Flight Control Rocket For iPhone

Flight Control Rocket For iPhone

In space, no-one can hear you get frustrated as a cynical business model spoils your fun In the early days of iOS, Flight Control was one of the few titles that stood out and made us believe there was something to this finger-prodding, swipey gaming lark. It arrived without fanfare and proceeded to take over our lives, as we battled to avoid a heart-wrenching mid-air collision between cute little … Click to Continue

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 : This is the cream of the crop when it comes to racing games. No matter the device or console, racing games need to be fluid, run at high frames per second, and feel at least a little realistic in terms of handling and pushing high speeds on the track. Real Racing 2 has that in spades, with a full 1080p resolution on the iPad 2 version that you can wirelessly mirror to an HDTV via … Click to Continue

Managing Your Apps hal-23

How to Use ‘Do Not Disturb’ Option on Your Device

You lead a busy life, so set your iPad not to disturb you or only let in vital messages In iOS 7 Apple introduced Do Not Disturb for all devices, but you should be aware that it was intended for iPhone users above anything else. Hence some options only really apply to iPhone. The idea behind Do Not Disturb was the age old problem of being interrupted by an unwanted call, or had your iOS device … Click to Continue


Now! Fill Out PDF Forms On Your iPad

Have you ever got a PDF on your iPad and began reading it only to find that it had a form with it but you could not fill it out?  A lot more forms are being converted to PDF these days and it's no problem filling these PDF forms out on your laptop or desktop, but when it comes to the iPad you can only read them.  PDF Expert changes that. … Click to Continue

Fast Five for iPad

Fast Five The Movie Official Game for iPad | Fast Five For iPad

Drawing heavily from the mechanics of its Asphalt racing games, Gameloft’s Fast Five for iPad is hefty title that delivers more content than its small asking price suggests. It follows ex-FBI agent Brian O’Conner – played by Paul Walker in the movie – as he pulls off a seemingly small heist, and unknowingly triggers a larger, more deadly chain of events that leads him and his crew to Rio … Click to Continue

Rally Master Images

Rally Master Pro 3D

Enjoy a nice drive in the countryside, by ploughing your car through it The countryside. A green and pleasant oasis in a hectic world some might say, but probably not those who like speeding metal around muddy hairpins and along bone-shattering dirt tracks. We refer, of course, to the most back-to-nature driving experience of all — the rally. The first question you'll want answering is this: … Click to Continue

iphone apps

Busy with Your Work ? Don’t Let it Makes you Left The Information from Social Networking ! Get This Five Best iPhone Apps

iPhone is a classy smartphone that can access  information from all around the world . The phone is also equipped with a variety of applications that will make users comfortable , entertained , as well as impaired . Why ? Because the iPhone is always located in our hand . Surfing the web , social networking , all of things can be done easily through this device . Unfortunately this internet … Click to Continue

Sync Your Firefox or Chrome Bookmarks With Your iPad

If you use Firefox or Google's Chrome on your desktop computer then you probably have all your bookmarks set up how you want them and now you might be trying to figure out how to sync them to the Safari App on the iPad.  Here is a quick and easy way to sync all your Firefox and/or Chrome bookmarks with Safari on the iPad... … Click to Continue


Get Prepared For The Holidays With These Must Have iPad Apps

I just noticed that November is whisking by fairly quickly.  That means one thing. It's time to start thinking about the holidays.  There are a few things that go on during the holidays such as parties, eating, and visiting.  No matter what, food seems to be involved so why not load up that iPad with some great apps to help you with holiday food and drinks?  This will save you a lot of time … Click to Continue

Top 5 iPad YouTube Spoofs

iPad YouTube spoofs pop up just about every week (if not every day) and they provide a pretty good laugh.  Here are the top 5 rated  iPad YouTube spoofs you definitely want to take a look at... … Click to Continue

organize and sync photos on ipad

Organize Photos On iPad And Sync To Lightroom

If you have been wanting to better organize your photos on your iPad and you also use Adobe Lightroom then you now have a brand new option called Photosmith.  Here is what it does and how it may just be one of the best iPad photo apps yet to address photo organizing. … Click to Continue

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