Why Marketers Shouldn’t Use QR Codes?

Most marketers have given in to the notion of utilizing QR codes. They think it's a simple way to create traffic for their website. Marketers can do anything to enhance the opportunity of converting customers into clients and have therefore gone to the extent of using QR codes for their marketing. However, marketers should not use QR codes for various reasons as highlighted below: 1. Many … Click to Continue

iPad Vulnerable To an Attack Without The iOS 6 Update

iOS Devices have been known to have their security concerns and Apple is still infamous for not providing security updates in a timely manner, though with the research provided by security experts from Trend Micro the real problem has come in to view in its entirety. The iPad which has recently turned two has not received updates very consistently and studies show that this has left the device … Click to Continue


Spend $35 And Display Your iPad’s Entire Screen

Have you ever wanted to project your iPad's entire screen up on a large screen?  Perhaps for a demo or a training session on how to use the iPad?  Well thanks to Christopher Breen over at Macworld, you can now do this for the low price of $31 and a little bit of jailbreaking.  Here's how it's done. … Click to Continue

iPad 3

If the Rumors For iPad 3 Are True | Just In Time for The Holidays

Are the rumors for iPad 3 true? You just got used to using your iPad 2 and now they're talking about an iPad 3. Apple is sure on the ball these days. It will be one electronic toy that will be in demand if the rumors are true. Reports show Apple might be using Quanta Computer or Pegatron Technology in the making of their new iPad line. Working in conjunctions with Foxconn, the Taiwan … Click to Continue

iOS 5 Features

iOS 5 Features | Your In Depth Guide To iOS 5

iOS 5 features are here. It feels like we've been talking about it forever but the term iOS itself has only been in existence since the middle of 2010. When Apple first released the iPhone in 2007 it's operating system was still basically OS X. iPhone OS was born in 2008 when Apple released its native software development kit to developers. With the release of the iPad in 2010 iPhone OS became … Click to Continue


Dead Space HD For iPad | Best iPad Games

You have to hand it to Electronic Arts. Rather than adapt the excellent and vastly underrated Dead Space: Extraction to Apple's iPad, they've instead cre­ated a brand new title that fans of the franchise are bound to lap up. Set three years after the events of the original game, and nicely setting up the story for the console release, Dead Space 2, The iPad version proves to be every bit as … Click to Continue


Easy Books for iPad

Easy Books Offers Professional Business Bookkeeping And Invoicing In Your Pocket. Easy Books is not only a great example of both a free trail app but also of book keeping on your 'Phone, the app comes with a demo business and a total of 120 transactions which can be easily upgraded should you find, like us, that this application is perfect for home and small business accounting. When using this … Click to Continue

apple in china

Apple Looking to Hire Engineers with Solar Experience

Apple appears to be investigating the use of thin film solar technology for future mobile products with a new job listing on the company’s website looking to hire an engineer with experience in the solar industry. The thin films engineer would join Apple’s Mobile Devices group and “assist in the development and refinement of thin films technologies applicable to electronic systems.” The … Click to Continue


The BlackBerry Keeps you at Par with the World

Blackberry, a stylish, distinctive, exotic and popular brand in the smartphones industry, has always astonished the viewers with something innovative and stylish yet simple. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has blown the mind of its users through efficient and brilliant handling and functioning. The full and awesome QWERTY keyboard presentation has made the messaging and typing faster and easy. Plus, the … Click to Continue


Do You Want New Ways To Use It?

So You Like CAMERA APP, But You Want New Ways To Use It? The iPhone's cameras just keep getting better. Apple has singlehandedly edged out the need for handheld cameras, almost entirely. Soon (hopefully) the iPad 2 might even have a camera worth taking pictures with. But with a great camera, comes a great camera interface—and we're happy that the Camera App in the iPhone and iPad are constantly … Click to Continue


Share Files Wirelessly Between Mac Using AirDrop

Wave goodbye to emailing photos, documents and other files between Macs, because now there’s a better way: AirDrop. First introduced with OS X Lion, AirDrop enables you to send files directly between two Macs over the air. What’s particularly great about AirDrop is that unlike the file sharing of yesteryear, there’s no tricky set up involved – you don’t even need to be connected to a … Click to Continue

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