Myth Defence LF For Android

Myth Defence LF – Tower power that’s no breeze

There’s a multitude of defence games on Android, which hark back to the heady days of Amiga gaming. Myth Defence LF (The LF stands for Light Force) is one of the best games of this genre we have played and will have fans of such titles glued to their smartphone or online. The idea of the game is to stop opposing bad guys from getting to your tower. This is done by putting a whole host of obstacles in the way – guns that shoot enemies or traps that stop them getting to that all-important tower.

Like most defence games, the action of Myth Defence is fairly fast-paced. A certain amount of consideration should be given to finding the best tactical spot to place your gun turrets to stop the enemies, though you have the opportunity to reposition your weapons to make sure you are constantly well-defended.

Myth Defence LF For Android

Graphics-wise, we were impressed with Myth Defence. With so much going on, we found a distinct lack of lag, which can hamper this type of game.

The controls were decent too – although we did get a little confused when we were faced with too many enemies. The terrain is varied and features swamps and puddles, while your defences offer flexibility in the form of 21 different tower types and three special traps and up to 15 maps.

There are 32 levels of a difficulty and a multilingual interface for all those talented British linguists out there. Online leaderboards enable you to flaunt your special talents across the globe.

Many users will find it a bit tricky to begin with so this is unlikely to be the type of game that you will unload in a week. Among the user comments, the word ‘awesome’ is frequently used and the vast majority gave it five stars. There is a limited and free version of the game that automatically migrates to this paid version.

There are some known issues for owners of Samsung S2 Android phones. It’s reported as being unstable depending on the firmware. The advice is to turn the sound off in Menu settings or, if you have graphic problems, to switch to ‘Software’ instead of ‘OpenGL’.

Overall though, many with swift reactions and enough change in their pocket to cover a cheap pint of lager may consider downloading Myth Defence LF, a better investment.

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