What to look for in a Blu-Ray Device

Entertainment forms a big part of our lives. Whether it’s a day off from office to hang out with friends or simply watch a movie in the comfort of your home. New technology has brought forth a range of devices for your entertainment – wireless or otherwise. Having a Blu-ray at home is a perfect means of entertainment for you and friends or family. Not only owning a Blu-ray is a … Click to Continue

TCGeeks Live

TCGeeks Live! Returns This Sunday At 2PM

For those that like the thrill of watching a live broadcast then you definitely want to tune into TCGeeks Live! on Sundays at 2PM (PST). TCGeeks Live! is a weekly live show where I go over the past week's news, rumors, humor, and give you the app of the week.  Also, it's for you to ask any question you want to and I'll answer it.  If you want the best and most exciting tablet/iPad news and … Click to Continue


Searching With Spotlight On Your Mac | Mac Basics

When you need to find something on your Mac, there are several starting points. Which one is appropriate depends on how broadly you need to search. Apps that organise large amounts of related information, such as Calendar and iTunes, have a search bar built in. But sometimes you won't have a clue where something may be stored, and that's where OS X's Spotlight features comes in handy. In fact, … Click to Continue

Varieties of video games enhances the mind power

In general, many people think after television serials, the video games are not in fashion and they are out of fashion. In case, a person has this feeling in his mind still now, he has to change his mind. The reason is there many games still played by players. A player likes a game means, he keeps the game in mind, and he wants to win the game only after that he wants to quit the game from his … Click to Continue

Avid Studio

Avid Studio

Avid's jumping on board the iPad bandwagon with its first foray into video editing. Avid's interface is very clean and simple, but it's obviously designed to be used in landscape. All the media stored on your iPad is displayed top left and sorted by type: videos, photos and music, along with more app-specific sections like transitions, montage (advanced slideshow-like effects for photos) and … Click to Continue


Solar Phone Charger: The best gift from technology

As the name suggests, a solar phone charger uses the energy of the sun to charge the mobile phones. But before the invention of solar charger, traditional cell phone chargers need an electric outlet to charge the phone. If you are on tours most of the time and don’t have an access to an electrical outlet, getting your phone charged can be a complicated task. But with the emergence of the Solar … Click to Continue

Glee Image1

Glee Karaoke for iPad

Don’t Stop… Believing! My iPad’s Got Some Glee In… Sorry I’m A Terrible Singer… If you are a fan of the hit series "Glee" then there is another reason to be excited, and this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the series shows no sign of loosing any momentum anywhere! All fans can now get even more "Glee' using Smule musical/singing app which they have designed … Click to Continue

iPad Accessory Review: Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve [video]

This iPad accessory review is a leather iPad sleeve by Saddleback Leather Company.  It is incredibly durable and will probably outlast several iPads.  Here's why you will want to check this out... Saddleback Leather Company, based out of Texas is a company that stands for high-quality leathers.  They have been in business since 1999 and all of their products have a 100 year warranty.  They … Click to Continue

Crackle cool free iPad app

Cool Free iPad Apps

Here are some cool free iPad apps that are not just new to the app store but they also really useful and allow you to get a little more from your iDevice without spending a lot of money (actually you don't have to spend any). … Click to Continue


Civilization Revolution for iPad

Everybody wants to rule the world How do you fancy taking over the word today? Fine, now you just have to decide how you're going to go about it. Are you an inspirational ruler, encouraging the arts, philosophy and science? Or perhaps you prefer to rule by the sword, conquering your way across the continents of the globe? However you chose to enforce your global rule, Civilization Revolution is … Click to Continue

System Preferences icon

Keep Your iPad In Perfect Health With System Manager

Have you ever wanted a diagnostic tool for the iPad?  A tool that would let you monitor system information much like you can on your laptop or desktop?  We found one in the app store recently and found it extremely useful.  This is an app that is helpful and useful if you want to keep tabs on all your system resources. … Click to Continue

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