Now! Scan And Recognize QR Codes With iPad 2

Here is a must have iPad 2 app.  If you have ever used  your iPhone or Android phone to scan QR codes then you know how useful they can be.  Now there is a new app out that will let you scan and use QR codes using your new iPad 2 camera.  Here's why this is a must have app. … Click to Continue


How To Fix Freezing Issues With iPad 2 FaceTime

If you have a new iPad 2 and you are experiencing issues where FaceTime will simply freeze, you are not alone.  There are a lot of reported issues with it freezing and here are some tips on how to fix it. … Click to Continue

Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs The iPad 2

The New Galaxy Tab Vs. The iPad 2

Samsung is at it again with their new Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 vs the iPad 2.  In response to the popularity of the newest iPad, they have announced two newer versions of their tablet, the Galaxy Tab.  This time, it has a bigger screen and more features.  Here's how it compares to the iPad 2. The New Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. The iPad 2 Samsung announced that they were releasing a new version of … Click to Continue


iOS 4.3.1 means improved stability, but promises further grief for Jailbreakers

The news of a soon impending iOS 4.3.1 upgrade comes in bittersweet fashion to the ears of iPad 2 users everywhere.  Word on the street is that we could see a 4.3.1 release within two weeks.  First the good news, this update should solve a number of bugs.  Now for the bad news, it will also make it more difficult to jailbreak your device.   … Click to Continue

Replace cable with your iPad 2

How To Replace Your Cable With An iPad 2

The iPad 2. It's sleek. It's thin. It's the replacement for your cable.  Yes, it is possible to replace your cable with an iPad.  While you cannot get every single one of your over 500 channels, chances are you pay for a lot of what you don't use anyway.  Here is how you can replace your cable with an iPad 2. … Click to Continue


New: Angry Birds Rio HD For iPad Review

Here's our review of the new Angry Birds Rio HD for the iPad.  I hate to admit it but I love Angry Birds.  It's one of those rare games where you can understand very quickly what is going on and then get addicted.  On March 21st, 2011 Rovio released their newest version of this popular franchise.  Here's what it is and how I would rate it. Angry Birds Rio HD For iPad Review It goes without … Click to Continue


How To Use Your iPad To Get Rid Of Twitter Spam

Do you use Twitter on your iPad?  Perhaps you have noticed that when you tweet out certain words or phrases, you get back a ton of Twitter spam.  One example of twitter spam is using the word "iPhone" or "iPad" in a tweet. Do this and you will get mauled with spam bots.  Here's how to get rid of that twitter spam using your iPad. … Click to Continue


How To Get iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures On Your iPad

Have you been wondering how you can get the iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures feature on your iPad or iPad 2?  This much-hyped and must have feature was left out of iOS 4.3 but here is a way you can put it on your iPad and benefit from using multitouch Gestures. How To Get iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures On Your iPad Mutitouch Gestures So what are these multitouch gestures and why should you care?  The … Click to Continue


Replacing Your Laptop With An iPad: The Ultimate Guide

Would you like to replace your laptop with your iPad?  You may have been reading a lot about the iPad and the iPad 2.  You may have also read that it's mainly a consumption device and not really something you can use as a laptop replacement.  Well, here is how you actually can replace your laptop with your iPad. … Click to Continue

Apple Japan

Japan disaster may result in iPad 2 supply shortages

Confirming speculation that began earlier this week, a research firm known as "IHS iSuppli" reports that the disastrous events in Japan will most likely result in a shortage of iPad 2 parts.  Several key components that go into Apple's newest wonder child come from Japanese manufacturing facilities.  The following components are at risk of being delayed: … Click to Continue

iPad App Due

An iPad Tool You Simply Can’t Do Without

Ever wished you could write something important down and set up a reminder really fast?  And what if it was really easy to jot this down and even easier to be reminded?  There is now a must have iPad app that will do this. And it's a tool you can't do without.  Here's why. … Click to Continue

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