Live TV On The iPad

Cablevision iPad App To Stream 300 Live TV Channels

Cablevision, a cable television provider that serves New York and a few other nearby states has released its own iPad app that offer live streaming of approximately 300 channels as well as video on demand programming.  Here's the details of this amazing announcement. … Click to Continue

Get iPad, iPad 2 and Tablet Advice, Help, Solutions

Do you have iPad, iPad 2, or Tablet Computer questions? Need advice or a solution?  I am proud to announce a new service from TCGeeks, called "Ask Shane!".  Fill out the form with your question and I will answer them a few times a week on our YouTube channel.  No question is too simple or too tough and I encourage you to try it out. Ask Shane! is for you, the readers, to get great solutions … Click to Continue


4 Best iPad 2 Games You Shouldn’t Miss

Here are the 4 best iPad 2 games.  These iPad 2 game apps are perfect for showing off the brand new dual core processor and faster graphics on the new iPad.  They will all work on the original iPad as well but these ones in particular are enhanced for the iPad 2 and you should see what they can do.   4 Best iPad 2 Games You Should Check Out It's no secret that certain games require a … Click to Continue


Now! Get 4G Access With Your iPad And iPad 2

If you have a Wi-Fi only (or 3G) iPad or an iPad 2 you can now order the new Verizon 4G mobile hotspot to access some of the fastest mobile Internet the carrier has offered to date.  Here's the information and pricing. … Click to Continue


Best iPad 2 Apps For Video Mirroring

So you got your iPad 2 and you then you wanted to experience the new video mirroring feature because it is definitely one of the killer features of the new iPad.  But which apps would work really well with video mirroring? Here are a few we feel are the best apps for video mirroring. … Click to Continue

Enable iPad 2 Wireless Video Mirroring

For all those wondering if there is a way to enable wireless video mirroring using your iPad 2, the answer is "yes".  Thanks to a hack and a little bit of work you can get your beloved iPad 2 to transmit it's screen without wires.  Here's the story. … Click to Continue


Best iPad Apps and iPad Settings For Seniors

Here are some of the best iPad apps for seniors.  The amazing thing about the iPad is that it can be used by so many people of all ages. A toddler can be using it to learn how to put letters together while adults can use it for business.  Another demographic that can really benefit are senior citizens.  Here are some ways they can use the iPad. … Click to Continue


iPad And iPad 2 Reviews

Are you looking for some good and relevant iPad and iPad 2 reviews?  You might be looking to get your first iPad but you want to see some reviews first before you make your choice.  Well, we went out and did the work for you.  Here's all your Apple iPad reviews. … Click to Continue

Dodo Case For iPad 2

Best Wooden iPad 2 Cases And Covers

Are you looking for an iPad 2 case that is eco friendly and made out of natural wood products?  Some people really love these because they not only last a lot longer but they are a little more friendly on the environment.  Thanks do our reader Robert who pointed out these great Wooden iPad 2 cases. Best Wooden iPad 2 Cases And Covers There are 4 iPad 2 covers and cases that are made out of … Click to Continue


How To Restore Your Apps And App Data To Your New iPad

If you are getting a new iPad 2 and you already had an iPad, you might be wondering how you will restore all your apps and most importantly, your app data.  This can be stressful to a lot of people who do not want to lose all of their information when they get their new iPad.  Here's how to restore your apps and your app data to your new iPad. … Click to Continue


Fix Photo Sync Issues On iPad and iPad 2

Are you having any issues syncing photos on your iPad or iPad 2? Most recently, I had an exchange with a reader who was having some odd issues syncing photos that came up rather suddenly.  You might experience these same photo sync issues so here is how it finally got solved. … Click to Continue

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