New Must Have iPad Games That Are Addicting

Do you like iPad games?  Sure you do. We all like to have a little non-productive fun every once in a while.  And besides, it’s actually pretty darn productive to escape with a good mind bender game or a game that is purely just for fun to take your mind off the task at hand. I dug up some really great must have iPad games that are new to the app store and ones you might want to check out.  Here’s some must have iPad games for you to explore.

5 Must Have iPad Games

So what makes it a Must Have iPad Game? Well for one thing, it’s a game that you play but can’t seem to put down. It’s also a game that either challenges you or does the complete opposite and is just plain addicting due to its mindless simplicity.  Either way, these five games adhere to the must have standards and I bet one of them will get you hooked.  Oh, yeah, for a great gaming experience be sure to check out out some iPad speakers to deliver that nice bold sound that makes the experience that much better.


This is a great must have iPad game.  And I love the fact that it really works your mind muscles.  It is a very simple game but it will get you hooked.  Think of it like scrabble but with numbers instead. And you aren’t building words but you are building number strings that have to be multiples of 5.  The game looks super on the iPad and it is very easy to navigate and use.

Five-O iPad Game

Five-O is $3.99 and well worth it. Check it out today and give your mind a little exercise.

Five-O - Curt Stein

Rage HD

Are you ready for some real fun?  This iPad game will take you from boring to fun in about 3 seconds.  Rage HD is one of those games that changes your perception of mobile gaming.  This is an intense first-person rail shooter which casts you in the role of a post-apocalyptic world where you are stalked by hungry mutants.

Rage HD iPad Game

Sound strange? It’s actually a ton of fun and not as dark as it sounds.  First-person shooters are a great way for you to let off some steam. Perhaps you had a bad day?  Rage HD delivers several pulse-pounding levels and amazing graphics for $1.99.

Rage HD is $1.99 and is well worth it for even a few hours of addicting fun.  Check it out and see if it doesn’t get you hooked.

RAGE HD - id Software


Are you ready for an iPad game that is completely different than anything you have played before? Great!  Edge is a game this is hard to describe – other than it allows you to develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a cube within a geometric universe. Sound intriguing? It is actually highly addictive and extremely challenging.  Some say that it’s nearly impossible to beat.

Edge is really suited for mobile devices and it also challenges your mind in different ways.  There is a great trailer you can watch right here. Here are some key features and some tips!

Edge iPad Game

Edge is definitely worth $2.99.  Check it out and see if you can actually complete the game.  It’s a must have iPad game for those that like puzzlers.

Edge - Mobigame


Filled with gorgeous visuals, an amazing soundtrack and solid design, Spirits is an iPad game that will keep you playing and playing for hours.  You guide the spirits towards their destination by using them to manipulate wind, dig tunnels and build bridges of leaves.  With this game it’s up to you to find your own creative solutions for reach of the 40 levels.  You get to play at your own pace and the sound and music are done completely with orchestral musical instruments for a totally unique feel.

Spirits for iPad

Part of what makes this game so amazing are the wind physics.  It really shapes the game in a way that makes it so that there is no one right way to play.  It’s up to you to react to the changes that the game presents you and that’s what makes this such a great experience.  The attention to detail  and blend of puzzle with strategy makes this a must have iPad game for just about anyone.

Check out Spirits for iPad at $4.99. Well worth it.

Spirits for iPad - Spaces of Play

Zombie Neighborhood

Ok. What game list would be complete without Zombies or Birds?  Well this time it’s the Zombies.  And they are now not battling plants but they are in your neighborhood.  This is one of those addicting and mindless iPad games that you will not admit you love so much.

Zombies Neigborhood iPad Game

Basically, it is an action game that combines defense and shooting elements with an amazing set of graphics.  Is it violent? Yeah. Is it humorous? You bet.

That pretty much sums up Zombies.  For the price (currently at $.99) and the mindless fun, it’s an iPad game you probably don’t want to miss out on.

Zombie Neighborhood for iPad - MoStar

So there are some great must have iPad games you can enjoy anytime. These are all new games and each one provides a different level of entertainment but they all help you either exercise your mind or just take a break.

Which of these games have you tried or did you find addicting?

Originally posted 2010-11-24 11:16:27.


  1. Dave says:

    Seeing the atari In the first shot got me excited that they had finally brought the classics to the iPad. I am still waiting patiently for that day to come. Until then I guess more zombies must die.

    1. Shane says:

      Ha! Sorry about that Dave! I kind of picked that photo because seeing these amazing games on a small, thin device made me thing of Saturday mornings hooking up that Atart and getting excited to see pacman fly across the 13-inch TV screen. But yeah, I would love to see some classics recreated and hopefully they keep the look and feel too!

  2. Phil Dot Com says:

    ‘Addicting’?? How bout you forget that word completely and never use it again. Its not a real word, and unless you’re 10 or 12 you probably shouldn’t be using it. It’s ‘Addictive’.

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