BackStab HD For Android

BackStab HD For Android

BackStab HD - Handsome, if unoriginal game If the following intro for BackStab HD doesn’t get you salivating over this game, then nothing will. ‘My name is Henry Blake, once a proud officer in England’s Royal Navy. Now I stand a shattered man. Betrayed, imprisoned, my fiancée taken away, I have now found my freedom and soon I shall find my revenge’. Unfortunately, as much as the … Click to Continue

Essential iPad Apps

TomTom US & Canada | Essential iPad Apps

TomTom has always used to one of the best map and Point Of Interest (POI) database currently out on the market, and with this app you get access to that  amazing database. Yet could this iPad version really provide a useable alternative to in car navigation? The answer is a responding yes! This is obvious even from the main map screen where you will see your location, how fast you are going, … Click to Continue

Sony DRBT50 iPad Bluetooth Headphones

Best Full-Size Headphones For iPad | iPad Accessories

If you don’t mind some extra bulk, good full-size headphones for iPad, which often fully surround your ears, sound better than good lightweight models. Some are also much more comfortable. These headphones fall into two categories: closed models, which block out some external noise, and open models, which some users prefer sonically, but which also let more noise in and out. One caveat: … Click to Continue

Watching TV on iPad

Watching TV on Your iPad is Better Than Carrying a Flat Screen TV on Your Back

With today's technology you can believe that a flat screen won't fit in your backpack but your iPad will. You can watch TV on your iPad instead of carrying around a TV on your back. Today, there is streaming video and music to tablets, Smartphones, iPads, iPhones, iPods,you’re your computer. Now, you get to choose what you watch on TV through any one of these devices. All you needs is a delivery … Click to Continue

Ten Facts You Didn’t Know About Mobile Phones

When mobile phones were first introduced in to the mainstream in the late 1980s, the Internet was unheard of. Mobile phones were clunky, chunky and capable of calling function, but only if there was a suitable transmitter within range. Phone review sites and blogs were but a twinkle in the eye of a futurist writer. If only we were then able to foresee the revolution in communications those early … Click to Continue

iPad 2 Features

iPad 2 Features: What Makes It So Special

As practically everyone is saying today, if you don’t have an iPad 2, you don’t have an iPad 2. That’s it; it’s that simple; there’s nothing that comes close to an iPad 2 as it quickly becomes the prized possession of its owners. And it’s the object of desire for many others who can’t wait to get their hands on it. But what is it that makes it so special and miles ahead of the … Click to Continue

apple fact

The Fate of Apple : in the hand of two new Champ (5S&5C)

As we know, Apple's iPhone sales have fallen quite sharply, which is 6.2 million units. According to Digitimes (5/9), Apple's revenue declined in the second quarter amounted to USD 18.2 billion dollars. Almost everyone knows, especially for sales of Apple iPhone is currently experiencing a downturn that is quite exceptional. Even in the second quarter of this year, the sales decline to 6.2 … Click to Continue

Facebook paper

How to Download Facebook Paper for outside Regional U.S. Apple ID

Previously we have reported about the Facebook Paper that get complaints from FiftyThree as paper developers  . As we all know Facebook Paper is only available exclusively at the Apple Store U.S. And for device which  have an Apple ID account regional U.S. could set it up easily .  but for most of you who have device which don't have a regional U S account or exist outside the US regional , it … Click to Continue

ms.pacman images

Ms Pac-Man For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Pac-Man is already available on Apple's devices, but we urge you to pick up this far superior se­quel instead. The original single maze of Pac-Man has been replaced with four new mazes, allowing for far more variety, while the ghosts that chase you are much cleverer than before, offering more of a challenge. Other no­table changes include new cut-scenes and moving fruit, but this is otherwise … Click to Continue

Take A Break This Weekend With The #1 iPad Game | Osmos

Osmos is the #1 iPad game for the second week in a row.  It is a game that clearly made for the iPad and draws you in very quickly once you understand it.  Here's the scoop... … Click to Continue

sync and edit docs with ipad

How To Sync And Edit Docs With Your iPad

Sync and edit documents with your iPad.  Imagine if you work with Word on your PC and then you want to be able to sync that document "somewhere" so you can continue working on it right on your iPad.  It's actually possible to do this and it's actually possible to skyrocket your productivity by syncing your documents and working wherever you want to.  Here's how. … Click to Continue

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