Upgrade with the latest Android mobiles

Android is a linux based operating system for mobile devices developed by the Open Handset Alliance in cooperation with Google. This operating system is used in millions of mobile devices and around 190 countries all over the world. It provides you a world- class platform for designing apps and games for users and an open market to distribute. Every day the android user base is increasing rapidly … Click to Continue

How to sell a broken phone to Apple Shark?

Are you worried over your broken iPhone? Well, fret not! If you are willing to sell your broken iPhone and make use of the cash coming in, then you must think of appleshark.com. The process of selling a broken iPhone at the official website of Apple Shark is very simple. All you need to do is, visit the website www.appleshark.com and click on “sell”. You will instantaneously find a number … Click to Continue


File Your 2010 Taxes On Your iPad With Turbo Tax

Have you filed your taxes yet?  You may want to wait and grab this brand new iPad app from turbo tax because it's one of the best uses of the iPad that I have seen in a long time and it makes filing taxes a breeze. … Click to Continue


A Step by Step Guide to Jailbreaking Your iPad 2!

The news we've all been waiting for is finally here, a tool has been released that will allow iPad 2 owners (and all other iOS 4.3+ device users) to jailbreak their tablets!  This is no unstable beta solution either, this is a full-fledged *untethered* jailbreak.  Even better news, this method is easy to do and doesn't even require you to connect to a traditional computer. … Click to Continue

MagicJack Plus

Meet MagicJack Plus – Great Call Quality, Super Low Price, Shoddy Customer Service

In 2008, Ymax released magicJack, a break through device in the telecommunications industry that offered consumers a brand new idea home phone service. This idea was that phone service didn't have to be offered on a month to month basis but rather could be offered yearly, and for a much lower price. This new device allowed users to make extremely inexpensive phone calls directly from their home … Click to Continue


iPad Cloud Storage Options Compared

I was just talking to a friend that had her laptop stolen.   It was unfortunate but the thieves also stole her external hard drive.  This meant she lost all her most valuable information, music, photos, etc.    Feeling her pain, I was reminded how valuable I find cloud storage these days and thus wanted to explain all your options for cloud storage with your iPad. … Click to Continue

the death of Blackberry

The Death of Blackberry : Fatal Decision Made Blackberry Facing It’s Death

Who can predicted that Blackberry The smartphone that ever found it’s glorious some time ago,recently facing it’s death.BlackBerry slump is felt  increasing lately. in fact, the presence of BlackBerry Messenger to other platforms such as Android and iOS is touted as a suicides step for the company which have a headquarter in Canada . Some expert predicted that BlackBerry will face it’s … Click to Continue


Rotating your homescreen wallpaper on a timer with ‘BossPaper’

The  gorgeous 132dpi screen on your iPad is great for displaying beautiful wallpaper on your homescreen.  It is so great, that you might have trouble choosing one killer background out of your library to hold that position of honor.  However, if you have a jailbroken iPad, you may not have to! … Click to Continue

Bomber ZoneImages

Bomber Zone 2 HD For iPad | Action Games

The main idea behind Bomber is pretty sound. Use up and down movement of the iPad to control your plane and avoid airships, whilst blowing the crap out of the enemy on the ground. Sadly the graphics, sounds and gameplay make this a very pedestrian game. Rather than trying to be skilful through the game, we resorted to simply carpet bombing the entire landscape - which was fun for all of two … Click to Continue

MMA icon

MMA Underground for iPad

The Biggest And Best UFC And MMA App Around? MMA Underground for iPad : Followers of mixed martial arts, stop whatever you're doing and pay attention because the ultimate MMA app has arrived and you need it in your life. You'll get all the latest news from MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship as well as the ability to follow events and result as they happen. You also get access to a vast … Click to Continue

iphone exploded

Need of phone insurance in life

Phones are the basic necessity for almost every one of us in today’s life. They are the perfect modes to stay connected. They are the need of every office, every house, every school and every institution. Not only this, today phones are capable of internet access for sending and receiving files and photos. It is like a small gadget equipped with big and latest technology. Be it a landline phone … Click to Continue

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