iPad Safari Word Translation

Instantly Translate Words In Safari

Have you ever been browsing the Internet on your iPad and wanted to have some of the text translated because the page was not in your native language?  And perhaps you found that in order to do this, you had to leave the app - frustrating huh? Well, we just found an app you might want to know about that solves this problem. Instantly Translate Words In Safari We would like to introduce an … Click to Continue


Top Remote Control iPad Apps For Those That Love Control

People like feeling in control.  And there are some great ways to do that but your iPad can help you feel even more in control with these amazing remote control apps.  These allow you to control things and feel empowered.  Here were are to show you some great iPad apps you can get to replace all your remotes and have a more stress-free life. Top iPad Remote Apps DSLR Camera Remote HD … Click to Continue

2 iPads in 2011

News! An Indication iPad 2 Is Very Near

Thanks to the fast and skilled 9to5 mac folks we have learned that there is a very strong possibility iPad 2 is not far away.  The reason?  iPad (1) is sold out and/or on sale at multiple European retailers.  Here's what that means. … Click to Continue

Paper Todd HD

The Best Business iPad Game Apps

If you use your iPad for business but like to play games as well then we have some great business-based iPad game apps you will definitely want to check out.  They say that the world of business is like a war. It’s soaked in tactics, self-interest and competing against your fellow man (or woman). Once, I think it was millennia ago, you just went to work to put bread on the table and worked … Click to Continue

featured pic

Have some fun this weekend and add USB Peripherals To Your iPad

Nothing to do this weekend?  Want to add a USB Hard Drive or Keyboard to your jailbroken iPad? Just grab your camera connection kit, and do some experimentation!  First, rummage through the house and find all those dusty USB peripherals that you've collected over the years.  Look for USB speakers, headsets, keyboards, hubs, and portable harddrives. … Click to Continue


The Most Likely Future Of The iPad. 98% Accurate.

For several months now we have been hearing rumors about the iPad 2, iPad 3, a larger iPhone, smaller iPad and continuing rumors about the launch dates of said devices.  Fact is, no one really knows.  However, a recent post by AppleInsider does shed some of the most likely light on what is to come of future tablets from Apple.  Here's where I feel we are headed. … Click to Continue


How To Avoid Running Out Of 3G Data

If you were one of the folks that bought your iPad after the gracious "unlimited" 3G data plan then you might know how frustrating it is to be a few weeks into the month and already getting messages that you are about to run out of data.  Here are some ways you can avoid running low on your 3G data so quickly. … Click to Continue

6-Inch iPad

So, Who Wants a 6-Inch….

As if there were not already enough rumors about iPad 2, comes another zinger.  This time it's not a 7-inch iPad, but a 6-incher.  SuperApple.cz is claiming that Apple is working on two smaller models.  So, who wants a 6-inch?  You might want one after reading this... … Click to Continue

Range Rover

New Range Rover SUV will sport double iPads

When Range Rover set out to design their new, luxury SUV they didn't limit themselves to traditional features like hand-stiched leather surfaces and a mini-fridge.  The 'Autobiography Ultimate Edition' will include two headrest mounted iPads and a central laptop/keyboard tray.   … Click to Continue

iPad iOS 4

iOS 4.3 Features For The iPad. What To Expect.

The rumor around town is that iOS 4.3 will be available very soon and there are many people wondering what it will have.  We covered this initially but since then a few things have changed so here is what you can expect from iOS 4.3 for your iPad. … Click to Continue


Mobile TV On Your iPad

Ever wondered about the future of mobile TV on your iPad?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just tap on an app and have instant access to all of the TV you want?  Here is a new technology being demonstrated that shows off the future of mobile TV right on your iPad. … Click to Continue

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