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Parachute Panic HD For iPad | Arcade Games

From the moment you view Parachute Panic's hand-drawn stickman visuals and listen to its laid-back theme tune being hummed, you'll know you're holding something special in your hands Parachutists randomly leap from overhead planes and you must use gusts of wind — created by swiping your finger in any direction — to guide them to the boats at the bottom of the screen. Tapping a parachutist … Click to Continue

LG kizon

LG Kizon, Smartwatch for Detecting Children Location

  After launched Android Wear G Watch, LG Electronics is also launch the newest smartwatch special designed for children, Kizon. Kizon designed especially for children ( school age ) who need protection from their parents. Even it is not the first smartwatch which is design for children, Kizon have many primacy on the phone number feature, so it can be used as the emergency … Click to Continue


What Will iPad 2 Be Called? [Guess And Win A T-Shirt]

Sebastien over at ziPadblog brought up a really good point today and asked how the iPad 2 will be named.  It's a great original thought and one I have not seen yet, but I feel we are all wondering.  So in the spirit of fun, let's see who can come closest to the name of the next iPad and we will throw in a t-shirt on the day of the announcement. Read on. … Click to Continue


TCGeeks Weekly Wrap | Week Of November 1, 2010

Well here it is November and the first week of the new blog design.  It sure feels refreshing to have a clean, crisp design from those great folks over at Headway.  Thanks to everyone that commented on the new design.  I have a few more tweaks to make but they are minor.  This week brought us some great posts and I'd really hate for you to miss out on them because they are not only useful but … Click to Continue


Essential Add-Ons | iPad Accessories

iPad Keyboard Dock The official Apple iPad Keyboard Dock is probably the best of those currently available. The dock allows you to charge the iPad via the USB power adaptor whilst holding the iPad at a nice viewing angle to allow you to use it as a small, but perfectly formed, monitor. The full-size keyboard is great to use and features isolated keys which helps to improve … Click to Continue


Researching for Webhosting Sites

 There isalot of literature on webhosting. If the client inquires about a webpage that he or she wants hosted by various sites,the mailbox will be filled with advertisements for various firms that provide the service.  A magazine called Webhost is a very familiar site in most webpage owner’s or hopeful owner’s mailboxes.  Magazines such as WebMD will send webpage owner ads who are engaged … Click to Continue

iPad bluetooth file sync

Bluetooth iPad File And Document Syncing

You have your iPad and you want to sync files and documents via Bluetooth but you don't quite know the apps or even what you can or can't sync.  Here is a guide to syncing your iPad with Bluetooth and all your files and documents. … Click to Continue

PocketCloud Featured

Easily VNC for free with PocketCloud!

Since the dawn of iOS/Android developers have been pushing VNC clients to the app store and the android market.  There are all sorts of options that conform to all different price ranges.  In this post we're going to introduce you to a VNC app that falls in the best price range of all, free!  Whether you work on a Mac, PC, or Linux system you'll love the simple setup and clean interface of … Click to Continue


Small Business Accounting: Now Available On Your iPad [plus a giveaway]

If you are a small business looking for an iPad accounting app then we have something brand new to show you.  Get untied from your computer because this is an accounting, time and billing suite designed for mobile devices. … Click to Continue

Establishing A Presence Online

Those who are landing up on the internet are promised many things by their marketing managers or agencies. Indeed, there is limitless possibilities online if one markets their website in the right way. However, unlike what many online marketing agencies portray, it is not easy to get on top of the search engine rankings. It cannot be done overnight. It is true that, being on top of the search … Click to Continue


iPad Help | Photos, Apps, Email, Contacts, Airplay

I get a lot of emails asking for iPad help.  And I love getting them because it helps me see what people are needing to know how to do with their iPad.  The fact that I use mine each day means that I take for granted all of the things which might confuse others.  So we will be publishing frequent articles that hope to answer your iPad questions. … Click to Continue

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