Making Keynote Work For You

Keynote is the presentation of choice for iPad users. It enables you to create attractive, high quality, professional presentations and to present them directly from the iPad itself.

The importance of high quality presentation in business has never been as important as it is now. Good presentation software enables the user to get across lots of Important information quickly, clearly and in an easily understandable format. These sort of applications aren’t geared only at business to business use though. Whether it’s teaching seminars, projects, talks or any other situation where you need to get information across to people face to face, a good, well thought out presentation is the best way to do it.

With that in mind you’ll want to use the best presentation software available and Keynote ticks all the boxes. It’s been designed specifically for the iPad so, just like Apple’s other serious iPad business apps it makes use of the devices unique features and extra functions in a beautifully simple interface.

To get you up and running straight away there are 12 pre-designed themes built into the app so you’ll be able to find one that fits in with what you want to do. When you get more advanced however you can tinker with the options to your hearts content to create your own completely unique presentations. The more confident and familiar you get with the way Keynote works the more ways you’ll find to tailor things to your precise requirements.

The list of features is exhaustive and it’s so easy to be creative. You can arrange each slide as you wish simply by dragging the elements around to where you want them. This includes headers, text and graphics. You can even add animations to your graphics using Magic Move and there are more than 20 transition

effects to choose from when moving from slide to slide. Adding such visual interest not only makes presentations more engaging for the audience but also adds that extra bit of polish to the overall impression.

There are plenty of built in text formats and styles to choose from which saves time but again these can be edited and you can create your own if you wish. There’s a Media Browser which is used to pull in photos and images and a variety of graphs and charts that can be used to present data graphically while also adding visual interest.

Slides can be re-ordered, removed or new ones inserted enabling you to fine tune everything until you’re completely satisfied. When ready you can print your presentation out, connect the iPad to a projector and run your presentation directly or export it to a computer. Keynote is compatible with PowerPoint enabling you to transfer documents to and from your computer and read them easily. They can also be saved out as PDFs or published to to be easily and conveniently shared with others.

Keynote Summary

Keynote is the only piece of presentation software you need for your iPad. It’s powerful, fully-functional, easy to use and compatible with PowerPoint. You can create graphs, themes and animations to make your slides as simple or as flashy as you want them to be. In short, if you’re looking for an app to create presentations with then there’s no point in looking beyond Keynote. It does everything you’re ever likely to ask of it and a probably little bit more besides.

Keynote User Tips

Although a great piece of software there are a few things to keep in mind when using your iPad and Keynote for presentations. Firstly always makes sure that your presentations are created in a resolution of 1024×768 as this is the iPad’s screen resolution. It might sound obvious but if you’re resizing images in another app or on a separate computer it’s definitely worth keeping in mind. Otherwise they may not display correctly.

From an aesthetic point of view, don’t go overboard on the transitions and effects. Not only can it make things look a bit messy but some graphics may not handle the transformation well and end up looking weird. The old adage that less is more applies here. Just because you have lots of graphical effects available to you doesn’t mean you have to use them all of the time. Also be aware that your slides are not created in widescreen so if they’re displayed using a widescreen projector they’ll become stretched and distorted. This may not necessarily be a problem with text but pictures and charts won’t look so great.

If you want to use specialised fonts in your presentations that aren’t available in Keynote you can create text files as images in another app then then import the image into Keynote.

The last point is perhaps the most obvious, but make sure you’re fully prepared and test external hardware in advance before making your presentation. You won’t be able to use a remote so you’ll need to set up in such a way that you can easily get to the iPad to tap the screen to changes slides and you’ll need to make sure the projector is compatible and displays your slides as you want it to.

Originally posted 2012-11-21 00:00:08.

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