iPad travel guide

The iPad Spring And Summer 2011 Travel Guide

It's about that time of the year when people start making travel plans for spring and summer.  And one thing iPad owners want to know is what the best iPad apps are to help with their travel plans as well as while they are actually traveling around. Here are some of those apps and a few other tips as well. … Click to Continue

PlayBook Gel Case

The Best Blackberry Playbook Cases And Folios

Here are some great Blackberry PlayBook cases and folios you might want to check out if you will be getting or already have the new tablet computer from Blackberry.  One reason these are a great idea to check out is because you want to get the most protection you can for your new tablet in order to protect your investment. Best Blackberry Playbook Cases And Folios There is a minor difference … Click to Continue

iOS 4.3

iOS 4.3.2 For iPad and iPad 2 Released

If you have an iPad or an iPad 2, Apple has just released their iOS 4.3.2 software update.  The update appears to fix several issues that users have been having the past few weeks with their iPad 2 specifically.  Here's what the 4.3.2 update addresses. … Click to Continue

must have ipad 2 note app

A Must Have iPad 2 Note Taking App With PDF Annotation

Do you use your iPad 2 for business or for school and you have been wanting a note taking app with PDF annotation?  I have received a ton of emails over the past few weeks for people looking for a must have note taking app and here is one that might fit that description. … Click to Continue

Best iPad 2 Weather App

The Best iPad 2 Weather App For 2011

Here is one of the best iPad 2 weather apps for the 2011 Spring and Summer season.  It's nearly time once again to get outside and enjoy the mild but warmer weather.  Your iPad or iPad 2 can be the perfect way to know what to expect before you make plans. … Click to Continue

iPad app design tool

A New iPad App Design Tool

If you are an iPad app designer that likes to sketch out designs on paper, then you are going to love this new app design tool that will help you get your ideas down as well as well as get as creative as you want to be. … Click to Continue

iOS 4.3

iOS 4.3.2 To Fix Several iPad 2 issues

iOS 4.3.2 is right around the corner and the timing could not be better since it is rumored to address and update a few issues iPad 2 owners have been having.  Here are the issues and what it will hopefully address. … Click to Continue


10 Extremely Useful iPad And iPad 2 Tips And Tricks

Here are 10 irresistible iPad and iPad 2 tips and tricks you can explore right now. These all help you get the most out of your tablet and some of them may be things you are not even aware you could do. If there are other tips or tricks you have found, please leave them in the comments below. Enjoy! … Click to Continue

Blogsy App

The Best iPad Blogging App [With Giveaway]

When it comes to blogging on the iPad there are just a few options and none of them have been very fruitful so far.  Using the Wordpress app still has its major drawbacks and the plain HTML is OK if you don't want to load up any images or videos.  But here is a new (and best) iPad blogging app that might be a better answer. … Click to Continue


How To Make Flash Sites Work With Your iPad

Do you find it frustrating that you cannot visit sites with your iPad or iPad 2 and make them work?  All you get is a blank space or a message telling you that Adobe Flash will not work.  Here is a way that you can visit website with Flash and get them to work using your iPad.  This does not require jailbreaking. Make Flash Sites Work With Your iPad Even though there are a lot of sites … Click to Continue


Best iPad 2 Apps For Giving Presentations In Meetings

Have you used your iPad 2 for giving a presentation yet?  In all honesty it's one of the best uses of the iPad 2 if you are one that uses it for business or for school.  Here are some of the best apps you can get for doing a presentation with your iPad 2. … Click to Continue

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