5 iPad Business Apps That Explode With Productivity


The apps just keep rolling in and the business apps for the iPad are no exception.  Some of the iPad business apps have been great but don't offer much in the way of productivity while others (such as Evernote) are an incredible way to get things done and put your iPad to good use.  Here, however, are five brand new iPad business apps that are definitely worth checking out and investing some time in. … [Read more...]

The Top iPad Productivity Apps Of All Time [Plus A Giveway]

Top iPad Productivity Apps

Are you feeling a little unproductive?  Tired of being stressed out with all you have to do.  Perhaps you have been staring at your iPad and begging it to be useful other than draining your time surfing the web for funny cat photos (it's ok, we all have done it).  Well today is your lucky day.  We are going to share with you the top iPad productivity apps of all time.  Then you can choose one or a few and never feel unproductive again.  Oh, … [Read more...]

New iPad App Delivers Information From Deployed Service Members

must have iPad app for military

Here is a new and essential iPad app that delivers up to date information from deployed service members.  This is perfect if you have a loved one or friend in the military and you want to keep up on the latest news, stories, and photo galleries.  Here's more. … [Read more...]

How POS Has Moved To Tablets And Smartphones

If you are still using cash registers, you are living in another world since the business world is now fully into automated point-of-sale (POS) systems. While there are so many POS systems to choose from, not many know point-of-sale software has also moved into Smartphones and Tablets.  Credit card scanners are some of the POS mobile systems in use today, attaching to a tablet or phone with others leveraging on novel technology known as NFC … [Read more...]

Print Labels And Envelopes Directly From Your iPad


Here is a great way to print labels and envelopes directly from your iPad.  Even in a "paperless" world we live in, there are still times when you might want to make some labels or print some envelopes.  This brand new app lets you do just that and it even supports AirPrint. … [Read more...]

The Absolute Best iPad Cloud Sync App [plus a giveaway]

iPad Cloud Sync App

We stumbled on an app that could quite possibly be the best iPad cloud sync app that we have seen.  It offers an incredible set of features that are sure to protect all your most important information as well as keep you in sync. Best iPad Cloud Sync App What does cloud sync actually mean and why would you use it?  The cloud, of course, is the Internet and syncing all of your information to storage on the Internet that can be accessed from … [Read more...]

5 iPad Apps To Replace Your Other Gadgets


Did you know your iPad can do a lot more than just look good or be the perfect way to surf the web?  Sure it's great for doing all of the things it does but we wanted to show you how you can take advantage of some great must have apps that will replace a few gadgets you might have laying around. … [Read more...]

Best iPad Browser Alternatives To Safari


Here are some best iPad browser alternatives to Safari for all of those that are not quite satisfied with the default browser app that comes with the iPad.  Perhaps Safari will continue to improve as we  see upgrades come down the pike but until then the app developers are hard at work helping to make your iBrowser a little better. Best iPad Browser Alternatives To Safari The good news is that we are about to show you some great alternatives … [Read more...]

Make Music on Your iPad | GarageBand 1.0 For iPad

GarageBand For iPad 1.0

Apple's legendary GarageBand studio is now on iPad. You don't have to have musical abilities to use GarageBand, the MAC's iOS interface recording studio. It does all the work, you enjoy all the fun! One of the best recording studios around you can now get it for your iPad. GarageBand easy to use – all you do is drag-n-drop the instrument of your choice. For example, if you want a drum part, drag it to the grid, want to add arpeggios on … [Read more...]

Assemble And Present A Professional Portfolio On Your iPad


Here's an iPad app of a different kind.  It allows you to present, display, and share your entire professional portfolio.  This is perfect for photographers, artists, models, designers, or anyone else wanting to impress their clients or land a job.  Here's the details. … [Read more...]

What Do You Think Of These 5 New Must Have iPad Apps?


Have you seen these 5 new must-have iPad apps?  Here they are.  It seems like iPad apps roll off the presses in droves each day and it's hard to keep up on all the new and changed stuff so we are bringing you this article so you can see some of the latest and greatest apps.  We think these are pretty darn valuable and represent some of the best in what Developers are working on. … [Read more...]

10 Incredible iPad Apps For School

Algegra Touch

Even though it's about halfway through the school year, it's never too late to have some great iPad apps that help you learn more or act as your own personal tutor or group study guide.  With over 420,000 apps in the app store we decided to sift through some and show you what we feel are the best school apps out there.  Here's 10 of them. … [Read more...]

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