Bloomberg For iPad

Bloomberg For iPad – Great Financial App

Let me start this look at Bloomberg for iPad app by talking about the news industry, because the Bloomberg news organization is not only emerging as one of the most important financial news outlets on the planet  (remember, Bloomberg’s core business is providing financial data to Wall Street and other traders). It’s also one of the few major news organization of any type that has been adding … Click to Continue

iPad EMail Setup

Configure Web-Based Email Account on iPad | iPad EMail Setup

A web-based email account is an account provided by an online entity, which is often a search provider as well, such as Google, AOL, or Yahoo! With web-based email, your email data is stored on web servers and you can access that data using a web browser. Because of this, you can get your email from anywhere and your computer, as long as the computer offers Internet access. For instance, if you … Click to Continue

iPad for Designer | How To Use iPad

How to Use iPad for Design Works [Guest Post]

Apple products have been one of the most preferred products for many designers world wide. In fact this relationship with Apple has blossomed over the years. However, there is one question that keeps coming up nowadays – with Apple focusing more on low power devices to suit the mass market will the needs of the designing community be left behind? It is a known fact that iPad is a great product … Click to Continue

Document To Go For iPad | Office Suite For iPad

Documents To Go Premium | Office Suite For iPad

Trawl through the app store, and you’ll come across a countless stack of apps that allow you transport files and edit them on your iPad, but Documents To Go Premium is hands down the best of the bunch. Office Suite For iPad - View, Manage and Edit Your Documents On the Move Admittedly, one glance at the price is enough to deter most casual app buyer, but if you require a means to bridge the … Click to Continue

iBooks for iPad

iBooks For iPad – The Future of Reading, Now!

The first and most obvious advantage iBooks For iPad holds over its peers is its virtual bookshelf. Like much of Apple’s work, this app boasts an elegance of design (and extended features list) that only the most miserly could bring themselves to detest. Sharing the same basic navigational commands as its main rival, Kindle, iBooks for iPad distinguishes itself with greater customization, from … Click to Continue

how to use ipad 2

How To Use iPad 2 Effectively | iPad for Begginers [Guest Post]

With the amount of work I can do on my iPad 2 now, my notebook is becoming less important to me. Now that I know some awesome techniques to be able to do more work, my iPad 2 is even more useful. Now I can enter/edit text faster and open/manage apps and files easier. Unfortunately, iPads are not made for data entry. That is why the attachment keyboards are very popular. Even though these … Click to Continue

iphone 5 release date

Is The iPhone 5 Release Date More Than Just Another iPhone 5 Rumor?

iPhone 5 release date is August 16 or so the rumors say. Apples' latest Smartphone, iPhone 5 is geared to come out this year but the actual date is still up in the air. We know it's going to happen in the last half of the year because Apple is looking for Sales specialists to start in August and that always tells they are working on a release of something in the iPhone family. The recruitment ad … Click to Continue

Shure SE115 iPad Headphones

Best Headphones for iPad | iPad Accessories

Unlike iPods and the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t come with a set of earbuds, so you’ll need to add your own for private listening. Apple’s white earbuds will work, and they’re pretty good as far as earbuds go—the iPhone version even features an inline microphone along with control buttons. But there are better models available that will let you enjoy your iPad’s full sonic potential. … Click to Continue

iPad 2 Smart Cover | Best iPad 2 Cases

Best iPad 2 Cases | Choose Your The Best iPad 2 Case

The sleek design of the iPad makes you want to show it off, but it’s still vulnerable to scratches and scuffs. To minimize the risk of damage, consider using a protective case. Here’s a rundown of the most common types, along with examples of some of our favorites. Best iPad 2 cases are hard to be selected, whichever case you choose, make sure it doesn’t block the bottom-mounted … Click to Continue

photo transfer for ipad | ipad photo transfer

Transfer Your Photos From And To Your iPad

Photo Transfer App has a basic and easy to use interface. At the top left of its main screen there are buttons to choose Receive or Send mode. Along the bottom navigation bar the first two items are PC and Device. So, for instance, when you first open the app you will be in Receive mode and on the PC tab. So the screen will show you the URL you need to enter to move photos from your PC over to … Click to Continue

TuneIn | iPad Radio Streaming | Radio on iPad

Listen to Streaming Radio on the iPad | Best Radio on iPad

Ever get bored of your iTunes playlist or just want something different to listen to once in a while? TuneIn Radio is iPad Radio Streaming app, will open up a vast new range of possibilities, giving you access to more than 40,000 local radio stations around the world broadcasting on the AM and FM wavelengths. iPad Radio Streaming App Listen to Thousands of Radio Stations From Around The World … Click to Continue

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