iPad 2 GarageBand Accessory

New GarageBand iPad 2 Accessories A Must See

Music lovers everywhere this is your chance to get in on something really great.  If you own and iPad 2 and have the GarageBand app or if you have been thinking of getting the app then the time might be perfect now that you can also get some pretty darn amazing accessories to use.  Here's the details. … Click to Continue

sync ipad with outlook email

Syncing Your iPad Email With POP3, Outlook, Other Email

I get a lot of emails from new iPad owners that are looking for help when it comes to email.  And more specifically, they want to know how to sync their Outlook to their iPad.  Most of the time, however, these Outlook users are not using work email accounts and thus it's time for a tutorial on how to get other kinds of email on your iPad if you are used to using Outlook on your home computer or … Click to Continue

Daily App Show.001

The Daily App Show Episode 3

Alrighty then.  Here is your Daily App Show Episode #3.  If you are new here, this is our daily (mostly) app show where we do a quick video on our TCGeeks YouTube channel highlighting some of the best new iPad apps that you can use to get the most out of your tablet.  And here are the apps we cover in today's show. … Click to Continue

Best iPad Speaker Sound Platform

Best iPad Speaker | Soundfreaq Bluetooth Wireless Platform

It's been awhile since we introduced any of the best iPad speakers but that's because there have not been that many brand new ones.  Well, there is something we wanted to show you that not only has a 5-star rating but is quite interesting. … Click to Continue

iPad news reader app

A New iPad News Reader You Don’t Want To Miss

Are you using any of the iPad news reader apps currently?  There are quite a few of them but none of them do what this brand new one does.  And none of them actually presents trending topics in a way that saves you time surfing the web.  Here is a new iPad news reader app you may want to check out. … Click to Continue

iOS 4.3.3 ipad jailbreak

iPad Jailbreakers: iOS 4.3.3 Untethered Jailbreak Now Available

If you are one that has a jailbroken iPad then you will be pretty darn happy to know that you can now safely update your iPad to iOS 4.3.3 without completely ruining your device.  Here are the details. … Click to Continue

PDF Expert Productivity iPad App

The Best iPad Productivity Suite Of Apps

When it comes to productivity and iPad apps, you have a ton of choices amongst the over 85,000 apps in the App Store.  But with the latest reports showing more and more people using their tablets to replace desktops and laptops then it stands to reason you might want to know how to use your iPad or iPad 2 for getting stuff done.  Here's how you can do just that. … Click to Continue


How To Get An iPad 2 iMovie Project To Your PC Or Mac

If you have an iPad 2 and you got the iMovie app in the App Store, then you might have already tried to create some great movies with it.  Once you were done creating them you probably wondered how to get them off the iPad and over to your Mac or PC.  The instructions are not that clear at explaining this so here is an easy way to do it. … Click to Continue

Mind map for android tablet

Best Android Tablet Productivity Apps

Do you own an Android-based tablet and want to know what kinds of productivity apps there might be?  As it turns out, there are a few nice ones that you can use for business, school, or just getting things done more efficiently.  Here are some of those productivity apps for your Android tablet. … Click to Continue

Daily App Show.001

The Daily App Show | Episode 2

Welcome to the May 3rd Edition of the TCGeeks Daily App Show where we show you two super useful and must have iPad productivity apps.  On today's show I highlight the following apps. … Click to Continue

Amazon Tablet Computer

Will Your Next Tablet Be Made By Amazon?

Your next tablet might just be made by Amazon.  According to a report over at Digitimes, we may be seeing Amazon deliver their own version of the tablet computer very soon.  Here's what it might actually be. … Click to Continue

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