Road Blaster HD For iPad | Arcade Games

Before the rise of 3D graphics and video games that didn't come as part of a cumbersome cartridge, the only way garners could imagine they were driving a vehicle composed of more than eight pixels was via laser disc video games such as this one. Utilizing an interactive display layered over simple animated video, it enabled contemporary users to participate in various far-fetched activities years … Click to Continue

Tunes Attack images

Tunes Attack! For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

This is a surprisingly fun game with plenty of originality. The basics are as follows: there are three game modes, two task you with guiding a character along a fixed path while dodging or destroying obstacles, and the third is a rhythm game where you tap the screen in time to the music. The speed of the game is determined by the beats of a music track, and you can earn extra lives by collecting … Click to Continue

DevilMayCry images

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain For iPad | Adventure Games

The point of Devil May Cry 4 Refrain was to port a DMC experience. Congratulations Capcom, in that you have succeeded. Just don't ex­pect us to be nearly as enamoured with this eviscer­ated portable action-adventure as we were with the original. It opens in the same fashion as Devil May Cry 4, with Dante teas­ing his sibling Nero before displaying his affections by engaging Nero in battle; … Click to Continue

Disney Fairies Images

Disney Fairies Fly For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Do you believe in fairies? If you just started clapping your hands together like some uncontrollable Peter Pan hyped up on energy drinks, then boy, do we have the app for you. lf, however, you just shouted out 'Codswallop!' at the top of your voice, you just killed a fairy, and this is still an app very worthy of your consideration. iPhone games are just meant to be a bit of fun, after all, not a … Click to Continue

samurai2 iamges

Samurai II: Vengeance For iPad | Adventure Games

With their touch-screen interface and small display size (iPad aside), iDevices aren't known for their addiction to ambitious action titles. Regardless, that's just what's on offer here. Set in a vibrant Japanese feudal environment, players will assume the role of your generic samurai character, destined to right a few wrongs using the pointy side of his blade. Combat is kept relatively simple … Click to Continue

parachute_panic images

Parachute Panic HD For iPad | Arcade Games

From the moment you view Parachute Panic's hand-drawn stickman visuals and listen to its laid-back theme tune being hummed, you'll know you're holding something special in your hands Parachutists randomly leap from overhead planes and you must use gusts of wind — created by swiping your finger in any direction — to guide them to the boats at the bottom of the screen. Tapping a parachutist … Click to Continue

Shanghai Mahjong Images 2

iMahjong HD For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

This is a great version of the world's oldest tile-based game. To play, simply tap on two tiles with matching icons —the caveat being that one tile must have a side that is not adjacent to another tile. It sounds simple, but it's a tricky game with hundreds of tiles to choose. There are no other game modes here, you won't hear any complaints from us.     … Click to Continue


Guitar Hero For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

Guitar Hero is the original strummer, the game that first gave garners the taste of what it feels like to rock out in front of a whooping crowd and thrash out some of rock music's finest moments. The best thing about the iPhone version is the intuitive strumming and sliding control method. You can swipe your finger in a certain direction to strum and slide it over a set number of linked notes … Click to Continue

Emblem images

Emblem HD For iPad | Adventure Games

At it's heart, Emblem is a deceptively simple puzzle game dressed up with short animated transitions and some absolutely awful and completely unnecessary dialogue. As you progress through the levels you learn - the puzzles get steadily more difficult. As a brain­teaser, there are challenges to be found, it's just a shame you have to sit through all the padding and waffle to get to them. Give the … Click to Continue

MetalStorm images

MetalStorm : Online For iPad | Action Games

If you've ever played and enjoyed a console based action/flight game, then MetalStorm: Online may seem like a very tempting app. Featuring some high-end 3D visuals and fast open-air action, it looks and plays just like a proper console game, allowing you to engage in some exciting Top Gun-style dogfights as you chase enemy planes and take them down with a series of gun shots and lock-on … Click to Continue

angry-birds-season images

Angry Birds For iPad: Seasons | Music/Puzzle Games

Angry Birds represents perhaps the biggest success story in handheld development. Add a price point everyone can afford, and solid (if not exactly original) gameplay mechanics, then sit back and watch the dollars roll in. And the pounds. And the euros, etc. This compilation remix of sorts features Halloween and Christmas-themed levels and the latter selection even added one new Angry Birds puzzle … Click to Continue

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