Duck Hunt For Android

Duck Hunt For Android

Duck Hunt - Free A right fowl up The bird lovers amongst us may appreciate a plucked duck crisping up nicely under a fruity marinade, but unless you’re a member of the shootin’ and huntin’ fraternity it is hard to work up an appetite to blow them all out of the sky. Unless, of course, we’re talking angry zombie ducks – the kind of bolshy  avian scum that have ruined many a … Click to Continue

GarageBand for iPad

Utilise Setting To Record a Track | GarageBand For iPad

Recording in GarageBand for iPad is even easier when you understand the tools and settings available to help capture a perfect take. GarageBand for iPad lets you record both MIDI and audio, and each serves a different purpose. MIDI is form of musical information that’s widely used in music technology, and involves telling software which notes to play back, in what order, how hard and so on. … Click to Continue

Calorie Tracker for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Calorie Tracker | Essential iPad Apps

The Calorie Tracker is designed to help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness targets. It does this by keeping a track of your calorie intake each day as well as the exercise you do. You start out by putting in your current details, weight and so on, and your target of where you want to be and the app will help you to get there. To aid this it contains information on more than 625000 foods … Click to Continue

How To Use Android Market

How To Use Android Market | The Starting Place For App Downloads

Developed by Google, how to use Android Market is the starting point for anyone keen to get their hands on any of the 10,000 or so applications that are available for download. Android is an open source system, which means that anyone with the know-how can develop and then sell their own apps. There is, therefore, a huge range of options that vary wildly in quality and prices go from free to all … Click to Continue

Super 8TM | Essential iPad Apps

Supr 8TM | Essential iPad Apps

From the visionary creator of lost and the director of Star Trek comes a camera app?! Before the seminal launch of the App Store, a mobile promotional tool for a potential big screen summer blockbuster would have been the expected recovered sprites and “will that do” gameplay of the movie to game template. THANKFULLY those days have gone and now in an area of brand marketing that was once as … Click to Continue

windows 8

Windows 8: Should You Consider Updating?

There are still many people using Windows 2000, and it still functions very well. They did well not to upgrade to Vista. Vista was a complete disaster, and most who did, ended up putting Windows 2000 back onto their personal computers. After that, we had the release of Windows 7. Windows 7 ran very smoothly, and only had a few bugs when released to the public. There would have been more users of … Click to Continue

GarageBand For iPad

Edit Your Music | GarageBand For iPad

Making music in GarageBand for iPad is great fun, but you need to know how to edit to get the most out of it Transitioning GarageBand from the Mac to the very different from of the iPad was no mean feat, and Apple has done a remarkable job, in truth, although the applications share a name they are quite different to use, thanks to the touch interface of the iPad being so different to the mouse … Click to Continue

Amazon Android Tablet | Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire – Amazon Android Tablet | The True iPad Competitor

Is Kindle Fire the first true competitor to Apple's all conquering iPad? It was the most hotly anticipated tech announcement of the year and Amazon's debut Android Tablet, the Kindle Fire, looks like it might be set to deliver everything we could have hoped for. It's a $199 device (which, sadly, won't yet be available outside of thr US) that packs in a seven inch display with Gorilla Glass … Click to Continue

NASA App | Essential iPad Apps

NASA App HD | Essential iPad Apps

The NASA app is one of the essential iPad apps an absolute must have for anyone with an interest in space, the solar system, astronomy or the science of the universe in general. The opening screen is a great image of our solar system with the planets depicted in order of closeness to the sun. there’s a launch schedule which is basically calendar of forthcoming space launchers. These relate to … Click to Continue

Buy iPad Online

The 5 Best Places To Buy iPad Online

Looking for that iPad 2, so you can keep up with the change? There are several very good places online to find them, for pretty good prices, too. Here are the best 5 sites to buy iPad online. They are stores with good reputations and unswerving in their desire to please. Don’t ya love the word swerving? It says it all! Anyway... here we go. Buy iPad Online - Amazon Your second choice will be … Click to Continue

Tellmewhere | Essential iPad Apps

Tellmewhere | Essential iPad Apps

In category that is dominated with applications which proclaim to offer a fresh spin on FaceBook or Twitter which are greeted with enthusiastic downloads and quickly followed by groans of disappointment. In our quest to find something a little different in this underwhelming category dismoiou’s app instantly stood out and cought our eye. Tellmewhere is a guide to local shopping, dining and … Click to Continue

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