Windows 8 Released: The Re-Creation of Windows for Tablets

While the full operating system is not fully released, we have seen that Windows 8 is already available in the market. It was released as ‘the re-creation of Windows’ and not as Windows 8.The operating system was launched as an operating system for tablets that can also work on desktops and laptops. This is certainly not would most of us would have expected. The operating system was officially … Click to Continue


Don’t Let Your Current Smart Phone Keep You from Embracing the Future

Does it s feel like you're Alice, and you just fell down the rabbit hole? It really can feel like we’re living in a surreal world, where new tablets and smart phones are dancing in midair, enticing us with all the latest features and possibilities. How surreal can it get? Just this week alone, Apple, which is the largest public company in the world by valuation, and a leader in all the latest … Click to Continue

iPad 2 For Business

Applications of iPad 2 For Business

Have you been considering the option of purchasing an Apple iPad 2 for business purpose, and been thinking about its utility for business? This article would serve as a guide for understanding why Apple iPad 2 makes a robust device for conducting different business actions. Apple iPad 2 made whopping revenue from 1.5 million worth sales last year, and intends to double the sale this year, which is … Click to Continue


Black Friday And Cyber Monday iPad Apps And Resources

Ok. I'll admit it, I have never been one to do a lot of online shopping. But a recent experience at the mall led me down the path to believe that online shopping is the way to go. With the iPad, it's an even better experience to shop online since you can relax at home and get practically everything you need.  Now, even if you are not in a part of the world that celebrates Thanksgiving, you can … Click to Continue


2XL ATV Off Road – iPad Racing Game

Rallying in cars is one thing, but doing it on quad bikes or ATVs is a recipe for a trip to the hospital. Luckily, there's nothing more than your game-playing pride to hurt in this feature-rich racer. This is fast and furious with excellent graphics and well balanced gameplay that starts with easy opposition before ramping the difficulty level up. The game is all about throttle, brake and tilt … Click to Continue


iBook Advanced Guides

iBooks is a fantastic way to buy and read books. The App is free to download via the App store, you  can then browse a massive variety of books from classics to best-sellers all in the built-in iBookStore. Finding Books When you download iBooks you get some free books with it to start enjoying the App. But to get more you can use the built-in iBookstore. To browse, you can pick a category … Click to Continue

Line Runner icon

Race Like CANABALT…With Running Games

Running games are a dime a dozen in the App Store—and for good reason. They're fun, incredibly addicting, and basically created for touch devices. Most of these games only require one or two buttons, and the quick-pace means even if you die a dozen times, you'll be back for more as soon as the game loads. Canabalt is the king of these games. It has everything: cutesy pixel graphics, excellent … Click to Continue

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Good administration with the computer system

Everyone who has a website on the internet, definitely expect good grades and visit the many on its website. This is to show the quality of the website. Various software was chosen various parties to get a good position in Google's eyes because then the business prospects to the website can also be said to be good. Computer monitoring powered by Work Examiner will give you more value for the … Click to Continue


How To Use The iPad To Be Super Productive | A Guide

Do you want to be productive? Super productive?  Well, I have a way you can do it using your iPad and it involves using some apps that help you get things done where ever you are.  I'm going to show you how you can take advantage of a few great apps and ways of working to be super productive using your iPad. … Click to Continue

ipad 5 released

iPad 5 will be released at year end

Are you waiting for the arrival of the iPad 5? Certainly for Apple Fansboy already can not wait to fondle the latest tablet from Apple. There seems to be interesting news for you. iPad 5 which is the latest tablet device made ??by Cupertino-based company will reportedly begin exploring the market in the fourth quarter of this year, as reported by Apple Insider (5/9). The news was first out … Click to Continue


The First iPad Business Book And Music Video

There are many iPad books that show you tips and tricks or how to get started using the iPad but what we needed so desperately was a good iPad for business book, and I am happy to say we got that.  The new book by journalist and iPad uber-user Julio Ojeda-Zapata is not just a book on how to use the iPad for business, it's a practical example as well.  Here's the details, an interview and the … Click to Continue

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