How To Stay In Touch With Facebook in Your Mac | Mac Basics

Social networking these days means staying in touch with friends and contacts anywhere, any time. We're used to tweeting or sharing snaps from our iPhones, But Mountain Lion now integrates social networking, making it easier than ever to share pictures or web pages via Flickr or Vimeo, post to Twitter and more. Here we'll focus on Facebook, but the principle are the same for the other social … Click to Continue


Using Your Notification Centre On Your Mac | Mac Basics

There's nothing worse than realising you were due in a meeting ten minutes ago, or you've forgotten a birthday. Luckily, Mountain Lion's Notification Centre can make such disasters a thing of the past. It can display little pop-ups on your screen to tell you about a new email, an event in your Calendar, a new iMessage, or a note you've left for yourself using the Reminders app. Notification … Click to Continue

magic trackpad

How To Discover Magic Trackpad’s Gestures | Mac Control Features

Controlling your Mac using multi-finger gestures on a Magic Trackpad is one of OS X's key features and borrows from the touch screen experience of the iPhone and iPad, But remembering all the options can be tricky at first, so here's a useful guide to the gestures you're likely to use the most often. Remember that existing gestures which you might have used in OS X Snow Leopard, such as … Click to Continue

Omnifocus for iPad

Bring Your Omnifocus Under Control | iPad Apps

When you find your To-Do list spreading out of control, and throwing everything into a calendar just turn the future into a unbroken lump of red, then it's time to reach for something more powerful. OmniFocus can't pick up your dry cleaning for you. But it can sort your priorities so that you don't find yourself doing that when you should be meeting with the bank manager or attending to that leaky … Click to Continue

notes app

Make The Most Of The Notes App | Mac Tutorial

Pages or TextEdit is great when you want to create beautiful documents or hammer out long reams of text. But what if you just want somewhere to jot down your thoughts or make a quick list? This is where Mountain Lion’s new Notes app comes in: it’s essentially a notepad on your Mac, but with some clever features that make it much more useful than a pad of traditional paper. Most importantly, … Click to Continue

os x

12 Years of OS X | Mac Development

1.  10.0 CHEETAH RELEASED: 24 MARCH 2001 Retailing at US $129, this was the first version of OS X that the public got their hands on. It was strikingly different from the previous “classics” Macintosh Operating System and, as you might expect, it was far from perfect: it was often sluggish, t froze frequently and lacked some basic.Hardware compatibility was also a problem, but … Click to Continue


How To Setup Your New Mac in Minutes

When you first switch on your new Mac, there are a few steps to through before you can get going with OS X Mountain Lion. For a start, you'll need to personalize your Mac and configure it using the Setup Assistant. This process takes only a few minutes to complete and ail ready your Mac for first use. You'll need to confirm the language you want to use, set the time zone and choose a username … Click to Continue

evernote ipad

How To Create, Edit And Organize Notes in Evernote

Should your desk frequently resemble a war zone,covered in jottings and other cryptic notes, then you're one of those people who will appreciate what Evernote can bring to your life. Evernote is a free, cross-platform service that allows you to store virtual notes, either individually or stored in notebooks. These notes can include text, documents and even audio recordings, and can be accessed … Click to Continue

ebay for ipad

eBay For Ipad | How to Buy and Sell

These days everybody has to be careful with money. Whether you're looking to pick up a bargain online, or sell unwanted items to raise a bit of much-needed cash (or fund your shopping addictions), then eBay is the go-to choice. And when it comes to accessing eBay on your iPad, the official eBay app has all the tools and functionality you need. Once installed, launch the app and log into your … Click to Continue


How to Enable Emoji Emoticons on iPad

Apparently a picture is worth a thousand words, and although cartoonish emoticons might not the the most beautiful images on the planet, we reckon they're still worth a few dozen - especially in the limited character count of a text or Tweet. To send smiley faces with a bit more personality than a simple colon and parenthesis can offer, as well as loads of other weird and wonderful icons, just … Click to Continue

map ipad

How To Use The New Maps

The new map application in iOS 6 enables you to use your iPad as a sat nav, offering turn-by-turn directions whether you are driving or walking. It also includes a unique 3D view which enables you to see major landmarks and cities as if you were flying over them. Just enter a place name, pinch and zoom in and tap the 3D button in the bottom left. In places that have been modeled, you'll see … Click to Continue

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