Getting Around Your iPad In Style With “Activator”

Tablet computing is all about convenience, and getting stuff done faster than it has been done before.  By now you have probably figured out that there aren't too many shortcuts built into Apple's iOS, presumably for simplicity's sake.  If you're looking to add a couple gesture controls or shortcuts to your jailbroken iPad, "Activator" from the BigBoss repository is the Cydia package for you!   … Click to Continue

Tassimo Brewbot

The Tassimo Brewbot iPad Companion [Plus A Major Giveaway]

Here is an iPad accessory of a completely different kind.  How often do you read the news, surf the web, or read your email using your iPad and drink a cup of coffee?  If you do then you know exactly why the iPad has been so great and a welcome addition to any morning - and here is something else to compliment your iPad and coffee drinking experience. … Click to Continue

VMware View Client

VMware releases View Client for iPad

If you are an IT professional, or power-user, who has VMware View 4.6+ implemented on your machines,  VMware has a special present for you sitting in the Apple App Store!  They've just released a View Client app that will allow you to securely access your desktop machines from the mobile touch interface of an iPad. … Click to Continue

Getting the Speaker Sounds You Need

Are you sick of getting poor quality sound from your computer? When it comes to purchasing audiophile speakers there’s a few things to consider when choosing the right kind of speakers for your setup. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself before you even decide on what type of speakers you need to enhance your overall listening experience. How Much Do I Want to Spend? If you have a … Click to Continue

SIRI | How To Use iPhone 5

How To Use iPhone 5

Regardless if you are a long-time user or a new user, the facts remain that Apple's new iPhone 5 version sold more than 5 million phones in just three days and sales continue to be strong. The iPhone 5 is packed with so many features that it takes awhile to learn How To Use iPhone 5. However, taking the time to understand the various features will make your overall experience with the latest … Click to Continue


IPad Insurance Is As Important As Insurance of Other Gadgets

It is needless to say that an iPad is the best gadget to be owned by any gadget geek. There are millions of people around the globe who wish to own this masterpiece since the time it was launched. An iPad is a bit expensive and is better than number of electronic gadgets. The need for insuring an iPad is as important as insuring any other ordinary gadget. It is a gadget you can’t afford to miss … Click to Continue

BrokenSword Images

Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror : Remastered For iPad | Adventure Games

While Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror has never been as good a game as the original, what Revolution Software has shown is that it's now the developer to beat when it comes to porting classic point-and-click adventures to OS. It's an understandably popular option for studios with such renowned games in their back catalogues, and while the quality of many of the games is undeniable, the standard … Click to Continue


How To Force Restart Your iPad | iPad Troubleshooting

It shouldn't happen very often (if at all), but there are times when your iPad seems to freeze up or get stuck performing an action. If this happens you can force the iPad to restart without worrying about losing any other data than that which you were working on. STEP 1 Performing a Force Restart is actually very simple to do, all you need are two fingers and a couple of seconds. When your … Click to Continue

senior eecutives blackberry

3 Senior Executives BlackBerry Resign

BlackBerry buffeted by rumors related to the resignation three senior executives blackberry. Three senior executives who resigned from the Canadian vendor, included  Doug Kozak (information Technology as Corporate Vice President), Carmine Arabia (Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Senior Vice President), and Graeme Shittington (Service Operations Vice President). "We are in the middle of … Click to Continue


Guide To The New Features in Finder App On Mac | Mac Features

Every new version of OS X adds some enhancements and changes, and Mountain Lion is no exception. The Finder (the app you use to manage your files and folders) has seen some important changes to the way it works. They're all designed  to make it easier for you to use your Mac, and some will hit you at once if you've used previous versions of OS X, but not all are immediately obvious. That's why … Click to Continue

iStomp For iPhone

iStomp For iPhone

Jam away with iStomp - and not a dustbin lid in sight iStomp For iPhone : While the iStomp looks ‘ like a standard guitar effects pedal, it has the ability to change the effect it produces entirely, by hooking it up to your iOS device and downloading a new pedal. So instead of buying a whole raft of dedicated effects pedals, you only need to buy one, which can perform a multitude of functions. … Click to Continue

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