Making Numbers Add Up!

Numbers is the only spreadsheet app you’ll ever need for your iPad. It comes with a suite of powerful functions and enormous flexibility that make it the must-have app for anyone who works regularly with spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets can be the cornerstone of businesses, organisations and home affairs. The ability to update and edit on the move is a great bonus and Numbers for iPad is hugely powerful piece of software that enables the user to do just that. It’s compatible with documents created in earlier versions of Numbers itself as well as Excel documents and CSV files. In simple terms this means you’ll be able to take most spreadsheets and edit them in Numbers.

Having been designed from the ground up specifically for the iPad format, Numbers for iPad takes advantage of the device’s unique functionality. You can add and manipulate tables, charts and so on as well as pictures and all other kinds of data simply using the touch screen interface. You can zoom in to work on specific parts of the document and zoom out to see the whole thing so no matter how many cells you’re working with, everything is clearly visible at all times.

For convenience there are 16 preset templates included that can be loaded up and edited as required. If you want to create a simple budget document for example then the hard work is already done for you. More experienced spreadsheet users with specific needs can create their won documents and templates from scratch. Tables and graphical charts can be created and customised to display data visually. Entry of data is made easier with the Intelligent Keyboard that recognises when you’re dealing with text, numbers, dates, time periods and so on and these are automatically formatted as you go. The same goes for formulas. More than 250 formula functions give Numbers huge power and flexibility. If that sounds daunting to you then don’t worry. There’s a built in help facility to explain things if ever you get stuck.

Dealing with multiple documents is as easy as it is on a desktop computer with a simple tab system. This enables you to jump quickly from one document to another and to work on multiple documents simultaneously. For complete peace of mind, Numbers autosaves your document every time you make a change so you never have to worry about losing important data. All previous changes can be undone so don’t worry about making mistakes. You can still undo changes even if you close down the document and re-open it. This is a very handy if you realise later that you’ve made a mistake and means you always have total control over your documents.

When displaying data you can get an instant summary of selected data very easily or In overview of the whole document in full screen view. Documents can be printed wirelessly direct from your iPad. Transfer them to your computer via iTunes and they can then be exported to Excel or saved as PDFs.

If you work with spreadsheets in an capacity on a regular basis then you really should make Numbers the next app you download for your iPad.

Numbers Summary

Combining the power and convenience of traditional spreadsheets with the unique features and touch screen control of the iPad has enabled Apple to come up with a fantastic spreadsheet app. Not only does it look great but it’s got all the power and functionality you could ask for. The interface is intuitive and it can be customised to your heart’s content. However you want to organise and present your data, it’s up to you, or you can simply use one of the preset templates. Great stuff.

Numbers User Tips

No matter how simple they might be to use in relative terms, there are few things more daunting to the uninitiated than spreadsheets. They can appear incredibly complex and if you’re creating one for the first time it can be difficult to know where to start. The trick is start simple and you can implement new and more complex functions as you go and become more confident. Here are few pointers to get you comfortable with using tables.

Numbers tries to make things as easy as possible. To add a table to your spreadsheet tap the button to the left of the spanner icon in the toolbar and then select tables in the box that appears. You’ll then see the various different table formats available to you. Swipe left and right to scroll through more options and when you find one that suits, tap it to select it. Now drag the circle button in the top left corner to the correct position on your spreadsheet. You can now add or remove columns and rows by dragging the circle icon with four dots in it. Drag it down to add rows, up to remove rows, right to add columns and left to remove columns.

To freeze a table in position so it remains visible while you scroll round your document tap the Info button then tap Headers. Here you’ll see the options to turn column and row freeze on and off. Turning these on will freeze the currently selected table.

If you want to change the look of a table tap the Info button then select tables. From here you can change fonts, adjust the colours of headers, rows and columns and basically make your table look the way you want it to.

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