News flash : Mavericks , The Latest OS for Mac finally released

Apple finally released the Golden Master on their latest OS X , Mavericks . By doing so ,a few time again This Mac Operating system will be ready to be used by apple fanboy.

Golden Master version is the version that made by apple ​​for its application developers . Only few people who may use this version .

The purpose of this version released is to prepare the OS first before its being ready to be used. Hopefully, the end users will already have more various of applications or software options that are ready to be used .

Mavericks itself is the latest OS X with code 10.9 . This is the first Apple OS X which takes its name not from the lions familly .

The name Mavericks itself was chosen by Apple because get inspired from the name of a surf spot in California . The name was chosen considering many huge change that was brought by Apple in its latest OS X.

Probably Mavericks  will be launched to the public this October . Previously , the presence of the Mavericks was eagerly awaited since it was introduced at the Apple WWDC 2013.

os mavericks

Originally posted 2013-10-05 11:37:45.

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