7 Tips for Extending Your iPhone 4S Battery Life

The iPhone 4S was released in October 2011, selling over 4 million units in its first three days. With a responsive talking voice assistant, upgraded camera features, and a range of other tools, the iPhone 4S is the most versatile iPhone ever released, especially when used in conjunction with an Iphone car kit. While this high-powered device comes with 8 hours of talk time (on a 3G connection), … Click to Continue

A Must Have iPad Accessory For The Kitchen

Do you ever use your iPad in the kitchen?  I do all of the time.  That darn Paprika app has me hooked.  I got an email from a reader who just launched a new iPad accessory that he made because he was trying to find a way to use the iPad in his own kitchen that was not complicated, bulky or obtrusive. … Click to Continue

Improve your mobile gaming experience with GameCase

The invention and development of smartphones has revolutionised the world of mobile gaming. Aided by these smartphones along with the facility of internet, players can play any game of their choice such as angry birds or Roulette Online UK by downloading the same from relevant websites in just few seconds. To take mobile gaming to new heights and to give players an improved mobile gaming … Click to Continue

text to speech apps

Must Have iPad Apps | Text To Speech

Have you ever used any Text to speech iPad apps? They are really great to use if you can get over the fact that you are essentially talking with your iPad.  Recently, I tried a few and found them to be pretty darn amazing.  Here's some that you might want to check out. … Click to Continue

Weather 4D for iPad

Weather 4D For iPad | Adding A Whole New Dimension To Meteorology

Weather 4D for iPad equips you with a decent amount of global weather knowledge at whatever time you care to check it. The Weather 4D for iPad itself is easy to use – simply choose your region, and it’ll download the relevant information. Once this has been selected, you can go into the orbit mode to spin the globe, although unfortunately it’ll only display the weather and temperatures in … Click to Continue


The i-hotake iPad Holder [Plus A Giveway]

Ever seen an iPad holder?  Know what one is?  We have a very unique accessory to show you (and give away) that is something quite different but extremely unique in a very good way. … Click to Continue

iPad App Of The Day | An Amazing Way To Take Notes With Penultimate

Our iPad app of the day is one that you will definitely not want to miss if you like to take notes, keep sketches, brainstorm, or simply jot down an idea. Here's why this is such an amazing app... … Click to Continue

Piggie 1

Piggie for iPad

Another App That Promises To Help You Keep Your Finances In Order, But It’s A Good…. This little Piggie might look cute but he could be a very useful ally in the constant battle to keep your finances under control. This is a very powerful and comprehensive finance app that will enable you to keep track of all your incomings and outgoings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Information is … Click to Continue


Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition/Board/Family/Kids

Bankrupt from the start Monopoly has received numerous computer conversions over the years, and here's yet another one to add to the list. Thankfully, being EA, the presentation of Monopoly Here & Now is extremely polished and nearly makes us forgive the exclusion of popular UK landmarks like Old Kent Road and Oxford Street. Navigating the board is extremely easy for the most part, there's … Click to Continue

iPad Twitter Apps: The Top 3 We Recommend

Twitter apps for the iPad are one of the first things an iPad owner typically wants to install.  These apps are located in the Social Networking category of the App Store and range from free up to $4.99 (at the time of this writing).  While there are many Twitter apps for the iPad, there are 3 that stand out among the others. Here we review them and show how they work (or don't work).  Read on … Click to Continue


Choose The Children’s learning applications Wisely then Be a teacher of Your Own Child

Rapid developments in the technology world these days, is very helpful for everyone in carrying out daily activities . In fact , in educating the children, parents are able to use some of the latest communication technology products , through a various children's learning applications . Many applications are provided by the service provider , which can be used as a learning tool creatively, … Click to Continue

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