Apple Announces a Revolutionary New Technology Developed by Anki

Apple Announces a Revolutionary New Technology Developed by Anki

 During the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple CEO Tim Cook, did something that you would probably not expect from him: he stepped down mid presentation, and invited to the scene app developing company Anki. This mysterious team, formed by three robotics experts took the stage and showcased their latest product: the Anki Drive. But what does all this have to do with Apple, you might … Click to Continue

5 Best Ways To Approach IT Problems Within Your Business

In your business, you’ll experience problems related to IT from time to time. Sometimes, you’ll have a problem with your security system. Some other times, you’ll have problems with data collection or administration within your business. You can’t predict your problem. But, the most important thing to do is to always be ready to fix the problem whenever it appears so that it won’t affect … Click to Continue


Look Deeper Inside The Latest OS X Mavericks

October has arrived , this is the month when Apple will launch the latest generation operating system OS X called Mavericks . Mavericks currently being beta version which tested by a registered OS X developers .Mavericks is a development feature of Mountain Lion , has a lot of improvements and advanced technologies that will make OS X users become more comfortable in using Mac . Some of the most … Click to Continue

internet connection

For Your Information : Top 5 Country with Fastest Internet Connection

Nowadays,Internet connection has become a primery needs and  difficult to separate with lifestyle , especially those who living in urban areas . To meet the needs of the internet , the major cities in various countries around the world have been providing the internet connection and cooperate with mobile operators in the country for its residents . It’s Reported that there are many state … Click to Continue

Tedious Tasks

10 Shortcuts Completing Tedious Tasks

Everyone is faced with a tedious task on occasion, and often our jobs come with many such tasks. There are ways to cut down on your pain and actually enjoy the work. The most important thing to remember is that once you have accomplished the task, you’ll be able to say, “I did it!” Change your Attitude. Remember why you want to accomplish the task to begin with – what reward will you … Click to Continue


Technology and Health

The use of technology has expanded into every facet of our life. Our smartphones now handles every one of our needs from communicating with other people to internet browsing and shopping to finding the latest news and everything else in between. It was only a matter of time before technology shed the association that related it with the unhealthy, lazy lifestyle. Technology has started to be used … Click to Continue

nuclear outrun

Nuclear Outrun : an endless runner game for iOS with Many Characters and Nuclears Combat on The Zombieland

What happens when endless runner game combined with the nuclear element , zombies and other combat equipment ? Of course it would be something interesting and not boring . It can be found at latest iOS game called Nuclear Outrun . Three developers have collaborated , Nerdook Productions from Malaysia , Gamenauts from America , and Nightspade from Indonesia , created an interesting full endless … Click to Continue

HuHudl Has Finally Arrived

Tesco is one of the most reputable and largest conglomerates in the arena of supermarkets. Its chain of supermarkets has expanded all over the world. This supermarket giant has changed the rule of the game and challenged the likes of Google, Samsung and Apple by launching a very cool android tablet. The foray from being a supermarket major to tech giant has made Tesco a diversified organisation. … Click to Continue

Computer accessories and its significance

The cyber world is prone to such affairs, where change is only the thing that remains constant. Only the computer can’t meet the purpose. You have to modify your computer with some accessories to increase its efficiency. There are lots of computer accessories that can benefit your most of the desktop facilities and programs. You may get some of these accessories along with the … Click to Continue

save bb

And The Hero Finally Comes , Fairfax Financial Saves Blackberry from Its Death ?

Had doubt there is no interested party  that would bought BlackBerry , this Canadian company finally declared that it has been acquired by another  large company .BlackBerry has agreed to be acquired by another company called Fairfax Financial in the amount of $ 4.7 billion with the  price per share at $ 9 . In its official website , BlackBerry stating that the final acquisition agreement … Click to Continue


Tips for iOS7 : Swipe The Screen And Get Your Shortcut

Officially , Apple has released an operating system for their new version mobile products  , iOS 7 . Here are some interesting tips about iOS 7 . In a statement , Apple said that iOS 7 brings a lot of changes and new features in it . Due it’s new and bring a lot of changes , it will be a little bit confusing the users of this product for operating it at the first time. Compared to … Click to Continue

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