iPad 2 Pricing

For everyone wondering what the pricing for the new iPad will be, we have that right here for you.  It was announced March 2, 2011 and we think it's going to do great.  We have the pricing and all of the models including the 3G pricing.  Here are the prices. … Click to Continue

iPad 2

iPad 2 Information And Features

Finally, we got to know what the new iPad 2 is all about.  The event was great.  And the new iPad is even better than we thought.  There was so much information and discussion going one that we decided to summarize everything for you right here.  Here are the features and information all about the new iPad. … Click to Continue

Joseph Tame

First runner to complete a marathon while wearing an Apple tablet? Probably.

March 2nd, 2011 is a day that we anticipate will literally change the way we live/work.  Those who were early adopters of iPad 1 are very much looking forward to all new features like front and rear facing cameras, faster graphics/processing, and an even slimmer design.  Others have been waiting with great patience since early 2010 in anticipation of Apple's second generation … Click to Continue


A Must Have iPad Notes And Todo App

Here is a must have iPad app.  Have you ever used a really nice leather bound notepad?  The kind that does everything for you?  It has a calendar, notes, to do lists, and is basically the only way you can stay organized?  There are many iPad apps that accomplish this separately but here is one that pretty much does it all. … Click to Continue


Transfer Your Old iPad Information To Your New iPad In 3 Steps

It's no secret. A lot of us will be getting new iPad's soon.  Regardless of all the iPad 2 news and rumors, we know for sure that there is a newer version of the current iPad on its way.  And with that, you may be getting one and wondering how to prepare for it.  Here are the things you need to do in order to get prepared for your new iPad. … Click to Continue


Absolutely Essential iPad Apps For Newbies | Part 2

If you are a new iPad owner and you want to know exactly which apps to get and explore then we have the list right here just for you.  This is part 2 in our series on essential iPad apps for new iPad owners.  If you missed part 1, you can read that right here.  Now we move on to part 2 of our series of essential apps for new iPad owners. Absolutely Essential iPad Apps For Newbies So you are … Click to Continue


Come Spend March 2nd With Us At 10am PST

As you know, the iPad 2 (or the new iPad) will be announced on March 2nd, 2011 at 10 am PST.  While we know a lot of what will be in the new iPad (thanks to all of the iPad 2 news and rumors), there are still some things we may not know so it's going to be really exciting to find out what the next generation iPad will bring us. … Click to Continue

Education iPad Kids Apps

Insanely Educational iPad Apps For Your Kids

There are many types of iPad apps for your kids. Games are probably the most requested but how about some great educational apps that provide entertainment and teach them how to read, write, and spell?  I was recently introduced to a company that makes insanely educational iPad apps for kids and I am ecstatic to share it with you. … Click to Continue


GoToMyPC Now Available For iPad

Been looking for a great remote desktop app for your iPad?  The massively popular remote desktop tool from Citrix Online, GoToMyPC, is now available and it's not only easy to use but it's being offered at a really good price.  Here's the details. … Click to Continue


The iPad vs Motorola Xoom | How To Choose One

You might be choosing between the Motorola Xoom and the iPad soon because both of them are viable tablet computer options and they are both going to be strong competitors according to analysts.  The question is, which one do you choose and which one is best for your needs?  If you are wondering this right now, then this guide is for you. … Click to Continue


How To Enjoy The Oscar’s On Your iPad

The ultimate Hollywood event is coming on Sunday February 27th, 2011 and instead of trying to catch all the important information your TV, why not use your iPad for "insider" information?  You can do that with Oscar Backstage Pass.  Here's what you get. … Click to Continue

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