iPhone 4S Features

The First Look At The New iPhone 4S Features

October 4th event of “Lets Talk iPhone” introduced the iPhone 4S and the many features everyone has been expecting. Of course, they really were expecting an iPhone 5 but alas, were disappointed. Although it looks just like the iPhone 4 there are a few changes Apple included in this latest release of the iPhone. It may look like the same old iPhone 4, this new iPhone 4S features some of the … Click to Continue

Photo Delight for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Photo Delight For iPad | Hand Pain Some Color Into Your Pics

Although there are a number of apps with similar functions available within the App Store, Photo Delight for iPad nevertheless manages to score highly thanks to its ease of use, smart tools and great options. The reasons for this success are plenty. Firstly, it’s got some pretty smart styling, making the picture you load to edit look like it’s on an easel. Down the side of the interface are … Click to Continue

Atomic Web Browser For iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Essential iPad Apps | Productivity

Life isn’t always fun. Sometimes you have to work or complete tasks, and that is where productivity apps come into their own, often making these times less intrusive and dull. The Essential iPad App are those that save you stress and worry. It may be that you need to make some quick amendments to a word-processing document while you are on the move, or you may want to jot down an idea or … Click to Continue

Angry Birds HD for iPad

What Are The Best Games For iPad?

There is a fantastic reason why gaming is the most popular category in the App Store, that being the sheer volume of great releases. Titles that are so good they will transform your iPad into a games console that can stand up against any competition. For this feature we will be taking a look at the very best releases that are currently available for the iPad, with each one being an amazing … Click to Continue

Google Earth For iPad

Google Earth For iPad | Explore The World From Your Hand

Google Earth was one of the key applications in driving consumer interest in geo-mapping/location software following its desktop launch in 2005. Essentially a three-dimensional virtual globe, Google Earth for iPad enables users to instantly search or spin their way around the planet, zooming in on points of interest illustrated via up-to-date satellite imagery. When the application launched … Click to Continue

F1 Timming For iPad

Formula 1 On iPad | One of The Best Sports Apps For iPad

If you are a fan of Formula 1 you will know that there is an incredible amount of data that helps enhance, excite and intrigue the fans. Everything from the obvious lap times and speed differences to the racing line, tyre types and pit stop tactics, to name but a few. If you want all of this information on the race you are watching or about to watch then this app is the one for you. Its hefty … Click to Continue

Apple Digital AV Adapter

iPad Video Mirroring | Got Bigger Screen

Making a business presentation at work? What to to share photos and video with your family? Or simply interact with your favorite app on your HDTV? Now you can do all of above with style with your iPad 2! All you have to do is attach the Apple Digital AV Adapter (which sold separately Apple Video Adapter) and then you can mirror the content of your iPad 2's screen directly to your HDTV via the … Click to Continue

Photoshop Express for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Adobe Photoshop Express For iPad | Photo Editing on Your iPad

Adobe is one of the premiere photography software companies and now it has brought its industry standard Photoshop application to the iPad. This version doesn’t have a camera, you will have to sync some pictures you’ve already taken. When it loads you have to select a picture to edit and from there you can do a number of cool things to enhance what your camera has already achieved. The most … Click to Continue

iPad 2 For Business

Why You Should Purchase The iPad 2 For Business Purposes

Apple is known for its simplicity. When the original iPad was introduced, it made things a whole easier for professionals. It brought both their personal as well as work lives in one place, one device. The newest model, iPad 2, is faster, slimmer and lighter than the earlier device. The iPad 2 for business professionals is a huge hit, as it is very efficient for multi tasking. The iPad 2 comes … Click to Continue

iMovie for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Essential iPad Apps | Lifestyle

Since the dawn of the internet, our lives have changed immeasurably. Lifestyles are based as much online as they are off. Nowadays, we find ourselves glued to social networks during quite evenings, or we find ourselves blogging the minutiae of our lives to anybody who cares to read, often in no more than 140 characters. But we still need to do every day ‘real activities’ like cooking and … Click to Continue

iPhone 4S Rumors

iPhone 4S Rumors: For Those Who Have Been Waiting For This

It happens almost every year: just when one starts thinking about upgrading their phone with latest applications and other features, one see whispers of the next, unannounced, Apple iPhone. The raging of iPhone 4S rumors are flying everywhere - indeed, it's become somewhat like a craze with a convinced statement that the new handset will be launched in this October. Most of the people want the … Click to Continue

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