Improve Your Entire Life With This Utility App

Would you like to improve your life?  Sure you would.  How about an app that provides you with some of life's best remedies and it's available anytime you need it?  If you ever had a grandparent or knew a grandparent that always seemed to have just the right solution to just about any life problem then you'll want to pay attention. … Click to Continue


Apple Launching its new iPad – Is it Going to Hit The Spot?

Apple’s new iPad: Another news from Apple – Apple will be launching its new iPad on October 23rd 2012, in San Jose, California. People are looking forward to this event, and are expecting a new iPad, MacBook, and Mac Air. How different is it going to be: People are expecting this upcoming model of iPad to be a lot different than the past three generations of iPad. There are a … Click to Continue

iOS 4.3 For iPad 2

iOS 4.3 For iPad 2 Features

Along with the other great iPad 2 features and information there is iOS 4.3 that will be arriving on March 11, 2011.  This update to iOS will bring some really nice new features and enhancements to the current iOS 4.2.  Here's what you can expect in iOS 4.3 for your new iPad 2. … Click to Continue

How To Use iCloud

Wondering How To Use iCloud?

Apple’s new iCloud service has the potential to be really cool. If you’ve been wondering how to use iCloud and what type of cool things it may be useful for you’re in for a treat. With Apple’s new iCloud service you can store music, photos, documents, and all kinds of data wirelessly, in ‘the cloud’, or more accurately, in the iCloud. Seamlessly push your data to all your devices … Click to Continue


Type With Emoji Emoticons | iPad Features

Apparently a picture is worth a thousand words, and although cartoonish emoticons might not be the most beautifully images on the planet, we reckon they're still worth a few dozen - especially in the limited character count of a text or Tweet. To send smiley faces with a bit more personality than a simple colon and parenthesis can offer, as well as loads of other weird and wonderful icons, just … Click to Continue

ways to organize apps

Ways To Organize Apps With Folders and Multiple Screens

The most common way of arranging apps on iPad or iPhone would be to press and hold an icon until it starts to move about and 'jiggle'. These are some extension ways to organize apps with folders and multiple screen. Move and Arrange What to arrange your apps in a different order? Tap and hold on any icon until they all 'jiggle'. You can now drag any of them around - the other will slide out of … Click to Continue

10 Things You Never Want To Do To Your iPad

Instructions for the care and use of your iPad.  Here are 10 things you never want to do or you might end up needing a new one... … Click to Continue


Spend $35 And Display Your iPad’s Entire Screen

Have you ever wanted to project your iPad's entire screen up on a large screen?  Perhaps for a demo or a training session on how to use the iPad?  Well thanks to Christopher Breen over at Macworld, you can now do this for the low price of $31 and a little bit of jailbreaking.  Here's how it's done. … Click to Continue

Tweetbot For iPad

Tweetbot for iPhone

We've long been fans of Tweetbot for iPhone, the stylish and unique Twitter client from developer Tapbots (which we reviewed back in June 2011) - our only question being, when will it come to the iPad? The wait is over, and we're finally able to enjoy Tweetbot's unique style on the iPad. If you see a tweet in your timeline that's a reply to another user, you can swipe to the right to view the … Click to Continue

use youtube offline on ipad

How To View YouTube Videos Offline

Do you ever have a situation where you would like to view a YouTube video offline?  Perhaps for a client presentation or an upcoming plane ride.  Or you might even have some favorite YouTube videos you want to share with friends and family but there is no WiFi network and 3G is spotty or non-existent.  Here's how you can now save your YouTube videos for offline viewing. … Click to Continue


Personalised News Apps | iPad Apps

Trying to stay on the top of the news via the Internet could be a full-time job if you're not careful. Simply trawling through site after site in Safari looking for interesting or relevant information can be a real chore, which is why it pays to employ the services of an app or two to help drill down the real nittygritty of what interest you without losing you off from potential new sources and … Click to Continue

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