New GarageBand iPad 2 Accessories A Must See

Music lovers everywhere this is your chance to get in on something really great.  If you own and iPad 2 and have the GarageBand app or if you have been thinking of getting the app then the time might be perfect now that you can also get some pretty darn amazing accessories to use.  Here’s the details.

New GarageBand iPad 2 Accessories A Must See

iPad 2 GarageBand Accessory

An Australian company who previously brought us the Wallee iPad wall mount is now working on something new and if this is anything like the Wallee then you are going to love this.  If you don’t remember, the Wallee is an iPad mount that was made by a company in Melbourne and the response to it was overwhelmingly good.  Well they are up to something even better and it’s called Pix & Stix; accessories for your iPad 2 and GarageBand.

As the name would suggest, Pix & Stix is a very specialized set of tools you can use to interact with GarageBand and your iPad 2.  Basically, it is a pair of drumsticks and a guitar pick what have electroconducive rubber tips that interact beautifully with the drums and guitar instruments in GarageBand.


The drumsticks or “Stix” are perfectly weighted and a miniature version of the real thing that feel just like holding a real set.  And because of the rubber tips, it won’t harm the iPad 2 screen.  The “Pix” or pick is also meant to resemble a classic guitar pick but it is molded for your fingers and shaped to let you pick and strum away while not harming your iPad screen due to a nice, soft rubber tip.

As it turns out, they are approaching this as they did with their first product.  You can place your order on their website ($14.95 for two sticks and a pick) and once they reach their funding target, they will make and ship them.  If for some reason they do not make their target (highly unlikely) then they will refund your money within 30 days.

This is similar to using a service like Kickstarter where potential buyers actually help fund a product. Here is where you can place an order for your own set of Pix & Stix.

If you are interested in music and have or will get the GarageBand iPad 2 app then you definitely want to give these a look.  At $14.95, I can’t pass this up myself….and hats off to the great folks who made this accessory because it will allow so many others to really enjoy the iPad 2 and the GarageBand app.  This will be a great educational tool as well as just pure entertainment.

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Originally posted 2011-05-09 13:56:15.

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