Nova 2 HD For Android

Nova 2 HD – Simply a blast

Six years after the original, this new package is stacked full of new features. These include new improved bad guys, more and nastier weapons; new graphics; more diverse gameplay; and more players and environments.

Twelve levels of play, ten maps, and a heap of armoury should stave off boredom for some time and you can play alongside up to a dozen players locally or online, which is when it’s at it most compelling.

Careers can be built using the ranking and perk system, while ‘veterans’ of the first game gain rewards for their loyal service.

Nova 2 HD For Android

The armaments include rocket and grenade Launchers, alien plasma and lighting guns and mines. Special powers comprise Freeze, Slow Time and Disc. Five modes include Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag and InstaGib.

The plot involves involves Kal Wardin, who is a retired ex-NOVA (don’t ask) serviceman who gets drawn back into the alien-human conflict when all he wants is a peaceful life on Planet Scorpius. So there’s your motivation.

We groaned inwardly at the prospect of using the onscreen joypad but found it quite intuitive and reasonably effective to operate before too long fooling about within the training session.

If the gameplay is impressive, the graphics are stunning, and the combination of these two features elevate it to the top of the Android tree with an overall impression that suggests this has been ported uncompromisingly from its top console format.

This is going to gain a heap of new fans – many of whom will spread the word of its talents to fight with and against their friends in cyberspace rather than getting bored and switching off.

For the price of a London pint, few will begrudge the money spent on this entertaining shooter.

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