iWatch Will Produce on November, By AMOLED And Safir Flexible Screen

  “Apple iwatch reoprted thet they will produce iWatch as much as they can until November end”, said KGI Securities analysis Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo, is popular one because he has track record about Apple and based on his notes, he predicted that iWatch will produce on September and November. “ We have supported that time prediction of iWatch production on the last September until mid / … Click to Continue


Recent Growth of eCommerce- An Inside Look!

Without a doubt online merchandising is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It offers convenience that is not offered by brick and mortar stores. Using the internet consumers can easily compare prices, order goods, read reviews and see products in action, without ever having to leave their home. The internet offers more information on good and services than people could ever access … Click to Continue

DODOcase for iPad 2 | Best iPad Case

Don’t Leave Home Without Your New DODOcase for iPad 2

The new DODOcase is out for iPad 2 and it's one you should try. It will appeal to lovers of a good design for the iPad case. That's what the DODOcase does… It covers your iPad 2 so it won't get folded, spindled, or mutilated. Plus, a DODOcase for iPad 2 won't let it be scratched, either. DODOcase for iPad 2 as Good as The Original The new DODOcase is re-designed for the new iPad tablets. It's … Click to Continue

Cydia Search

iPad Jailbreakers: Browse For Cydia Apps Easier Right From Your Desktop

If you are an iPad jailbreaker (sounds like a club) and you often find yourself struggling to find iPad apps in the Cydia store then you are now in luck because here is a great new way to search for them right from your browser. … Click to Continue

etch a sketch for iPad

5 iPad Apps That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Ok so you want some iPad apps. That's great. But what about grabbing a few that will make you feel like a kid again and embrace your youth?  Somewhere out there are studies which have shown that those who act young, stay young. … Click to Continue


How To Transfer Files With Your iPad | FTP For iPad

Transferring files with your iPad using FTP, Bluetooth or Wireless is a must have when working on the go.  Here's how to use the iPad for file transfer and file management... File Transfers & File Management For those that don't know, FTP is the File Transfer Protocol.  It is one of the oldest and most well-known ways to transfer files back and forth over the Internet.  We use FTP for … Click to Continue


Facebook Paper : Feel The new Experience in Accessing Facebook

Facebook is a social media that have been close to us . Yesterday Facebook launched a new app in the App Store for the iPhone with name PAPER . Download it and feel the new experience in accessing facebook with facebook paper,new way new look.After downloading Paper you will be presented with a login page that has a distinctively iOS 7 ,that is thin font and minimalist background . Enter the … Click to Continue

Hero Academy icon for ipad

Hero Academy for iPad

Hero Academy for iPad : Here's a game that takes asynchronous, turn-based, multiplayer games seriously. A cross between chess and a collectible card game, Hero Academy plays like a real-time strategy game, only players send their moves one at a time like Words With Friends. Games are straightforward. There's a grid to place different units, and each unit has special moves, powers, range, and … Click to Continue

Google Search App

New Look For Google Search App On iPad

The latest update on iPad is Google’s search application. When you update Google search app you get the major overhaul with the new features to replace the old built-in Internet search on your iPad. The new Google search app has all the power without the bulk of the old Safari search. You can easily do an Instant Google search faster than ever before. You can get a preview of the page to see … Click to Continue

sony vs LG

The Difference, Spesification of Sony Xperia M2 VS LG G2

  Sony Xperia M2 OS 4,3 Jelly Bean version is more left behind than LG G2 Mini, moreover it uses OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat, but later on Sony will give 4.4.2 KitKat for their smartphone. Sony Xperia M2 is a sequel smartphone as succesor of its previous, its product offer 2 varian, single SIM card and double SIM card. However, LG G2 Mini is little version from flagship LG G2. Its also … Click to Continue

sony C3 dual selfie

Spesification and Review Sony Xperia C3, The Best Selfie Smartphone

  Sony Xperia C3, as the best selfie smartphone in the world. Created by 5 mega pixel camera and 25 mm and 80 degree performance angle. Moreover Xperia C3 has another spesification, like IPS screen 5.5 inchi , 720p resolution and supported by Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. By those additional features, not only the image quality is increadible but  also by feature “PRO can “ it makes … Click to Continue

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