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Want A More Personalized Experience?

You Like RSS Feeds,But Want A More Personalized Experience? Newspapers and magazines aren't dying; they're just changing venues. As news shifts online and goes mobile, we still love those gorgeous magazine spreads. Fortunately, there are a plethora of free iPhone and iPad apps, all of which give you primary control over what you have to read at any given point. You like news about Apple, … Click to Continue


FlightBoard – Live Flight Departure and Arrival Status for iPad

Last Minute Dash To The Airport, Great In Romantic Movies, Bad In Real Life! So Use This! FlightBoard is a single-purpose app for the iPad that provides live airport Departures and Arrivals information. So the app's function is a simple but ever-so-useful one, particularly for frequent travelers. I've been taking a look at the app and have to say I'm impressed. Here are my thoughts on … Click to Continue

ScoreCenter 1

ScoreCenter XL for iPad

ESPN…. Pushing Its Way To An iPad Near You One of the best things about this app is how well ESPN has taken the feel of its broadcasts and website, and managed to translate it directly to an iPad app in such a way that it just feels natural. The first things you will notice, is a bar at the bottom of the screen that is constantly running headline news for all kinds of sports, just like on … Click to Continue

iPhone 5 Review

The Highly Anticipated iPhone 5 Review

After months of speculation and anticipation, there is now a chance for an iPhone 5 Review. This was a revolutionary product when it was launched and this version may be just as big. There is tremendous competition in the market nad the technology is changing constantly. The new technology that is built into this phone will get a lot of attention and will shake up the industry. Fans of the … Click to Continue


IMO Instant Messenger For iPad

Access All Your Instant Messaging Clients And Friends Lists In One Place. IMO Instant Messenger For iPad : Instant messaging is one of the primary ways we communicate in the modern world, and that goes for both friends and in business. IMO Instant Messenger for iPad is neat because it pulls in all the major IM services enabling you to access all of your chat friend lists in one place. MSN … Click to Continue


WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone

Looking For A New Free SMS And Instant Messaging Service? This is meant to be the all-in-one free messaging system (well, free apart from the initial download fee to buy it in the first place) which will solve all your problems if you're the kind of person who constantly goes over their contract text limit. The app supports video and photo messaging, pushes messages and alerts from other services … Click to Continue


An Evaluation and comparison of different types of laptop computers

The portability of laptops has made them a very popular choice among users. There are a range of laptops sold under different brand names at competitive prices. Buyers generally prefer laptops which meet all their basic requirements and are also within their budget. The technology driving the growth of these mobile computers is ever increasing. Laptop companies keep adding new features and selling … Click to Continue


The Incredible Machine for iPad

Can the original physics game live up to its name? This Disney game finds itself in an interesting predicament. Despite starting off the physics-based puzzle genre back in 1993, The incredible Machine has taken a fair old bit of time to receive an iOS port. and as a result now feels like old hat compared to the rest of the app store. On each level, you're given a specific task, ranging from … Click to Continue

TunePad Images

TonePad for iPad

A simple, odd and compelling little music maker It's hard to really explain what TonePad is without it sounding horrendously dull. Push one of the individual dots on the screen and a sound will start to play. Touch another, and the new beat will match itself in time with the previous one. Before long, you have a chain of notes ringing out to create music, which can be as charming as it is easy … Click to Continue

Finger Sprint Images

Finger Sprint for iPad

Let your fingers do the walking and your score do the talking Cast aside any notion that this is a finger-operated version of Super Sprint. It isn't. There's a track, a choice of distances and when the starter's gun fires, your fingers have to race up the track by making long stroking movements on the screen. The track scrolls along until the end. High scores are stored in the app or can be … Click to Continue

5 Alternatives To The iPhone 5 Worth Considering

5 Alternatives to the iPhone 5 Worth Considering Not everyone can afford to get a new iPhone every year. It boasts upgraded hardware, a new iOS, enhanced cloud capabilities and more. In light of its constant innovation and exemplary user experience, it's not surprising that the iPhone is so popular with consumers. Yet, upgrading can also mean upping the price. It’s by no means the superlative … Click to Continue

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