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How To Fix Contact And Calendar Sync Issues | iPad And Windows

Ever had this happen?  You are trying to sync your Windows address book contacts with your iPad and all you get is blank contacts? Or nothing at all? You might have tried just about everything you can think of but still no luck.  Well, here are a few more helpful tips you can try if this ever happens to you. … Click to Continue


Learn To Use Smart Phones Safely

Smart phones are the in thing today. More than half the population of the world has lost its wits with amazing apps and features and who can blame them. Smart phones are easy to use, have the best features and look great. However, it is important that people understand how to use them safely. There is so much that you can do with a smart phone, it becomes difficult for people to understand how … Click to Continue


Arrow Smartwatch 360 Degree Rotating Camera Plus HR Monitor

            Smartwatch sophistication right now is not only supported by health features, but also it has rotating camera until 360 degree so it is possible for you to take picture from every angle. Arrow is supported by nircable batery filling and its make the user more comfortable. In addition it completed by Heart Rate Monitor. Arrow’s size is round with black bezel covered … Click to Continue

iPad Battery Drain

Do You Have iPad iOS 4.2 Battery Drain?

Are you experiencing a faster battery drain after upgrading your iPad to iOS 4.2?  There have been several reports of a much shorter battery once the iPad has been upgraded and it's causing quite a heated stir in the forums so here are some practical tips for how you can troubleshoot an iOS 4.2 iPad with a battery drain issue. … Click to Continue


Facebook was reported to U.S.federal regulators

Facebook was reported to U.S. federal regulators for allegedly making an adverse user policies. In the policy at issue, it is mentioned that the pictures and names of Facebook users will be commercialized without the user's knowledge. As reported by the LA Times (4/9), this is a veiled way of commercialization Facebook entitles advertisers to use its name and photo in the add. This is certainly … Click to Continue

Beatwave For iPad | iPad Music Making

Other iPad Music Making Apps

GarageBand for iPad is one of the most impressive apps we've ever seen. It's simultaneously able to cut almost nothing from its computer counterpart, but also added never before seen features to the iPad—like pressurized keys on pianos that knew how hard you were pressing them down (we still have absolutely no idea how they programmed this, and have yet to see it in another app). But what if … Click to Continue

How To Establish Your Business On Review Sites

Establishing your business on review sites is something that you must do in order to be successful. The more reviews people find on your business the more you will be in the spotlight. There are several things you can do to establish your business on review sites. Focus On Yelp First Yelp is one of the most widely viewed review websites on the Internet today, so this should be your first stop. … Click to Continue

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Review : Best Tablet 2013

nowadays,It is thousands kinds of tablets circulate around the world , ranging from expensive to affordable prices . Some of these are also competing to be the best and most advanced tablet . Well , the following is a list of the best tablets in 2013 according to us . Check out his review : 1.iPad air iPad air is not just amazing tablet , it is a masterpiece of best tablet with a thin design , … Click to Continue Logo’s iOS App Gets Useful Voice To Text Feature

On occasion, users of the iPhone and the iPad and to a less degree the iPod Touch forget that one of the truly big draws of the iDevices is that they are portable devices that can provide all sorts of benefits to the man or woman on the go.  And one of those benefits is the use of the Dictionary.  Here's how it just got better. … Click to Continue

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World of Apps

must-have apps ( Its all the apps your magical iOS device can't live without! ) Facebook Finally! While there's been an iPhone edition of the Facebook app out for what feels like forever, the iPad had been cruelly neglected until now. Games, apps and chat are all supported. Initial versions were slow and buggy, but the app has already been updated and performance has … Click to Continue


Logos Made Right On The iPad: Reader Submission

This is the first article in our new feature where we like to show off what our readers have made using their tablet.  To kick things off we have a logo to show you.  It was designed using the iPad and it highlights the fact that you can actually "make" things as opposed to just browsing the web or reading.  Here is a really great story of the logo and the apps used to make it. … Click to Continue

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