iMovie for iPad

iMovie – iPad Video Editing | Filming Made Easy

iMovie is the perfect iPad video editing suite for beginners. It comes with all the features you need to start putting together your own home movies complete with titles, transitions and even a soundtrack. iMovie - iPad Video Editing There was a time when you’d need a ton of expensive hardware, high and software and some degree of formal training in order to put together your own movies. Now … Click to Continue

Play Video for iPad

How To Play Videos on iPad | iPad Tutorial

With the iPad’s large HD screen, watching videos is a great experience. Very useful on long trips or while sat up in bed. In this iPad Tutorial, to play a video, tap Videos, then choose a category of videos, for example, Movies. From the video selection that appears tap a video to begin playback. Some videos have chapters, so you can pick where you want to begin watching. Whilst your video is … Click to Continue

iPad Getting Started

How To Use Contact App | iPad Getting Started

Contacts is the iPad’s address book app. You can populate the Contacts app with contacts from your Mac Address Book as well as Google, Yahoo, MobileMe, or Microsoft Exchange accounts. It’s also possible to set up Contacts to sync with an LDAP or CardDav account. iPad Getting Started - Work With Contacts The Contacts app looks the same in portrait and landscape modes. On the left side of … Click to Continue

Emoji | Essential iPad Apps

Emoji – Your Emoticons | Essential iPad Apps

In the modern world with all it’s instant messaging, texting, Facebooking and so forth, emoticons have become almost as important a part of communication as words themselves and that’s where this app comes in. perhaps you’ve received messages in the past that contain all sorts of fancy emoticons and you’ve no idea how people are able to do them. Well it’s quite simple. Emoji is what the … Click to Continue

Nav Clock | Essential iPad Apps

Nav Clock | Essential iPad Apps

This an app designed for traveler, weather enthusiasts, pilots, hikers, and everyone else on the move who needs to get quick and accurate weather forecasts as well as present conditions, wind speeds, temperature, visibility, humidity, pressure, localized times for sunrise and sunset and more. If enables you to see all the current information you need in a very clearly presented format. It’s … Click to Continue

Ultimate Browser for iPad

Browse The Web In Style Ultimate Browser | Best iPad Browser

Preloaded on every iOS Devices, Safari is a solid internet browsing app that is full of the standard features that you would probably expect from any good web browser. However, it absolutely pales in comparison to the various desktop browsers, specifically Google Chrome and Firefox, both of which offer a wide range of expansive bolt-ons and features. Best iPad Browser Enter Ultimate Browser, a … Click to Continue

Air Display for iPad

Double Your Display Space With A Second Screen | Air Display For iPad

Two displays, are better than one and the Air Display For iPad is here to make the scenario a reality without the added expense of a second screen. Unfortunately, Air Display did not take off with the instant impact we hoped for. Connection was simple enough: install the software, start the app, connect. But our tests via Windows Vista and XP were drawn out and not completely successful, … Click to Continue

How To Use SIRI

How To Use SIRI | Your Personal Assistant

Learn how to use SIRI, iPhone 4S also introduces SIRI, an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. SIRI understands context allowing you to speak naturally when you ask it questions in a normal, conversational way and receive immediate answers from your iPhone 4S. SIRI isn’t like traditional voice recognition software that requires you to remember keywords and … Click to Continue

Using Notes | iPad Getting Started

Using Notes App | iPad Getting Started

Using Notes app is a straightforward little notepad app, useful for jotting things down. The main Notes screen looks like a piece of yellow-ruled writing paper. You can view and edit notes in portrait and landscape mode. In portrait mode, there’s a button labeled Notes in the upper left corner. Tap it to get a drop-down list of any notes you’ve saved in the past, sorted from newest to … Click to Continue

Geico For iPad | Direct Auto Insurance

Best Direct Auto Insurance Apps For iPad

Direct auto insurance is the insurance policy where the client directly deals with the insurance company. Auto insurance is also purchased through local agents and insurance brokers. Internet today provides quick and easy access to auto insurance companies nationwide. They give options like potential car insurance companies, save money on car insurance and best policy coverage. Many trusted … Click to Continue

GeoBoard for iPad

GeoBoard Most Popular Geometry Tool | Essential iPad Apps

Shift shapes with the iPad’s most popular geometry tool, all at your fingertips. It's one of the essential iPad Apps. GeoBoard Most Popular Geometry Tool | Essential iPad Apps Being able to draw a perfect circle generally isn’t a skill possessed by many people. Regular folk have to use a tool like a compass, but on GeoBoard for iPad you just need a single finger. Drag a fingertip across the … Click to Continue

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