How To Monitor Your 3G Data Usage On Your iPad 2

So you went through our iPad 2 3G Options and you picked a data plan.  If you did not get an unlimited plan then you are going to want to monitor your 3G data usage so that you do not go over your minutes and get surprised with a huge bill (and this has definitely happened).  Here is an app you can use to monitor your iPad 2 3G data usage. … Click to Continue


iMovie For iPad 2 Features And Details [Plus A Giveaway]

If you are going to be getting an iPad 2, then you will also get to grab a copy of Apple's amazing movie editing software, iMovie.  For only $4.99, you can make beautiful HD movies in minutes.  Here's the details on iMovie for the iPad 2. iMovie For iPad 2 Say what you will about the iPad 2's lackluster camera's, but  this app is an amazing buy for $4.99 and with a set of features that … Click to Continue

iPad 2 3G Options and Pricing

Your Options For iPad 2 3G Connectivity | A Complete Guide

We did a post on the iPad 2 WiFi and 3G pricing and options but since then there have been a lot of questions regarding 3G, MiFi, Hotspots and tethering.  Here are all your iPad 2 3G connectivity options so you have everything you need to make a sound decision. … Click to Continue


iPad iOS 4.3 Home Sharing | How To Use It

Now that iOS 4.3 for the iPad is out, you might have noticed a feature called "Home Sharing" but you were left wondering what it is and what you can do with it.  Here is what Home Sharing is and how you can use it with your iPad. iPad iOS 4.3 Home Sharing Is home sharing some new way to invite strangers over?  Luckily, no.  Home Sharing is a new feature in iOS 4.3 that is going to save … Click to Continue

iPad 2 Sync Photos

iPad 2 Sync Guide | Contacts, Calendars, Email, Photos

So you just got your new iPad 2.  Or you have already had your iPad and you want to know how to sync your contacts, calendars, email, photos, etc.  Great news. We have put together this guide to help you sync all your essential information. The iPad 2 Sync Guide One thing to keep in mind is that iTunes is involved with a lot of the syncing you will do with your iPad 2.  In fact, it's a major … Click to Continue

Flash vs HTML5

Adobe works toward peace amidst the war on Flash!

With all the iPad 2 (and 3) rumors that have been flying lately, we have almost forgotten last year's battle between Apple and Adobe over which development platform is the better web standard.  Marketing king, Steve Jobs all but condemned Flash to a forgotten grave in favor of the less processor intensive HTML5, while Adobe battled to maintain their market share by lobbying for Flash support from … Click to Continue

Airplay Receiver From Pioneer

New Airplay Receiver Is A Must Have For Your Home

Pioneer has really gone all out.  They have created a new Airplay receiver that is not only stunning but a must have for anyone that appreciates high-quality audio with the convenience of an Airplay connected home.  Here's the latest from Pioneer. … Click to Continue


10 Indespensible iPad 2 Tips And Tricks

If you are a new iPad or iPad 2 user and you want to learn some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPad and impress others then here are ten indespensible iPad 2 tips and tricks  to get you started. … Click to Continue

Best Airprint Enabled Printer

The Best Airprint Enabled Printers For Your iPad

Whether you have an iPad or an iPad 2, the question of printing will almost certainly be asked.  Even though we seem to have gone nearly paperless these days, there are still times that you want to print something, and then you remember that there is this really cool technology called Airprint.  While there are ways to use Airprint without any special printer, the best experience you can have … Click to Continue

AR.Drone Feat

Geek out your gameplay with the AR.Drone

Discontented with the virtual bad guys that are present in your current iPad games?  Are you looking for a little more "cutting edge" in your gameplay?  The Parrot AR.Drone might be just the ticket! … Click to Continue

March Madness On iPad

March Madness Streaming Right To Your iPad

If you are a basketball fan, then you know exactly what March Madness is. And it's coming to your iPad.  March Madness is a phenomenon that grips the national sports psyche from the first week of March through the first week of April … Click to Continue

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