F1 Timming For iPad

Formula 1 On iPad | One of The Best Sports Apps For iPad

If you are a fan of Formula 1 you will know that there is an incredible amount of data that helps enhance, excite and intrigue the fans. Everything from the obvious lap times and speed differences to the racing line, tyre types and pit stop tactics, to name but a few. If you want all of this information on the race you are watching or about to watch then this app is the one for you. Its hefty … Click to Continue

iPad 2 For Business

Why You Should Purchase The iPad 2 For Business Purposes

Apple is known for its simplicity. When the original iPad was introduced, it made things a whole easier for professionals. It brought both their personal as well as work lives in one place, one device. The newest model, iPad 2, is faster, slimmer and lighter than the earlier device. The iPad 2 for business professionals is a huge hit, as it is very efficient for multi tasking. The iPad 2 comes … Click to Continue

iMovie for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Essential iPad Apps | Lifestyle

Since the dawn of the internet, our lives have changed immeasurably. Lifestyles are based as much online as they are off. Nowadays, we find ourselves glued to social networks during quite evenings, or we find ourselves blogging the minutiae of our lives to anybody who cares to read, often in no more than 140 characters. But we still need to do every day ‘real activities’ like cooking and … Click to Continue

Read It Later Pro For iPad

Essential iPad Apps | iPad Entertainment

After a hard day, we all want to kick back and relax. How we do that depends on the mod we are in, but with so many apps out there catering for wildly different tastes, there will certainly be something for you. Some people like to curl up with a good book or magazine, and there is certainly enough reading material for you to enjoy. Many publishers have put the printed word into a format you … Click to Continue

Safari for iPad

Safari For iPad | Guide To Web Browsing On iPad

The Safari for iPad is your window to the worldwide web. Here, you’ve got the internet at your fingertips – scroll through your chosen webpages with your digits, or zoom with the same gestures that you’d apply to your iPhone and iPod Touch – it’s up to you. Another great thing is, much like Firefox’s tabbed browsing, you too can have multiple windows open at the same time, which is … Click to Continue

Watch TV on iPad

Watch TV on Mobile | Greatest Invention Since The Microwave!

Missed your favorite TV program last night? If you have a cell phone, that's not a problem anymore. With streaming television up-and-coming as one of the hottest trends in the marketplace, anyone with a cell phone can view their favorite shows with them wherever they go. Cell phones are not just for making calls anymore. The ability to watch TV on mobile phones has become a reality. They can … Click to Continue

Trip Viewer For iPad

Trip Viewer For iPad | Bring Your Holidays To Life

Once upon a time, people would invite others around to view their holidays slideshows. Then folks had video parties, showing off their latest camcorder escapades in a caravan park. But these ‘experiences’ are nothing when compared to the interactive way people can view your trips on iPad with this new app. iQuest Technologies - Trip Viewer for iPad lets you chart a route through your … Click to Continue

The App Store Guide | iPad Getting Started

The App Store Guide | iPad Getting Started

The App Store is a separate storefront where you can stock up on fun, informative or entertaining applications for your iPad. Much like the iTunes Store, you can search by newly released apps or popular recommendations from other users. Additionally, by setting up the Genius function with the app, you’ll be presented choices tailored to your previous downloads or purchases. These apps can … Click to Continue

iPhone 5 Features

A Glance at iPhone 5 Features

The new iPhone 5 is on the lips of everyone. The iPhone 5 features are mind blowing. People are confused whether they should buy the already successful iPhone 4 or wait for the new iPhone 5 after they have read a few of the iPhone 5 features. We are here to tell you some of the best iPhone 5 features which are given below. Store in Abundance Who doesn’t want a good storage capacity in their … Click to Continue

GolfPlan For iPad

Golfplan For iPad | A Professional App For Golfers

Golfplan for iPad With Paul Azinger is a wonderfully well-crafted golfing app that means business. It has links to Golfshot accounts, so if you’ve already invested time in that system you can use this one too. You can also download the Golfshot app (although it’s somewhat more expensive at a massive £17.99!) and the two will communicate to offers you the details of your swing and other … Click to Continue

iPad Setting

Understanding Settings | A Guide to Using The iPad Settings

The iPad Settings is, as you’d expect, where you can tweak and personalize the inner workings of your iPad. Click on the cog icon and you’ll be transported to a control panel listing topics from wallpapers to Wi-Fi and everything else in between. ‘General’ houses the most commonly accessed and vital functions. Here you can add and remove Wi-Fi networks, apply a password, amend the date … Click to Continue

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