IMO for iPad

Instant Messenger For iPad | All Instant Messaging Client In One Place

Instant messaging is one of the primary ways we communicate in the modern world, and that goes for both friends and in business. IMO Instant Messenger for iPad is neat because it pulls in all the major Instant Messenger services enabling you to access all you chat friend lists in one place. Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Chat, Google Talk, AIM/ICQ and jabber are all supported as are … Click to Continue

Tuneup Media - iTune

The Only iTunes App You Need For Your Music Collection And Much More | TuneUp Media

There's no need to have your music a mess on your computer these day. Using an iTunes app to clean up and organize all your music is the way to go. Although, this iTunes add-on has been around for a while -- Now, it's upgraded to make the best of the world of music. TuneUp Media has done it again. Several years ago they created this iTune app to keep your music collect in order, now it does … Click to Continue

Meter Reading for iPad

Save Money On Your Household Energy | Meter Reading for iPad

Everyone likes saving money. It's almost like earning money except that it's often easier. We go out to work and most of us think we ought to paid more but if you break down what you spend each month you'd probably be surprised at how much you could save. Often all it takes is a little bit of research and you could save enough cash every month that it would equate to a significant pay … Click to Continue

BBC iPlayer for iPad

Get Access to Almost All The BBCs Radio & TV Program | BBC iPlayer For iPad

There are so many television channels available these days that there's always something to watch, somewhere. It's not like the old days when you had a choice of four programmers at any given time and if none of them interested you then that was just tough. The downside of having such a wide array of viewing possibilities however is that it's almost impossible to keep track of everything and … Click to Continue

Ocean Blue For iPad

A Diving Sim App That Doesn’t Go Deep Enough | Ocean Blue for iPad

Remember when the Koi Pond app first hit the iPhone? It was, and is quite a neat little app that let you watch Koi swim around gracefully and tap the water to create ripples in the pond. Since then, many similar apps have been added to the App Store. Ocean Blue for iPad takes this sort of app to a whole new level. It's bigger in every way-designed for the iPad's big screen, full of a wide … Click to Continue

Gray Anatomy for iPad

Grays Anatomy Premium for iPad | Medical App for iPad

This medical app for iPad has absolutely nothing to do with the TV show - thank goodness- ' Gray's Anatomy' is the renowned classic anatomical book penned Henry Gray way back in 1858. His work is considered to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time and is now available to view the high resolution screen of the iPad. Not to mention, thanks to the 3.1 version update, … Click to Continue

FileApp for iPad

Powerful File Transfer App for iPad – FileApp Pro | Must Have App

FileApp Pro provides a simple and easy way to transfer files from your other devices onto your iPad. All you need to do is browse for the file that is to be copied then transfers it wirelessly using an FTP. The process can also be carried out via a USB connection cable. It's down to whichever method suits you best. FileApp Pro is file transfer app for iPad that compatible with a wide range of … Click to Continue

Football Game for iPad

Best Football and Hockey Games for iPad | Backbreaker and Icebreaker Review

If you like Hockey and Football Games for your iPad and iPhone then these to apps from NaturalMotion are for you. Let's review Backbreaker 2: Vengeance HD and Icebreaker Hockey to see what they have to offer. Right now you can't get better apps for your iPad and iPhone if you want to play hockey or football in your spare time. NaturalMotion keeps their winning game formula to bring you the best … Click to Continue


Google+ Going Head To Head With Facebook – Who Will Win? | Google Plus

Google it taking on Facebook with Google+ (Google Plus). This social network tool is fast becoming a part of Google's family. The Google Plus projects is about to reshape the face of social networking. Of course, Facebook has been around for several years but it looks like users may want to drop Facebook and go for Google+. What do you think? We compared Google+ with the same (or not) apps … Click to Continue

Inside iPad 2

iPad 2 Review: The Next Generation of iDevice | iPad 2 Features

Faster, sleeker and smoother, the iPad 2 have to be regarded as the pinnacle of the tablet and smartphone market respectively! Not to mention the huge array of new features and applications that will expand your everyday iPad use and expand your vision of interaction you can achieve. Our goal over the following pages is to introduce you to the new features of the Apple iPad 2 so you can realize … Click to Continue

Angry Bird HD for iPad

Angry Bird HD for iPad | Must Have iPad Game

Angry Birds HD is the new version of the Angry Birds game for the iPad. Chillingo has created this game with all the benefits of the first game along with graphics of higher quality and a bigger canvas. If you have never seen this game in action, here is a review of what it is. This game is a mix of Physics and a puzzle. The background to the game is that some green pigs have taken bird eggs. … Click to Continue

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