How To Convert MKV Files To Play On Your iPad [Or Any Other Video Format]

With there being no easy way to watch MKV video files on your iPad, today we will show you how you can easily convert them to a format that does work, mp4.  With the release, and subsequent scrapping of VLC Media Player from the app store many people thought this would solve the MKV issue. While VLC accepted the files, iPad could still not play the 720p videos so we are still unfortunately stuck … Click to Continue

learning apps for iPad

Ultimate Top 5 Children’s Learning Apps For iPad

Children's learning apps for the iPad provide your kids with fun, education and they also provide a great distraction from online games or watching TV. "Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another." -- Marva Collins … Click to Continue


A Must Have iPad App For Music Lovers

There are apps everywhere. Some good and some not so good but then there are those that are just must have's.  These are apps that you really don't want to miss.  And for music lovers, here is a must have iPad app that is literally one you have to see and experience. … Click to Continue

iPad Google Apps

Sync Your iPad With Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts [No App Required]

Would you like to sync your iPad with your Google mail, contacts and calendar but do so without an app? You certainly can do that. And here's how. … Click to Continue


Small Business Accounting: Now Available On Your iPad [plus a giveaway]

If you are a small business looking for an iPad accounting app then we have something brand new to show you.  Get untied from your computer because this is an accounting, time and billing suite designed for mobile devices. … Click to Continue

sync and edit docs with ipad

How To Sync And Edit Docs With Your iPad

Sync and edit documents with your iPad.  Imagine if you work with Word on your PC and then you want to be able to sync that document "somewhere" so you can continue working on it right on your iPad.  It's actually possible to do this and it's actually possible to skyrocket your productivity by syncing your documents and working wherever you want to.  Here's how. … Click to Continue


TCGeeks and GearsOfBiz Team Up

TCGeeks always strives to bring you the best information related to the iPad but if you want to learn more about how technology can help your business and career then look no further than GearsOfBiz.  GearsOfBiz is site (headed by Doug Niccum and Mike Wilson) that offers some of the best solutions for making technology useful I have seen in a long time. GearsOfBiz covers mobile products, … Click to Continue

iPad 2 Resources, Information

The New iPad 2 Is Finally Taking Shape

Over the weekend there were a number of rumors and leaks which are starting to give us a much clearer picture on what the new iPad 2 might look like and its possible specs.  Here's the details and  a recap of the [rumored] specs. … Click to Continue


Introducing TCGeeks Live!

Hey there TCGeeks readers, we have a new feature to announce and you don't want to miss it. It's called TCGeeks Live! and it's a weekly live broadcast (yes, live) where we will be talking about the stuff you are interested in. We will cover an app of the day, recap the news, add in some humor, and best of all we will have a live chat window open were you can ask anything you want about the iPad. … Click to Continue


How To Watch TV On Your iPad

Wow. Live TV right on your could it possibly get better than that?  These days people are busy and long gone are the times when everyone sits around and consumes TV each night.  So here are some ways you can enjoy live TV on your iPad from just about anywhere you are. … Click to Continue


Use AirPrint With Any Printer

If you want to use AirPrint with your iPad with any printer, even a non-AirPrint wireless printer then you are pretty much stuck using Printer Sharing but then you have to install software on your computer.  Well, here is a new way and you don't have to install any software at all. … Click to Continue

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