Resident Evil Imagaes

Resident Evil 4 : PLATINUM/Action

Resident Evil Degeneration did the impossible and proved Capcom's hit franchise could work on the iPhone, even with a few little niggles. Instead of trying to emulate the original GameCube game, this effort instead takes some of its most exciting moments and uses some wisely placed controls — that only occasionally let you down — to deliver an exhilarating slice of action. While it can look … Click to Continue

How To Use iPhone 4S

How To Use iPhone 4S | At A Glance

Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, the iPhone 4S eschews a buttonheavy design in favor of simple controls and a slim figure. Here’s a how to use iPhone 4S and quick rundown of all the features on the device’s exterior. a. Receiver When not relying on headphones or the built-in speaker, this is where you place your ear to listen to incoming calls. b. Front-Facing Camera This … Click to Continue


Transformers – Dark of the Moon | Best iPad Games/Adventure

Those Transformers are at it again, saving the world from the pesky Decepticons so we can all live safer lives until the next movie is released. And this game doesn't disappoint. It's solid fun with some neat gameplay mechanics, and is overall a well put-together experi­ence from Electronic Art. The game follows the movie closely as you pilot Optimus Prime through 13 varied levels. There's some … Click to Continue


Dead Space HD For iPad | Best iPad Games

You have to hand it to Electronic Arts. Rather than adapt the excellent and vastly underrated Dead Space: Extraction to Apple's iPad, they've instead cre­ated a brand new title that fans of the franchise are bound to lap up. Set three years after the events of the original game, and nicely setting up the story for the console release, Dead Space 2, The iPad version proves to be every bit as … Click to Continue


Other Video Players For iPad

The wonderful YouTube app has been around since the very first iteration of iOS, a staple in the handful of apps that Apple chose to include on their very first iPhone and every iOS device that followed. Since then it has helped us watch countless funny sketches, lyric videos of unreleased songs, and (of course) home videos of kittens sneezing. With the millions of videos online and hundreds of … Click to Continue

MonkeyIsland2 images

Best iPad Game | Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

Point-and-click adventures seem tailor-made for the iPad, and in Monkey Island 2 you have one of the Best iPad Games ever made. This re-release brings a number of excellent enhancements. The most obvious is visual, with the vintage pixelated graphics — still available at any time with a simple two-finger swipe — replaced with new, high-resolution alternatives that look superb and come with a … Click to Continue

Pro Tips on Great Deals on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Personal Computers

I grew up hanging around an electronic consumer goods store in the 80s. My stepfather was the boss, and so I was pretty privy to the wheeling and dealing that was going on. The stores might look like they have changed, but the way they do business hasn’t. Well, except Apple, they don’t do business, and so there are no deals on tablets. You are after a device, or devices, with every bonus … Click to Continue

Spotify For iPad | Alternate iPad Music Player

Replace The Music App With Better Music Players | Alternate iPad Music Player

The Music App (formerly known as the iPod App) brought iOS music-navigation to a new place. No longer were we constrained to click wheels and Apple took full advantage of it. Cover Flow is still one of the most gorgeous ways to flip through your music, and the app is stuffed with features without feeling unwieldy. Want to buy a song? That's just a quick button press away. Want to reorder your … Click to Continue

A5 chips

iPhone 4S Review | Buyer Guide

Need an extra push or some restraint? Read our buyer’s guide to decide if you should drop some $ for the iPhone 4S. The build-up to the company’s next iPhone was so over the top, so astronomically hyped, that for some, anything short of the iPhone 5 would have been a letdown. When the 4S was announced, “in-the-know” tech heads chastised for retaining the same body they hailed as the best … Click to Continue

SleepTalk 1

Sleep Talker Recorder For iPad

Ever Wondered If You’re A Sleep Talker? Do you talk in your sleep? If so, what do you say? Sleep Talk Recorder does exactly what the title suggests and offers a window into the subconscious which isn't something you'd imagine you could buy for roughly the same price as a bag of crisps. The App is easy to use and all you need to do is place it next to your bed (or the bed of someone else if … Click to Continue

LogMeln 1

LogMeln Ignition | iPad To PC

iPad 2 To PC With Only A Few Taps Of Your Touch Screen. Many apps explore how an iPad could be used as a portal into and onto other computer platforms. LogMeln Ignition remote access software gives iPad that ability. I found LogMeln's tag line "One touch access to all of your information," to be almost spot on. After proper setup I was/am able to remotely access my computers with just two … Click to Continue

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