iPad 2 Features

iPad 2 Features: What Makes It So Special

As practically everyone is saying today, if you don’t have an iPad 2, you don’t have an iPad 2. That’s it; it’s that simple; there’s nothing that comes close to an iPad 2 as it quickly becomes the prized possession of its owners. And it’s the object of desire for many others who can’t wait to get their hands on it. But what is it that makes it so special and miles ahead of the … Click to Continue

iPad Battery

Maintain Your iPad Battery

Because the battery of your iPad is not easily replaceable (you will need to get it replaced by an Authorised Apple Service Centre), it is essential that you follow certain steps to make sure that the battery has the longest possible usable life. Don't worry, this isn't as restrictive as it might sound. Charging The iPad Battery You can see the current battery power level by looking at the … Click to Continue

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S Review

Only a few months outside of its normal 12-month life cycle, the new iPhone is finally with us. Not that you would know it from a quick glance. However, there are subtle clues: the mute switch is a little closer to the volume buttons, and marks that indicate the antenna arrangement have shifted, hut that's it. Love it or loathe it, the beautiful but low-friction case remains for a little while … Click to Continue

OmniGraph Sketcher for iPad

OmniGraph Sketcher | Essential Apps

Can this app keep you from firing up the laptop? We all know that the iPad has huge potential, and that the allure of touch input has prompted all kinds of innovative ways to do some of the things we’ve been doing on normal computers for decades. The Omni Group is guilty of getting caught up in this wave of enthusiasm, and has created a very cool graph creation tool called OmniGraphSketcher. … Click to Continue

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Android Tablet | Kindle Fire Put The Burn on Apple

After months of speculation, the Amazon Android Tablet - Kindle Fire has been officially announced at an event in New York, marking the first time the company has entered the Apple-dominated tablet market proper. The successor to the Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7-inch device that comes with Android, albeit a version that has been heavily altered by Amazon to make the best use of the company's … Click to Continue

iPhone 4S Siri

Siri Ported To iPhone 4S

The Siri personal assistant application for the iPhone 4S has been ported onto the iPhone 4, supposedly proving that the older hardware is capable of running the app. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith installed the Siri and Springboard files from the 4S onto an iPhone 4 and was able to get it working on the previous generation device, 9to5 Mac, which is working with the developer, reports that the … Click to Continue


First Aid | iPad Troubleshooting

Technical problems with your iPad is an area that all owners are hoping they can avoid, yet if the worst happens we have put together this short tutorial that could offer the help you need to restore your iPad to good health. Good luck. iPad Trouble Shooting - Creating A Back Up For Your iPad Should you experience technical issues with your iPad it is possible to restore your hardware to … Click to Continue

Speedx 3D For Android

Speedx 3D Unique Racing | Best Android Games

Sometimes a game comes along that is unlike anything you have seen before. Speedx 3D for Android is a total assault on the senses, making great use of your smartphone’s accelerometer to create a game that is part racing sim, part mind altering drug. It is claimed to be the best Android games on the Android Market that supports 3D glasses, but this is more gimmick than reality. The fact of the … Click to Continue

Apple iPhone 4S

Introducing The Smartest Of Smartphones | iPhone 4S Review

The iPhone 4S was introduced by new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, at an event hosted at Apple's Cupertino headquarters on October 4. It sold its first million within 24 hours of being made available for pre-sale. Apple also offered up new iPod products, defying expectation by keeping its iPod classic within its line­up. "For many users, this is their introduction to Apple," explained Tim Cook. All eyes … Click to Continue

iOS 5 Features | iMessage

Explore iMessage | iOS 5 Features

Apple's brand new iMessage, one of new iOS 5 features, brings free SMS-style messaging to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. Here's how it works. One of iOS 5's features is iMessage, Apple's take on the kind of platform-specific instant messaging system represented by Blackberry's BBM. Rather than just enabling tree SMS-style communication between iPhone users though, iPod Touch and iPad owners … Click to Continue

iOS 5 Features | Notification Center

Discover Notification Center | iOS 5 Features

Once you've got your hands on Apple's shiny new iOS 5, one of the first things on your list will be to set up and use the new, improved Notification Center one of the new iOS 5 features. The notification system in previous versions of Apple's iOS consisted mainly of intrusive blue rectangular alerts that would loom out from the centre of your screen, obscuring whatever you happened to be doing at … Click to Continue

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