powerless multicore chip

Powerless Multicore Chip | MIT Development that has 110 Core

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop a chip that has 110 cores. The goal is to improve performance but with efficient power consumption. Execution chip called the Migraine Machine is intended for mobile devices, PCs, and servers.it's called  powerless multicore chip. While chip makers are developing processors with 12 and 16 cores, the researchers at MIT makes processors with … Click to Continue

ZenBound Images

Zen Bound For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

This game is odd and yet brilliant.The idea is that you have an object in the centre of the screen that you can manipulate using a drag of the finger (it will swivel in all three dimensions) and then attached to it is a rope that you must wind around the object until you've covered a significant proportion, by which point the game is won. You can best your score by doing the wrapping more … Click to Continue

iPad Case and Sleeve Review | Haul [video]

This iPad case and sleeve review shows you one of the most unique and environmentally sound products you will probably ever find... … Click to Continue

PaperDesk For iPad

PaperDesk For iPad | Your Own Digital Notebook Via iPad

PaperDesk for iPad is a fantastic app for the iPad that allows users to create digital notebooks from scratch on their iPad. Yet this isn’t all that you can do with the application, there are many features and interesting options for you to play around with and we feel that this app is a little more special than a lot of the other notebook apps in the iPad app store. When you open up the … Click to Continue

Tassimo Brewbot

The Tassimo Brewbot iPad Companion [Plus A Major Giveaway]

Here is an iPad accessory of a completely different kind.  How often do you read the news, surf the web, or read your email using your iPad and drink a cup of coffee?  If you do then you know exactly why the iPad has been so great and a welcome addition to any morning - and here is something else to compliment your iPad and coffee drinking experience. … Click to Continue

Social Marketing: Not a problem anymore; done easily via Facebook

Facebook has become the biggest giant network in US. People who can work on a computer and have access to Internet can be seen on Facebook. Facebook has a provision to create personal profiles, web pages, personal pages and business advertisements. The most common link between the kids, youngsters, mid age people and even old ones are on Facebook. For the business organizations, it has become easy … Click to Continue


New York Times Brings Full Content To The iPad

Great News! If you are an owner of the New York Times iPad app then you have an update that's worth doing.  If you don't yet own this app then now is the perfect time because the latest update brings full content to the iPad.  Here are all the details of this incredible update: … Click to Continue


iPad AirPlay Speaker Options And Workarounds

There are a lot of people looking for iPad speakers and AirPlay speakers these days because media is so central to the iPad.  AirPlay speakers are still fairly new and there really are not that many out on the market.  If you want the convenience of AirPlay then here are three ways you can enjoy it  using your iPad today. … Click to Continue

Ultimate Smartphone apps for your Car

In the years to come, the cars that are yet to be developed will need no driver to be in control. It is a future vision that can be foretold due to the technology right now. Though if such cars come to the real world they will only be utilized in closed environments and preserved yards. For the apps, they should be sensible and modified to the extent of being able to send a warning signal that … Click to Continue


The Best FTP Software for Your iPhone

As useful as your iPhone has proven to be, you still have not realized the full potential of these remarkable devices. With the right software, you can even use these phones to fix broken links in your website when you’re on the go, view document files, and upload images. If you are passionate about information technology and love having the power of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), then you should … Click to Continue

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How Useful Creative Android Apps

QuickOffice Quickoffice provides professionally mobile users active service to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Mobile publishers give a mobile improved method to create, edit and share different data files. Functions currently created consist of links to cloud storage web sites, a PDF interpretation utility, spellcheck for various languages such as English, German, Spanish and Italian, and … Click to Continue

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