blackberry playbook2

Blackberry Playbook 2 , just rumored or really next Project ?

In the middle of many news about BlackBerry from the company that would be sold untill the release of BBM for Android and iOS , Lately there is a news about new product that will be released by Blackberry It’s rumored that BlackBerry is preparing to develop a new device , that’s Blackberry PlayBook  2 . It's quite astonishing, because the sales of first generation tablet a few years ago … Click to Continue

Unable To Redeem An iTunes Gift On Your iPad? | Here’s a Fix

Each week I pick a few subscribers to the blog at random and I ask them if they would like a free app of their choice. I also do this for our Facebook Fans as well.  The standard way to send an app to someone is to "Gift" them the app.  iTunes will send them an email so they can redeem it.  However, last week several people emailed me and said they could not redeem the app using their iPad.  … Click to Continue


Apple recruited Angela Ahrendts , First Woman With The Biggest Salaries in UK

A surprising news was announced by Apple recently , they recruited Angela Ahrendts , CEO of Burberry , to fill the position Apple’s SVP of Retail  that has been empty for along time . This position previously was filled by Ron Johnson before he left Apple to become CEO at JC Penney . Ron Johnson himself was eventually fired after 16 months served as CEO of this company. Johnson's position … Click to Continue


The Multitasking Bar On iPad | iPad Tips & Tutorials

One of the best features of iOS is something you'll probably never notice: the way it dynamically manages memory and background task, closing them if necessary to make more memory available to new applications. What you will notice is how easy it is to switch from one app to another: there's no need to quit one app before you launch another. Instead, you simply move from one to the next and, if … Click to Continue

Protect Your Data by Securing …

Protect Your Data by Securing Your iOS Device … Click to Continue

Steps to Play FLV Files

An FLV file is a binary file format that supplies "bitmapped" video, limited to one video and one audio stream each data. The most well-liked online video players like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, and many information companies make usage of FLV gamers on their sites to provide video material. FLV itself is a phrase. Its full type is Flash Live Video. Among the factors for its … Click to Continue

Cydia Search

iPad Jailbreakers: Browse For Cydia Apps Easier Right From Your Desktop

If you are an iPad jailbreaker (sounds like a club) and you often find yourself struggling to find iPad apps in the Cydia store then you are now in luck because here is a great new way to search for them right from your browser. … Click to Continue

MetalWars images

MetalWars2 For iPad | Action Games

There are few things cooler than stomping around in a massive robotic tank, so it's easy to see why - MetalWars2 might appeal to many gamers. Thankfully, it's not just a cool concept — the game boasts great controls, excellent visuals and compelling gameplay. It also has a neat progression system, thanks to the fact that you can upgrade your meth with new parts and weapons.The lack of a … Click to Continue

Leather iPad Sleeve: Saddleback Leather

When I first bought my iPad a few weeks ago, I was so caught up in playing around with the features that I forgot to get a case for it.  Being a Mac owner and an iPhone owner, I know that a good case is essential in keeping my products protected.  I’m pretty picky, however, when it comes to cases.  I don’t like big, bulky ones that add a lot of weight or unnecessary volume. I don’t like … Click to Continue

People Crazy About Ps4

Everybody now wants PlayStation 4, but stock is limited, so even if they could find the best PS4 Deals still it is not certain whether they would get the delivery before Christmas. But the craze has reached to such a height that customers cannot do without getting the PlayStation 4 come what may. Why this craze? The first reason is the news that the play station 4 has been made to extremities, … Click to Continue

Low Grav Images

Low Grav Race 2 HD for iPad

A fast-paced sci-fi racer for your iPad Low Grav Race 2 HD for iPad : There's 18 tracks included in this hover racer, each with incredible graphics that include detailed track-side scenery and real-time reflections. The vehicles are a mix of floating racing pods, and as you race power-ups appear in the track that enable you to fire an assortment of weapons or receive a speed boost. The Al is … Click to Continue

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