Mobile TV On Your iPad

Ever wondered about the future of mobile TV on your iPad?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just tap on an app and have instant access to all of the TV you want?  Here is a new technology being demonstrated that shows off the future of mobile TV right on your iPad. … Click to Continue

iPad Security For Business

iPad Security Tips For Your Business

There are more and more iPads entering the business world and as we see this increasing a lot of business owners are asking about security since the iPad is a relatively open device.   Thanks to Network World we have some great iPad security tips you can employ to  ensure the safety of your information and your business. … Click to Continue


Crayola ColorStudio HD

Griffin Technology, in association with Crayola, has announced an exciting content creation and children's entertainment app for the iPad platform.  The announcement includes a state-of-the-art stylus, touted as a marker, crayon, pen, and paintbrush in one, that can be automatically differentiated from the user's finger input.   … Click to Continue


Turn Your iPad Into A Mobile Helpdesk Today

Do you have customers or clients that could benefit from your help.  Perhaps you are in the IT business or perhaps you just want to find a way to provide fanatical support to anyone that needs your help.  If you have an iPad then there is now a way that you can turn it into a mobile helpdesk and keep everyone happy (including yourself). Turn Your iPad Into A Mobile HelpDesk These days, it … Click to Continue


Does Your WiFi iPad’s Time Get Out Of Sync?

Does your WiFi iPad's clock get out of sync?  Other people have had this issue and here's what happens if you have been thinking that maybe your iPad is not working correctly. The Wi-Fi iPad actually uses an internal oscillator to maintain its time so if you are not using 3G or do not have a 3G iPad then there is nothing external such as an Internet Time Server for your iPad to sync with and … Click to Continue

iPad productivity Apps

Warning: These New Productivity Apps Will Keep You Busy

There are more and more iPad productivity apps everyday. In all there are thousands of them, but we wanted to show you a few brand new ones that really will keep you busy and working (hopefully).  Take a look at these and see if you find a few that fit what you might have been looking for to get the most use out of your iPad.   Top (Brand New) iPad Productivity Apps Whether you use your … Click to Continue


The Top iPad Cameras And Photo Apps

Despite all of the rumors about the iPad 2 having a camera, it will probably not be as good as one you can buy that is not attached to the device. Having said that, we wanted to cover some of the top cameras you can buy and then show you some of the best photos apps to go along with it.  Here's your iPad photo guide. The Top iPad Cameras And Fun Photo Apps The iPhone has a great camera at 5 … Click to Continue


The Nomad Paintbrush Stylus For The iPad

If you are the type of person that loves to create art on the iPad but felt that the choice of stylus tools were limiting then you definitely want to check out the world's first paintbrush stylus for the iPad.  It's called the Nomad and it's a great iPad accessory to have. … Click to Continue


Wii Would Like to Play, The iPad Way.

We all love the experience of playing games on our iPads, sometimes we love it a bit too much. If you are a serious gamer, chances are you might even have a Wii lying around for those times when you feel like gaming it up on a larger screen.  Or maybe you're like me, and you've got a stray wiimote left over from some hacking project gone-awry.  Whatever the case may be, if you own a … Click to Continue


8 Favorite Cydia Apps For iPad

If you have a jailbroken iPad and are wondering what apps to get or what are some of the favorites, then here are a few that you can check out today.  These are all pretty cool apps and definitely ones you want to check out if you have a newly jailbroken iPad.  Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments as well. … Click to Continue

Enhance Your Copy/Paste Experience

Enhance Your Copy/Paste Experience

Enhancing your 'copy and paste' experience may not be at the top of your 2011 New Years resolutions, BUT it is a great way to boost productivity and add functionality to your jailbroken iPad.  This post will cover two Cydia tweaks that are sure to save you precious seconds that, in the future, can be used to memorize random facts about Steve Jobs' childhood. … Click to Continue

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