STM iPad Bag Review [Video] | A Must Have Bag

Here is our STM iPad bag review and it's one you don't want to miss, especially if you have been looking for a bag that can not only carry your iPad but your Macbook or Macbook Air as well. Read on to see why this bag is your answer. … Click to Continue


Wacom Bamboo Stylus For iPad Great For Taking Notes

Some great news for all those looking for an iPad stylus. Wacom has just introduced a brand new one that you might want to check out.  Here's what it is and why it's a great stylus to own. … Click to Continue

iPad Home Sharing Help And Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting iOS 4.3 iPad Home Sharing

Have you set up iPad home sharing recently and had any issues with getting it all working correctly?  If so then this article is for you.  I get a lot of emails that people are having issues getting Home Sharing configured so here is a troubleshooting guide you can use. … Click to Continue

turn iPad into Apple TV

How To Turn Your iPad Into An Original Apple TV

I got an email last night from a reader that was pretty darn cool.  It's a tip that I think you might enjoy quite a bit and it will even save you  some money.  Jai from Australia was kind enough to share how he was able to turn his iPad into an Apple TV.  Effectively eliminating the need to buy a dedicated Apple TV and save a little. … Click to Continue

iPad 2 Camera App

Dedicated iPad 2 Camera App Improves Photos [Contest With Giveaway]

Here is the first dedicated iPad 2 camera app.  It's no secret that the cameras on the iPad 2 are not for point and shoot.  Everyone generally agrees that they are good for video but still shots are not really their strong point.  But here is an app that will actually help make the iPad 2 camera a little better. … Click to Continue

Browser Changer For iPad

Change The Default Browser On Your iPad

If you have a jailbroken iPad then here is a way to change the default browser.  On your computer you have the choice to choose what your default browser is so when you click on a link in something other than your browser it knows to open the page on the application of your choice. … Click to Continue

Hard Candy White Street Skin

Premium iPad 2 Cases

If you are looking for some premium iPad 2 cases then here are a few you can get which were released fairly quickly right after the iPad 2 went on sale.  All of these cases offer good protection and they have better than average customer feedback. … Click to Continue

Pad Not Job Killer

The iPad Is Not A Job Killer And Here’s Why

In a recent article on Real Clear Politics, Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. is blaming the iPad for "eliminating thousands of American jobs." And most notably, he references the slow demise of Borders and Barnes & Noble as examples of this job loss.  Well, I think he is wrong and here's why. … Click to Continue

toys r us ipad 2

Toys R’ Us Selling iPad 2 April 17th | But Why?

We mentioned a story yesterday about Best Buy and their new iPad 2 promotion they are starting on April 17th, and here is another story that broke just this morning regarding Toys R' Us. … Click to Continue

Best Buy May Hold iPad 2 Special Event

According to a leaked internal memo, it appears that Best Buy is going to be launching a huge nationwide promotion for the iPad 2 beginning on April 17th. … Click to Continue

iPad travel guide

The iPad Spring And Summer 2011 Travel Guide

It's about that time of the year when people start making travel plans for spring and summer.  And one thing iPad owners want to know is what the best iPad apps are to help with their travel plans as well as while they are actually traveling around. Here are some of those apps and a few other tips as well. … Click to Continue

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