Using iPad Calendar | iPad Getting Started

Using Calendar App | iPad Getting Started

The iPad comes stocked with Apple’s basic apps for organizing your life. Keep on top of your day-to-day activities with the Calendar app, use your iPad as a scratchpad for to-do lists and ideas with the Notes app, and keep track of all your acquaintances with Contacts app. Need to know what’s happening next in your life? Using Calendar app lets you see recent and upcoming events, as well … Click to Continue

Animation Creator HD for iPad

Animation Creator HD | Essential iPad Apps

Create incredible animations on your iPad with just a flick of your fingers… If you ever had any doubts about the potential of the software on the App Store then now is the time to cast them aside. We doubt even Steve Jobs himself could have envisioned a time where artists could create animations using their iPads. And yet when you load an app like Animation HD for iPad you almost fell as … Click to Continue

How To Use iCloud

How To Use iCloud To Find Your Mac

Up until now, Macs have been dependent on others (third party software) for the recovery of stolen or lost Macs, iPhone, and iPads. How to use iCloud to find your device using Find My Mac is easier than ever. Find My Mac is a new feature in iCloud. There are, however, a few drawbacks. How To Use iCloud To Find Your Mac You need to have OS X Lion 10.7 or higher, Wi-Fi access, a free iCloud … Click to Continue

Using Maps On The iPad

Using Maps On The iPad | Get Direction

Even though Maps doesn’t feature spoken turn-by-turn navigation, you can still use it to get from point A to point B. To enter Directions mode, tap the Directions button in the upper left corner of the toolbar. The search bar will expand into two different fields—Start and End—with an s-shaped arrow in the middle. Tapping the arrow at any point will swap whatever you have in those two … Click to Continue

iPad Maps | iPad Tutorial

Navigate With Maps | iPad Tutorial

Few things are more frustrating than trying to unfurl a full-size map while driving or walking around. With Maps on the iPad, you can view, zoom, and get directions for almost any destination in the world—without the hassle or clutter of toting around paper maps. The 3G iPad even comes with a built-in compass and GPS receiver. iPad Tutorial - Get Oriented Apple’s built-in Maps app uses … Click to Continue

Twitter For iPad | iPad Tutorial

Your Guide Using Twitter on iPad | iPad Tutorial

Follow this iPad Tutorial to get started with your Twitter account and the official application on your iPad. From installation, searching for users, to tweeting your latest thoughts or opinions, we have got the core uses covered in much more than 140 characters! Getting Started Upon opening this app you will greeted with a lot of information, don’t panic, on the left you will notice the … Click to Continue

iOS 5 Features | Reminders

Another New iOS 5 Features To Help With Your Day: Reminders

Another one of iOS 5 features is Reminders. It like using Post-it to setup self reminders and task lists on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It keeps them synced up through iCloud so you don’t miss any more appointments or meetings. It’s one of the newest iOS 5 features for the Mac and iPhones, iPads, and iPods. iOS 5 Features: Reminders Reminders keeps all your reminders synced to all your iOS … Click to Continue

iOS 5 Features | iMessages

iMessage Is The Best iOS 5 Features For Texting On Apple Devices

You thought it couldn’t get better but with iMessage on the iOS 5 you can use any of your Apple devices to text anyone you want, anywhere you want, using any device you want. If you have an Internet connection, iOS 5 features, then you can use any of your iPhone, iPads, or iPods to text message anyone on your list, for FREE. iOS Features - iMessage If you use iChat on your Mac then you know … Click to Continue

Instapaper Pro For iPad

Instapaper Pro For iPad | Save What You’re Reading And Catch Up Later

Instapaper Pro for iPad is an incredibly handy app that enables you to save whatever you’re currently viewing so that you can read it at a later date. Once you’ve registered the app – something which Read it Later Pro also requires you to do  - you’ll gain access to plenty of useful fetures that make using this app an absolute breeze. Due to the way apps are set up, you’ll need to make … Click to Continue


Essential Add-Ons | iPad Accessories

iPad Keyboard Dock The official Apple iPad Keyboard Dock is probably the best of those currently available. The dock allows you to charge the iPad via the USB power adaptor whilst holding the iPad at a nice viewing angle to allow you to use it as a small, but perfectly formed, monitor. The full-size keyboard is great to use and features isolated keys which helps to improve … Click to Continue

How To Use Airplay

How To Use AirPlay With Apple TV | Streaming Your iPad Content

If you own an Apple TV (the 2nd gen model and above) then AirPlay is potentially one of the coolest new features included in the recent iOS 4.2 software update for the iPad. AirPlay allows you to stream content from your iPad or iPhone (or touch) to your TV screens via Apple TV. The content you can stream is pretty limited right now, but should expand in the future – through Apple updates. How … Click to Continue

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