iphone Calendar

How to Use iPhone 4s | Sync and Use Calendars

How to Use iPhone 4s : More and more of us are switching from paper to digital diaries — not just for work, but for life, too. The iPhone is helping to accelerate this trend by making it easy not just to schedule and manage appointments on the go — but also to view, edit and, share multiple calendars and to synchronize them with laptops, iPads and other devices. Setting up and syncing … Click to Continue


Enjoy Instant Online Meetings With Your iPad

Have you ever wanted to have a quick online meeting with someone, either for business or school?  Today, you can do that thanks to join.me bringing their free iOS viewer to the iPad. … Click to Continue

OS Firefox Smartphone

OS Firefox inExpensive Smartphone

            After sold out  in Europe and Latin America, OS Firefox  Smartphone give price about $ 50 and they will sell those smartphone on July in Asia and first time in India. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Gong Li said that right now 1 billion Firefox OS smartphone sold out in the market place, and Mozilla plan targets that until 10 billion units sold out in the end year 2014. … Click to Continue

best ipad speakers

The Best Speakers For The iPad | Reviewed and Compared

Up at the top of your iPad is a little port for a headphone jack.  It allows you to plug in your favorite headphones and enjoy music, videos, etc.  But did you know that it can do a lot more?  It sure can.  You can use that 3.5mm headphone jack to send sound right out to some nice speakers.  This means that you can enjoy music in full, robust stereo sound.  But what are the best speakers to … Click to Continue

Numbers For iPad

Numbers For iPad | Spreadsheets Directly on The iPad

Given the identical naming of Numbers for iPad and Numbers (in iWork’09), you may be expecting the iPad version of Numbers to be a clone of its desktop counterpart. While it replicates many of the features of the desktop version, Numbers on the iPad is a ground-up rewrite of the application that is focused on creating and working with spreadsheets directly on the iPad. Numbers For iPad - … Click to Continue

iPlayboy | Playboy for iPad

Now You Can Keep Up With Your Playboy Via iPad | Playboy For iPad

Although Apple has kept pornography from the iPad, iPlayboy has found a workaround for accessing to its 60 year old magazine at $8 a month or $60 per year. Earlier this year Playboy announced it's finally come up with an app, Playboy for iPad to view its magazine. In a conversation with Steve Jobs last year, Gawker writer Ryan Tate well known email communications with Jobs praises iPad's … Click to Continue

So You Like RSS Feeds…But Want A More Personalized Experience?

Newspapers and magazines aren't dying; they're just changing venues. As news shifts online and goes mobile, we still love those gorgeous magazine spreads. Fortunately, there are a plethora of free iPhone and iPad apps, all of which give you primary control over what you have to read at any given point. You like news about Apple, videogames, and politics? With a few clicks you can add those items … Click to Continue


Carmudi Launch Mobile Application and Make Transaction Easier

    At this time sites based on classfied which provided buying and selling information are getting increase for internet users. For example like Carmudi, its buying and selling vehicles by online. To make users getting easier and closer, Carmudi launch mobile application based on Android, in Jakarta Indonesia. Based on Android, Carmudi facilitate the customers. Moreover, this … Click to Continue

Cragslist App for iPad

View Craigslist Like Never Before With Lifelike Craig

Do you have an iPad and ever browse Craigslist?  We have all looked on there from time to time and sold something bought something but as you know the interface is pretty boring.  So here is a way to browse Craigslist just like a newspaper. … Click to Continue


Another Remainder Apps For iPad

When Reminders App was announced as a stock app for iOS 5, the world collectively scratched their heads. Isn't the App Store already littered with To-Do lists? Don't most people already have a favorite? After all, what could Apple possibly add to the noise that would be worth sticking it dead center on our iPhones and iPads? The answer turned out to be a little bit of everything. Reminders  has … Click to Continue

we chat animation sticker siti and friends

WeChat Present Animation Sticker ‘Siti and Friends’

            WeChat present animation sticker for their users. The new sticker of WeChat entitled ‘Siti and Friends’. “ Friendship is the most enjoyable things in this world, together with our close friends everything we can share. We cammunicate unlimitiedly, fun, and with our close friends we trust each other “. WeChat give announcement like that. Inside the sticker, … Click to Continue

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