How To Get iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures On Your iPad

Have you been wondering how you can get the iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures feature on your iPad or iPad 2?  This much-hyped and must have feature was left out of iOS 4.3 but here is a way you can put it on your iPad and benefit from using multitouch Gestures. How To Get iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures On Your iPad Mutitouch Gestures So what are these multitouch gestures and why should you care?  The … Click to Continue


Locate Your Friend Using Your iPad | iPad Apps

Our iPad's a clever bit of kit: using a range of technology, including a GPS chip, it nearly always knows where in the world it is., with incredible accuracy. With the Find My Friend app, you can share this location with your iPad-, iPhone- and iPod touch-owning friends, and see where they are too. There are all sorts of uses for this: find out which restaurant your friends have decided upon, for … Click to Continue


Monitor Your iPad Battery Life With All-In-1 Battery HD

The iPad has a great, long-lasting lithium-polymer battery that allows you to go quite awhile without a single charge.  But there are times when you might not have the ability to charge it up and this is the perfect time to be able to monitor your iPad battery life so you don't run too low and lose your work/connectivity. iPad Battery Information There is no doubt that the battery in the iPad … Click to Continue


Doctor Who Comics

Time And Relative Dimensions In Your Pocket The resurgence in popularity of Doctor Who has been phenomenal. The BBC's willingness to put budget into rebooting the series has paid off many times over as as an inspired selection of Doctors up to and including present TARDIS incumbent, the excellent Matt Smith. You can't move in toy departments these days for Doctor Who action figures and replica … Click to Continue

vw bus uses iPad

This New VW Bus Has An iPad Interface

Are you looking for ways to use your iPad or iPad 2 that might be completely different than web browsing or email?  How about using it in your car?  That's exactly what this new VP concept car is doing.  They have crafted a way to use the iPad right inside their concept vehicle and it looks really cool.  Here's the story. … Click to Continue


How computer technology have surpassed in the field of web designing?

With computer technology enhancing its effect over all the commercial aspects, it is becoming quiet easier for people to market their products and services and becomes much easier for consumers to catch hold of reliable products they look for. The basic requirement stays website creation wherein the business people can introduce their business products and services to global audience and easily … Click to Continue


Crayon Physics Deluxe For iPad & iPhone

So much more than child's play Crayon Physics Deluxe offers the kind of gaming experience that would have seemed woolly and indistinct before the iPhone and iPad came along. Presenting garners with simple crumpled piece of paper, the app takes somewhat of a flight of fantasy, imagining what it would be like if doodles of various kinds on screen could come to life. Not in Scribblenauts fashion you … Click to Continue


How to Get the Best Business Mobile Phone Plans

Selecting the right business mobile phone plan is not as easy as we may think. If you have a large number of mobile phones in your company or organisation, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal. Do you have different people using their mobile phones for different purposes? Do you have some people travelling and others in your region? Trying to analyse right business mobile phones … Click to Continue


The Top 4 iPad Weather Apps For Winter

Fall is almost officially over and that means a whole new scene in the weather department.  Perhaps you have travel coming up or you have relatives visiting.  Or maybe you want to plan a weekend away but you aren't sure what the weather will be doing.  In this case, your iPad can be a great help. Here are the top 4 weather apps for the Winder season. … Click to Continue


To Have And To Hold | Why The 7″ iPad Is Imminent

Today, I was on the train commuting.  That's nothing new.  I was also eating dinner in a restaurant.  Nothing new there either.  But in each of these scenarios I reached into my bag and pulled out my iPhone.  I have a Brenthaven Metrolite bag and it has a pocket on the back for my iPad.  In fact, the iPad is right there. I don't even need to do much to get to it.  But I didn't use my iPad. … Click to Continue

app marketing community app list

Good app collection for iPhones in 2013

For many years Apple technology was very popular in the market Mobile . With modern technology , so when users use iphone , ipad or smartphone app sales have shrugged dungde help users aggregate multiple hon.Sau here is some of the popular applications for people to help for the user to add new features . 1 .SBSettings SBSettings is a superstar of app marketing community . Even many who … Click to Continue

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