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The Best iPad Blogging App [With Giveaway]

When it comes to blogging on the iPad there are just a few options and none of them have been very fruitful so far.  Using the Wordpress app still has its major drawbacks and the plain HTML is OK if you don't want to load up any images or videos.  But here is a new (and best) iPad blogging app that might be a better answer. … Click to Continue


How To Make Flash Sites Work With Your iPad

Do you find it frustrating that you cannot visit sites with your iPad or iPad 2 and make them work?  All you get is a blank space or a message telling you that Adobe Flash will not work.  Here is a way that you can visit website with Flash and get them to work using your iPad.  This does not require jailbreaking. Make Flash Sites Work With Your iPad Even though there are a lot of sites … Click to Continue

GoTalk For iPad

Use Google Talk On Your iPad With GoTalk

Here is a must have iPad app for all those that using Google talk to communicate with others.  This is one of those apps that you may not have heard about but is one to check out since it was previously available only on the iPhone. … Click to Continue


Best iPad 2 Apps For Giving Presentations In Meetings

Have you used your iPad 2 for giving a presentation yet?  In all honesty it's one of the best uses of the iPad 2 if you are one that uses it for business or for school.  Here are some of the best apps you can get for doing a presentation with your iPad 2. … Click to Continue

text to speech apps

Must Have iPad Apps | Text To Speech

Have you ever used any Text to speech iPad apps? They are really great to use if you can get over the fact that you are essentially talking with your iPad.  Recently, I tried a few and found them to be pretty darn amazing.  Here's some that you might want to check out. … Click to Continue

CaseCrown iPad 2 Bag

The Best iPad 2 Bags

We wrote about the best iPad 2 cases but we also wanted to highlight some iPad 2 bags.  Cases are great for carrying your iPad around and keeping it protected, however, a good bag will let you store your iPad as well as some additional accessories.  Here are some of the (current) best iPad 2 bags. … Click to Continue


100 Atari Greatest Hits Games For iPad | Must Have App

Atari has released 100 of their classic games for iPad and this is a must have app you do not want to miss.  The suite brings all of the classic Atari games from the arcades and the Atari 2600 right onto your iPad for a must have app you don't want to miss. … Click to Continue

Ranger Browser

How To Monitor Or Restrict Activity On An iPad

Here is how you can monitor and/or restrict activity on an iPad or iPad 2 that may be used by your kids or someone else that you might want to keep track of.  A lot of the time there might be only one iPad in the household or you might leave it home and your kids use it for playing games, etc.  Here is how you can feel more safe when others use your iPad. … Click to Continue


The Best Motorola Xoom Cases And Screen Protectors

If you have a Motorola Xoom and you are looking for some of the best cases or screen protection then here are a few you might want to check out.  Having your Xoom in a nice protected case or keeping it scratch-free with a good screen protector is a very wise investment for a small amount of money. … Click to Continue

Tablet Computer Reviews

Tablet Computer Reviews | Xoom, Tab, Playbook

Are you looking for some tablet computer reviews?  Maybe you have seen a few here and there but you want to see them all in one place.  We have compiled  a great set of resources for you so you can see reviews on a few of the main tablet computers. … Click to Continue

Top Tablet Computers

Top Tablet Computers And iPad 2 Ratings

Consumer reports released a rundown of the top tablet computers and also issued top ratings for the iPad 2 at the same time.  Hands down the iPad 2 wins in both quality and price. Here are all the details and more information. … Click to Continue

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