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The latest updated version, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, is Apple’s most advance desktop operating system to date and actually borrows heavily from iOS, the operating system found in Apple’s handheld devices – so if you have iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll notice the similarities and quickly feel right at home.

Here are some new updates can be found in Mountain Lion features :

  • Time Machine can now back up to multiple devices, and it can also encrypt those backups, too.
  • Fifteen new screensaver slideshows have been added, enabling you to use you iPhoto library in a variety of different animations from a single click.
  • Any apps that require the X11 windowing system (such as the open source photo editing app : GIMP) will now get X11 downloaded and installed automatically.
  • The Chess app (which has been lurking in the Mac OS in various forms for decades) is now Game Center enabled, making it possible to play against other people online.
  • mountain lion1If you have a huge number of apps installed on your Mac, the new search feature in LaunchPad should help you find them quickly. Once Launchpad is invoked, simply start typing the name of an app to display the closest matches.
  • The Dashboard has a new Widget browser and that works in the same way as Launchpad, and you can drag widgets on top of each other to create folders as in iOS.
  • Lion’s system-wide scroll bars could be a little tricky to grab and drag. Now in Mountain Lion, scroll bars expand when you hover your cursor over them, making it easier to click on them.
  • Preview now detects spaces for text in any form PDF forms you open, enabling you to fill in the fields and save the changes so you don’t have to worry about printing and scanning forms.
  • When you share the screen of another Mac on your network, you can now quickly share files between the two computers by simply dragging-and-dropping a file into the shared screen to transfer the file to the other Mac.
  • When you copy or move a file or folder in Mountain Lion, a few inline progress bar appears on the file’s icon to show you how much of it has been moved so far. An X also appears at the top-left of the icon, which you can click to cancel the transfer/copy function at any time. The Finder also now includes a Share button, so you can share files with friends or colleagues using Messages, Mail or AirDrop.
  • Software updates now come via the Mac App Store’s Updates screen alongside all the apps you’ve downloaded from the store. The Mac app Store also automatically downloads Mac and OS X software updates for you.
  • When using a secondary display, you can view any app in the full screen on your main screen or on the secondary screen by simply dragging the app to the desired dispplay and clicking the full-screen button.
  • Not only is Safari faster, but it also speeds up some of the common timewasters we’re used to, such as forgeting passwords. You can now use the Safari Password pane to view passwords. The pane requires your system password to unlock it, so everything is kept safe.

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