BBC iPlayer for iPad

Get Access to Almost All The BBCs Radio & TV Program | BBC iPlayer For iPad

There are so many television channels available these days that there's always something to watch, somewhere. It's not like the old days when you had a choice of four programmers at any given time and if none of them interested you then that was just tough. The downside of having such a wide array of viewing possibilities however is that it's almost impossible to keep track of everything and … Click to Continue

Ocean Blue For iPad

A Diving Sim App That Doesn’t Go Deep Enough | Ocean Blue for iPad

Remember when the Koi Pond app first hit the iPhone? It was, and is quite a neat little app that let you watch Koi swim around gracefully and tap the water to create ripples in the pond. Since then, many similar apps have been added to the App Store. Ocean Blue for iPad takes this sort of app to a whole new level. It's bigger in every way-designed for the iPad's big screen, full of a wide … Click to Continue

FileApp for iPad

Powerful File Transfer App for iPad – FileApp Pro | Must Have App

FileApp Pro provides a simple and easy way to transfer files from your other devices onto your iPad. All you need to do is browse for the file that is to be copied then transfers it wirelessly using an FTP. The process can also be carried out via a USB connection cable. It's down to whichever method suits you best. FileApp Pro is file transfer app for iPad that compatible with a wide range of … Click to Continue


Google+ Going Head To Head With Facebook – Who Will Win? | Google Plus

Google it taking on Facebook with Google+ (Google Plus). This social network tool is fast becoming a part of Google's family. The Google Plus projects is about to reshape the face of social networking. Of course, Facebook has been around for several years but it looks like users may want to drop Facebook and go for Google+. What do you think? We compared Google+ with the same (or not) apps … Click to Continue

Inside iPad 2

iPad 2 Review: The Next Generation of iDevice | iPad 2 Features

Faster, sleeker and smoother, the iPad 2 have to be regarded as the pinnacle of the tablet and smartphone market respectively! Not to mention the huge array of new features and applications that will expand your everyday iPad use and expand your vision of interaction you can achieve. Our goal over the following pages is to introduce you to the new features of the Apple iPad 2 so you can realize … Click to Continue

Skyfire for iPad

Browser For iPad: Skyfire Not The Best But Its An Amazing | Flash Video for iPad

With Apple's policy of "No Flash" for iOS platform, Skyfire is a browser for iPad that transforms video and plays it on your iPad or iPhone. Although, not perfect and still with many problems, as an alternate browser for iPad, Skyfire will do the trick for you to watch Flash Videos. It takes about 20 seconds for a video to start playing because it first has to go to iPhone/iPad servers, be … Click to Continue

iPhone for Travel

5 Travel Apps For iPhone to Enjoy Your Adventure | Apps For Travel

Just when you thought apps for iPhones were done, now there are travel apps for iPhone to keep you right on track with your adventures. No more maps you can't read, or fold up, no more getting lost and last but not least, you can use them where ever you travel. These 5 apps for your iPhone will take you on adventures you never thought you'd have. SundayDrive Remember back in ye olden days … Click to Continue

Skype for iPad

Finally, It’s Here! On Tuesday You Can Get Skype for iPad | VoIP on iPad

It's been a while getting here but on you can have Skype for iPad now! Its début is Tuesday, however, it's been tested over 4G and 3G networks and it uses iPad's large screen to make good clear video over wireless and VoIP through your desktop. Call all your friends with Skype whether they have an iPad or a desktop computer to chat or video conference. We noticed the interface isn't anything … Click to Continue

iPad Jailbreaking

iPad Jailbreak: The Truth About iOS Jailbreaking

Amazing that this topic is such a hot issue among iOS users, but who can blame them? Honestly, the concept of being able to unlock all of the features of your iPad’s operating system and removing all of those ridiculous limitations imposed by Apple. But what about the rumors that iPad Jailbreak is illegal, that it violates the iPad Warranty, that it will break the device or cause a disruption … Click to Continue

Sync iPad to New Computer

How to Sync iPad To a New Computer | iPad Tips

Want to Sync iPad to a new computer? When you get a new computer, it can be a bit of a downer to plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into it and be told that you’ll have to erase it and start again, all because it’s synced to a different iTunes library. Don’t despair, because there’s a away to avoid wiping your precious device provided you still have access to the computer you’ve been … Click to Continue

iPad - App for Kids

Apps so Your Kids Can | iPad for Kids

Lets your kids loose on these great apps. You may wonder why, when you already have enough trouble wrestling your iPad from your kid's grasp, you'd want to tempt them with more apps. We have news for you: you've lost that battle. The second they first experienced the touchscreen interface and the range of possibilities at their fingertips, you were destined to share the device with them. The … Click to Continue

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