A Must Have iPad Notes And Todo App

Here is a must have iPad app.  Have you ever used a really nice leather bound notepad?  The kind that does everything for you?  It has a calendar, notes, to do lists, and is basically the only way you can stay organized?  There are many iPad apps that accomplish this separately but here is one that pretty much does it all. … Click to Continue

iTunes | iPad Geting Started

Introducing iTunes | iPad Getting Started

iPad Getting Started - Learning more about your very own music and media store. iTunes is an app that houses a whole range of music, films, television programmes, podcasts and audiobooks. If it’s particular artist or author you’re looking for, you can find them via the Search bar – simply type the name in, and you’re good to go. Additionally, the Featured and Top Charts tabs enable you to … Click to Continue

How to Print on iPad | PrintCentral for iPad

PrintCentral for iPad | How to Print on iPad

It seems strange that Apple hasn’t made printing a core service in iOS that every app can tap into. Instead, we have a series of apps that bring the art of printing to the iPad and iPhone, each in its own different way. PrintCentral for iPad is the best of all those I tested. Apple just announced that printing services will be added to iOS 4.2, which is scheduled for release in November of … Click to Continue

iphone exploded

Need of phone insurance in life

Phones are the basic necessity for almost every one of us in today’s life. They are the perfect modes to stay connected. They are the need of every office, every house, every school and every institution. Not only this, today phones are capable of internet access for sending and receiving files and photos. It is like a small gadget equipped with big and latest technology. Be it a landline phone … Click to Continue


Growth of Smartphone Market Research

The growth of smartphone use worldwide has been phenomenal and now more of us than ever are using smartphones as our primary communication method and our primary way of accessing the internet and online services. It’s unsurprising that smartphones have seen such a meteoric growth but now we are beginning to see the incredible opportunities that can be carried out in terms of market … Click to Continue

iPhone 4S Features

The First Look At The New iPhone 4S Features

October 4th event of “Lets Talk iPhone” introduced the iPhone 4S and the many features everyone has been expecting. Of course, they really were expecting an iPhone 5 but alas, were disappointed. Although it looks just like the iPhone 4 there are a few changes Apple included in this latest release of the iPhone. It may look like the same old iPhone 4, this new iPhone 4S features some of the … Click to Continue

os mavericks

News flash : Mavericks , The Latest OS for Mac finally released

Apple finally released the Golden Master on their latest OS X , Mavericks . By doing so ,a few time again This Mac Operating system will be ready to be used by apple fanboy. Golden Master version is the version that made by apple ??for its application developers . Only few people who may use this version . The purpose of this version released is to prepare the OS first before its being ready … Click to Continue

Remote Control iPad

How To Remote Control Your iPad

With all of the new features in iOS 4.3 such as airplay and home sharing and even using your iPad as a replacement for your cable TV, you might wonder if there is any way to control your iPad remotely for the ultimate in home entertainment.  As it turns out, there are some way to do just that.  Here's how to remote control your iPad. … Click to Continue

ios6 jailbreak

Newsflash : Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 6.1.3 & 6.1.5 is now available

For those who still persist in iOS 6 because it relies on the still tethered jailbreak tweaks. iH8sn0w launches untethered jailbreak method for iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.5 for 3GS and devices that using A4 processor, This jailbreak release time may be accelerated due evasion jailbreak tool that released suddenly. To perform untethered jailbreak, follow these steps. 1.Already ditethered jailbreak, … Click to Continue

Using The iPad

Using The iPad And Make Your Daily Task Much Easier

With its 9.7-inch Multi-Touch display and groundbreaking interface, using the iPad makes being productive far easier than using a desktop computer. Take checking your email. By tapping the Mail icon, your inbox will instantly spring to life. When used in landscape mode, your messages can be found on the left side of the screen, with selected messages viewed in full on the right. On-screen controls … Click to Continue


Do You Have An App Fetish And Feel The Need To “Tap That App”?

I love iPad apps.  I also love the comments on TCGeeks.  They really help broaden the horizon of the blog and one in particular really stood out this week.  In an article discussing the other tablets that are soon to be released, a reader noted that "95% of my apps are only used once".  This made me think about a few things and I wonder if apps are like a shoe fetish...here's why. … Click to Continue

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