Downloading YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing, the FREE way.

Do you want to be able to download YouTube videos to your jailbroken iPad for offline viewing without shelling out the cash for a paid package like YourTube?   … Click to Continue


Untethered iPad iOS 4.2 Jailbreak Tutorial With Greenpois0n

Here is our untehtered iPad iOS 4.2 jailbreak tutorial.  Since 4.2.1 you realized the meaning of a tethered jailbreak and how much of a pain is to have. Every time you restarted your phone or the battery died you had to wait until you were near your computer to boot it back up in a jailbroken mode or risk bricking it. Well your wait is finally over and the best part is that it’s dead simple. … Click to Continue


The Best iPad Apps For Valentines Day

Here are the best iPad apps for Valentines day.  It's hard to believe but Valentines day is almost here and once again you are probably still trying to decide what to do.  Well, let me help out by showing you a few apps for the iPad that can make this special day a little less stressful and more enjoyable. … Click to Continue


Adding Sources and Installing Packages in Cydia: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have a jailbroken iPad, there are two things you can install in the Cydia store, packages and sources.  Packages take many forms, they can be anything from system tweaks and winterboard themes to full-blown apps. Sources are simply the repositories within which packages are hosted. … Click to Continue


Revealed! What The Daily Really Means And Why It Matters

On April 24, 1704 the first newspaper was published. It was the Boston News-Letter and it had a major impact in how we viewed the world. On December 24, 1906 the first extended broadcast via radio was transmitted. This was another significant step in how we shared information. And on July 1, 1941 the first television station began broadcasting. … Click to Continue


The First iPad Business Book And Music Video

There are many iPad books that show you tips and tricks or how to get started using the iPad but what we needed so desperately was a good iPad for business book, and I am happy to say we got that.  The new book by journalist and iPad uber-user Julio Ojeda-Zapata is not just a book on how to use the iPad for business, it's a practical example as well.  Here's the details, an interview and the … Click to Continue

LinkedIn iPad App

Apathy For An iPad App: LinkedIn Does Not Deliver

I’m a bit disappointed. I’m not going to lie. When you look at apps for your  iPad, iPhone or iPod to really connect with business individuals, you’re most likely going to hit up the iTunes App Store and go for Linkedin.  See, I have a love/hate relationship with Linkedin. Firstly, when I type the name of this company I always worry that I’ve spellled it correctly. For years I had an … Click to Continue


The Daily For iPad Launches!

The Daily has launched!  This is a highly significant and is the first professional national news publication for the iPad  that takes advantage of the new Apple subscription program.  The success of The Daily will be the model of how stories are told and how media is consumed.  Here's what it is and why it's significant. … Click to Continue


How To Find Android Tablet Apps

Do you know how to find Android Tablet apps?  I didn't know.  Being so used to the iTunes App store I was amazed to see so many different places to find Android Tablet apps show up.  I did a little research into the Android apps for tablets and what I found was quite interesting. … Click to Continue


Issues Syncing Your Yahoo! Contacts With iPad? Try This

A while back we did an article that showed you how you could sync all your contacts in less than 5 minutes.  Unfortunately for some, that 5 minutes sure gets eaten up when things go awry.  One common issue is Yahoo! contacts and the fact that it may not play nicely with the iPad.  Here's a way you can get that working. … Click to Continue


5 Post-Jailbreak Essential Cydia Apps

Here are 5 essential Cydia apps once you have jailbroken your iPad.  You have finally thrown off the shackles of Apple’s closed iOS, your iPad is officially jailbroken.  Now what?  Here are five essential (and FREE) items that you’ll want to grab from the Cydia store. … Click to Continue

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