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If you’re looking Office Suite For iPad especially a Word Processor for your iPad then look no further. Ages not only enables you to create write and spellcheck documents but also design pages, create layouts and more…

Apple have reworked their Mac word processor Pages for the iPad. This attractively designed package enables you to create documents, letter, brochures, leaflets or anything else you might care to create. It come with built in templates that can be adapted for all kinds of purposes. There are 16 of these in total. You can also import existing templates and documents from Word if you wish if you’re feeling a bit more creative or artistic you can create a template yourself. A variety of tools and formatting options enable you to come up with your own lay-outs, add images and text, change fonts and add effect for maximum impact. Textures, frames shadows and reflections are all available, you can use text wrap to flow text around images and even embed videos.

Using Pages – Office Suite For iPad

Page For iPad | Office Suite For iPadStill further formatting options are provided by the ability to add tables. These are especially usefull if you need to present data but really the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

When you’re finished your masterpiece you can check it out in full screen view and when you’re completely happy you can email it in a variety of formats including Word and PDF or print it out.

If your document has multiple pages then you get a handy thumbnail view to help you navigate straight to the one you want and an autosave function will avoid any tears in the event of crash or some other unforeseen event. Your document is saved every time you make a change. Idiot proofing at its most basic. You can undo changes though so don’t worry about our being stuck with it even if you make a mistake. Undo also works across sessions so if you close down your document then reopen it at later date you’ll still be able to undo previous changes.

Pages For iPad | Office Suite For iPad

Office Suite For iPad – Pages a premium priced app but for functionality, flexibility and ease of you use it really ought to be one of the first things you install on your iPad. Writing software is a basic requirement for any device these days and this offers so much flexibility you might even find yourself using it in preference to your desktop or laptop computer.

The variety of templates and the ease with which you can create your own design mean it’s not just highly functional but also a great deal of fun to use.

Office Suite For iPad – Pages. Pages is terrific app that everybody should have. Whether your requirements are for a simple word processor or you’re looking to create more advanced looking documents and page layouts, pages does all this and more. It’s intuitive one of your essential go-to applications once you start using it.

Office Suite For iPad – Pages User Tips

Office Suite For iPadGetting started with pages is very simple. You’re not required to set up your own pages right away. If you’re just starting out you can select from one of the 16 available preset templates. Choose one that most closely matches your needs and open it up. You can then start typing using the on-screen keyboard. You don’t need to use one of the template if you don’t want to. You can open blank page and start typing directly onto that if you find it more convenient.

To speed up your typing and avoid the need to keep going back to rectify mistakes as you go, Pages keeps a track of your text as you type and will correct spelling and punctuation as you go. This is ideal for inexperienced or clumsy typers. With many word processors you’ll find yourself taking twice as long to type something for having to go back every sentence or two to correct your own mistakes. Using Pages also automatically applies formatting to lists to keep everything clear and easy to read.

If you want to check the spelling of a word or usage or meaning of a phrase just press and hold your finger on the text. After a few moments the dictionary will appear enabling you to check the spelling and definition as required.

For all text formatting options just tap the Format icon located at the top of the screen. This will enable you to select new fonts, alter the size of your text, adjust the alignment and spacing of lines and enable or disable text wrapping.

You can also add and edit pictures using the Picture function located next to the format icon. This is the best Office Suite For iPad.

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