OpenEmu for Mac: Classic Console Emulator With Modernization in style of OS X

Games  for classic console can be played on Macs with various emulators which available for OS X. However , most of these emulators are not easy to use or have a potluck interface . For those reason, OpenEmu for Mac can make the classic console emulators world become modern , with the interface and experience in style of OS X.
Not all of classic consoles can be supported by OpenEmu . Do not expect to play PlayStation 1 games , because OpenEmu does not support it . The first generation PlayStation included in the console list that will be supported by other consoles such as Atari , Nintendo64 or PSP . The console will be available in the next release .
Using OpenEmu like having a closet full filled with games . Users just enter the ROM file into the OpenEmu window that will automatically be placed into the appropriate console . Each game can be applied the cover image in the same way , just drag – n – drop images into the top cover of the game . As the standard OS X application , you will be able to give ratings a game . Classify games into Collections , for example, a collection of Mario games , RPG or Action in a Smart Folder .

OpenEmu supports many controllers which are compatible with OS X. we can play the OpenEmu game using the PlayStation 3 controller just plug directly and can be detected by OpenEmu. For those who currently do not have a controller , but having an iPhone . OpenEmu also support joypad Legacy  application, with this app, your iPhone can be a controller that is compatible with OpenEmu .
Games that run on the OpenEmu is very stable . Features that shown already minimized , only the most important features that can only be set by the user . Users can only adjust the size of the screen , 1x or 2x , and set the anti alias algoratima – processes refining the image so that the game looks better on your computer screen resolution .
Overall,OpenEmu is good.but There are still some unpleasant experiences . Such as the lack of an automatic option to save the game or not when turning off the console , as well as turn it on . The autosave process hinders the user running the game from the beginning . In addition , there are bugs and save menu design that makes confused . for example OpenEmu failed to detect any 6 save that I had , it was just showing 4 save . Save menu design is also confusing , whether to suppress the earlier save will save or load a game ? The answer , load the game . It can be frustrating when you play an RPG game and do any guess or click .OpenEmu is a fresh air for the Mac users who love to play classic games .

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