethernet port, completely bypassing the computer. This eliminates the need for users to have his or her computer turned on to make and receive phone calls, which for millions was a major inconvenience.

MagicJack Plus provides the same calling capabilities as magicJack. Consumers can make unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the United States and Canada for a low, yearly rate. Whereas the previous edition of the magicJack cost consumers $19.95 per year, magicJack Plus provides its services for $29.95 per year.

MagicJack Plus with its cheap price seems that it would be a bare bones services without all of the good features that are offered with phones these days but the opposite is true. It actually comes with nearly all features we are use to getting and a few extras. It comes with the standards features like conference calling, call waiting, caller ID and more. But it also comes with cool other features such as voicemail, voicemail to email, free directory assistance, and much more.

New technology in magicJack Plus, including HD Voice and Echo Control, drastically improves the call quality compared to the original magicJack. Consumers are now provided with high quality voice and call quality while still paying almost nothing for the service. Users’ purchase of the magicJack Plus for $69.95 includes the Plus unit, one year of service, and all of the necessarry accesories to get the device up and running.

Despite its good qualities there has been one major drawback with magicJack since the beginning. This one concern is that magicJack doesn’t provide good customer support. The only support they offer is via chat and most consumers complain that their represenatives provide little or no help. Unfortunately without phone support you simply can’t get the help you need and so when using the device you better hope that you don’t have any problems or you may be stuck with a device that doesn’t work. However, it is good to note that most users get the device and it works flawlessly.

Originally posted 2012-01-06 03:03:50.

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