iWatch Will Produce on November, By AMOLED And Safir Flexible Screen

  “Apple iwatch reoprted thet they will produce iWatch as much as they can until November end”, said KGI Securities analysis Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo, is popular one because he has track record about Apple and based on his notes, he predicted that iWatch will produce on September and November. “ We have supported that time prediction of iWatch production on the last September until mid / … Click to Continue

iPad Apps for Special needs

Best iPad Apps For Special Needs

Here are the best iPad apps for those with special needs or with special education needs.  Technology has come very far in helping out those who face various challenges each day and this is a great thing because for those helping and for those who are challenged, it means there are new ways to approach learning and communicating.  Here are some of the best iPad apps for the those with special … Click to Continue

nexus 5

Motorola Nexus 5, will be released in Q4 2013?

Through a Google + social networking accounts, Taylor Wimberly, a former editor for AndroidandMe believed to know all the information from Motorola says Motorola released the next generation of smartphones Nexus, the Motorola Nexus 5. "Motorola will release the Nexus smartphone in Q4 (which is not the Moto X)," the statement Taylor Wimberly on Google + account From the statement predicted … Click to Continue


RIM Introduces The BlackBerry Playbook | Details And Specs

RIM announced the Blackberry Playbook today.  It's quite impressive.  The tablet will utilize an Operating System created by the recently acquired QNX.  The tablet will offer full OpenGL and POSIX support alongside web standards such as HTML5 and Flash.  Here are the details, specs and information about the Playbook which is expected in early 2011. … Click to Continue


Increase Your Productivity with Newlook of iWork and iLife

Recently,Apple announced The new look of iWork and iLife lines in iOS and OS X. This was done in order to bring the supporting system for their 2 new operating systems, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks . For iWork , Pages now comes with a new design , in order to facilitate your work with this application . same with Numbers . Eddy Cue when presenting this lines  application update said that his team … Click to Continue


How To Make Free Calls Right From Your iPad

Would you like to use your iPad as a phone?  How about making free calls using your iPad?  Now you might not want to hold it up to your ear for fear of complete embarrassment but you can use a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone and this really great app to make free phone calls right over the Internet.  Here's the details. … Click to Continue

5 Ecommerce Blogs You Need to Follow

In the modern era of smartphones and tablet computers, newspapers and magazines in the physical paper-form are becoming a thing of the past as people opt to read on the go on devices that fit neatly in their hands despite the cramped trains and trams they ride during their daily commutes and between bites of their sandwiches during lunch breaks. More and more people are consuming news and … Click to Continue


Upgrade with the latest Android mobiles

Android is a linux based operating system for mobile devices developed by the Open Handset Alliance in cooperation with Google. This operating system is used in millions of mobile devices and around 190 countries all over the world. It provides you a world- class platform for designing apps and games for users and an open market to distribute. Every day the android user base is increasing rapidly … Click to Continue

How to sell a broken phone to Apple Shark?

Are you worried over your broken iPhone? Well, fret not! If you are willing to sell your broken iPhone and make use of the cash coming in, then you must think of appleshark.com. The process of selling a broken iPhone at the official website of Apple Shark is very simple. All you need to do is, visit the website www.appleshark.com and click on “sell”. You will instantaneously find a number … Click to Continue


File Your 2010 Taxes On Your iPad With Turbo Tax

Have you filed your taxes yet?  You may want to wait and grab this brand new iPad app from turbo tax because it's one of the best uses of the iPad that I have seen in a long time and it makes filing taxes a breeze. … Click to Continue


A Step by Step Guide to Jailbreaking Your iPad 2!

The news we've all been waiting for is finally here, a tool has been released that will allow iPad 2 owners (and all other iOS 4.3+ device users) to jailbreak their tablets!  This is no unstable beta solution either, this is a full-fledged *untethered* jailbreak.  Even better news, this method is easy to do and doesn't even require you to connect to a traditional computer. … Click to Continue

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