How To Troubleshoot AirPrint Issues

Are you using iPad AirPrint and running into issues?  Perhaps you have troubles with your iPad seeing the printer?  There have been reports lately of users that for whatever reason are not able to see their HP e-Printers with their iPads. Here's a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issues. … Click to Continue

A Must Have iPad Accessory For The Kitchen

Do you ever use your iPad in the kitchen?  I do all of the time.  That darn Paprika app has me hooked.  I got an email from a reader who just launched a new iPad accessory that he made because he was trying to find a way to use the iPad in his own kitchen that was not complicated, bulky or obtrusive. … Click to Continue


Browse And Write In The Same App With SplitPea

It seems that more and more users are realizing that the iPad can do much more than gaming and we are seeing quite a few new apps that are geared specifically towards the business user or college student. We are also seeing quite a few more iPad Web browsers popping up lately as people express a sense of “blah” with the good old reliable Safari browser. … Click to Continue

Mobile Printing For iPad

iPad Printing On The Go With PrinterOn

If you are like me, you love your iPad as much as a person is comfortable admitting that they love an inanimate object. If there was one thing that would only make you love Apple’s crowing jewel just a little bit more it would be the ability to print a little easier. Of course the release of iOS 4.2 solved some people’s problems because they are now able to use AirPrint to send your … Click to Continue

iPad 2 News: 3 Versions Coming?

A report just released by DigiTimes is claiming that there may be 3 versions of the next-gen iPad, or iPad 2.  And if this report has any truth to it then these 3 new versions offer up some very interesting features that also point to a "global iPad" on Verizon.  Here's the details. … Click to Continue


4 Addicting Ways To Preserve Your Youth [plus a giveway]

Here are 4 addicting iPad games that keep your mind sharp as a tack and preserve your youth. Studies have shown that an active mind and regular brain exercise keep you focused and feeling sprite.  Oh and we are giving them all away to those that leave comments. … Click to Continue


Top iPad Fitness And Dieting Apps

Are you looking for any iPad fitness apps?  There are a ton of ways you can take advantage of your iPad and all your fitness needs.  You might want to learn to start eating better, learn how to exercise, or simply stay on a specific fitness or dieting routine.  The iPad has you covered and here are the top iPad apps for fitness, dieting, and everything in-between. … Click to Continue


how to attract my ex girlfriend back

how to male your ex boyfriend kniw you still love him and cigarettes onlinelove letters to get your ex boyfriend or He said he wants to get right before we get back together. my ex girlfriend is dating someone but calls me everyday i want my ex girlfriend back, how to get an old ex girlfriend back, etc. The iPhone Dev Team’s Plan B has been launched! Due to comex missing his … Click to Continue


RedSnOw Untethered Jailbreak Beta For iPad iOS 4.2

The Dev Team has released a beta of RedSnOw untethered iPad iOS 4.2 jailbreak.  Here is the information you need to know and some cautious words in case you are thinking of trying this out. … Click to Continue


iPad WebDAV And How You Can Use It

Did you know your iPad could do WebDAV?  Do you know what WebDAV is?  We are going to to explain what it is and how you can use it to sync files with your iPad in a way that is much easier than using iTunes. … Click to Continue


Finally! View Flash Content On Your iPad

It's finally here.  The ability to view Flash content right on your iPad has arrived.  The SkyFire Web Browser debuts for the iPad and it's not only wildly popular but it works very well.  There are a slew of new features for the iPad version and some limitations. View Flash Content On Your iPad The day has arrived when you can now view Flash content right on your iPad.  Skyfire Web Browser … Click to Continue

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