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Race Like CANABALT…With Running Games

Running games are a dime a dozen in the App Store—and for good reason. They're fun, incredibly addicting, and basically created for touch devices. Most of these games only require one or two buttons, and the quick-pace means even if you die a dozen times, you'll be back for more as soon as the game loads. Canabalt is the king of these games. It has everything: cutesy pixel graphics, excellent … Click to Continue

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Good administration with the computer system

Everyone who has a website on the internet, definitely expect good grades and visit the many on its website. This is to show the quality of the website. Various software was chosen various parties to get a good position in Google's eyes because then the business prospects to the website can also be said to be good. Computer monitoring powered by Work Examiner will give you more value for the … Click to Continue


How To Use The iPad To Be Super Productive | A Guide

Do you want to be productive? Super productive?  Well, I have a way you can do it using your iPad and it involves using some apps that help you get things done where ever you are.  I'm going to show you how you can take advantage of a few great apps and ways of working to be super productive using your iPad. … Click to Continue

ipad 5 released

iPad 5 will be released at year end

Are you waiting for the arrival of the iPad 5? Certainly for Apple Fansboy already can not wait to fondle the latest tablet from Apple. There seems to be interesting news for you. iPad 5 which is the latest tablet device made ??by Cupertino-based company will reportedly begin exploring the market in the fourth quarter of this year, as reported by Apple Insider (5/9). The news was first out … Click to Continue


The First iPad Business Book And Music Video

There are many iPad books that show you tips and tricks or how to get started using the iPad but what we needed so desperately was a good iPad for business book, and I am happy to say we got that.  The new book by journalist and iPad uber-user Julio Ojeda-Zapata is not just a book on how to use the iPad for business, it's a practical example as well.  Here's the details, an interview and the … Click to Continue


Golfshot: Golf GPS for iPad

With This App Loaded On Your iDevice Can You Improve Your Golfing Game With Ease? Enhancing your golf game is invaluable no matter if you are budding professional or simply a Sunday hobbyist and this application from the aptly titled Shotzoom Software seems to offer you a lot of gaming honing options. The first thing that will strike you about this application is the high price tag, but before … Click to Continue

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How [And Where] To Buy A Refurbished iPad

Here is how (and where) to buy a refurbished iPad. There are many reasons you might want to get a refurb iPad, such as a second one for the kids or as a gift, etc.  It's a more cost effective way to go while still getting a good, quality device. … Click to Continue


How To Use Calendar App In iPad | iPad Basics

Calendar is one of the centrepieces of your iPad. Everybody needs a diary and here's yours - a digital assistant that sync with different calendars. The calendar app is a doddle to use. For example, you can simply swipe between days, drag to create events and just tap a tab to change your view. The process of creating new events is incredibly easy. If you use a web-based calendar you may … Click to Continue


Easy Ways To Get The Most From Your iDevice

Take a Screenshot To capture an image of what's showing on your screen—whether it's Sid's latest droll reply or proof of your highest Fruit Ninja score ever—simply press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously. Voila! The image is saved directly to your photos. Swipe to Delete Want a quick, easy way to delete emails or text threads? Open your Mail or Messages app and … Click to Continue

Daily News Roundup | iPad News From The Wire | July 26th, 2010

Today's daily news roundup include two stories that are sure to be of interest for all iPad owners and those that will be thinking about the Holidays (yes, it's sad to say but it's never too early).... … Click to Continue

iphone 5c

Fact about iPhone 5C : it’s not a Garbage , it’s Just a Fullcolour Smartphone

" We never had the intention for selling a cheap phone . Our main goal is to sell a classy mobile and give a great experience . Just we find the ways to do that with  a lower cost . " Those were the words that said by Tim Cook  in an interview with Bloomberg ( 19/9 ) , with Head of Design , Jony Ive , and Software Chief , Craig Federighi . Indeed , many people who complain with a price tag … Click to Continue

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