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Take charge with parental controls and keep the little ones, safe for kids when using your iPad. As every iPhone, iPad or iPhone touch owner knows, kids are draw to the glowing screens of Apple’s Devices like moths to a flame-they love the way you can interact with the colorful screen, tapping and making things happen. But that’s not always a good thing.

If you’ve ever given your kids your iPhone for five minutes to play Angry Birds, and got it back only to discover that the icons on the Home screen have been moved around and you’re missing important emails, then you’re not alone. And let’s not forget that your iPad is also a gateway to the internet with everything that entails – there’s plenty of content out there that you just don’t want your little ones accessing. Even useful things like Google and YouTube can lead to your kids seeing and hearing things that aren’t meant for their eyes and ears. When it comes to iPad apps, it’s the same problem again, since some apps (such as violent games) are made for adults, and can be inappropriate for younger children.

To help you make sure you child is using your iPad safely, Apple has built some basic parental controls, called Restrictions, into iOS. These enable you to turn off various apps and restrict age-inappropriate material from iTunes. A four – digit passcode prevents your child simply turning these things back on. It’s not a perfect solution, because any Restrictions you set up work across the board, regardless of who’s using the device at the time. A better solution would be having different user accounts, since under the current system you have to keep turning Restrictions on and off again depending on who’s using the device. But until Apple build user accounts into iOS (fingers crossed for a future release) we’ll have to make do with what we’ve got.

iPad Restrictions

Using iPad Restrictions, you can make sure your child won’t see or hear anything they shouldn’t, and also make sure they don’t delete your apps, which can be a major annoyance. You can also use it to turn off In-App Purchases, which prevents any nasty surprises on your credit card.

Enable Restrictions

Restrictions are turned off by default. To enable them, go the Settings app and tap on General>Restrictions, then tap on Enable Restrictions. You’ll be asked to create a four-digit passcode, then you’ll have to enter it again to confirm.

Set Your Restrictions

Now it’s simple matter of switching the slider from On to off to prevent access to major apps such as YouTube, Camera and iTunes. One you’ve turned the slider to Off, the apps don’t appear on your device, but they aren’t gone forever.

Set Age restrictions

If children use your iPad, you can turn off In-App purchases and set age ratings for Music and Podcasts, Movies, Apps and TV Shows to the level you feel is appropriate. You can disable Restrictions to get back access to any materials that’s been blocked.

Originally posted 2011-06-24 06:34:17.

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