Golfshot: Golf GPS for iPad

With This App Loaded On Your iDevice Can You Improve Your Golfing Game With Ease? Enhancing your golf game is invaluable no matter if you are budding professional or simply a Sunday hobbyist and this application from the aptly titled Shotzoom Software seems to offer you a lot of gaming honing options. The first thing that will strike you about this application is the high price tag, but before … Click to Continue


Paper Desk

Create Your Own Digital Notebook Via Your iPad PaperDesk is a fantastic app for the iPad that allows users to create digital notebooks from scratch on their iPad. Yet this isn't all that you can do with the application, there are many features and interesting options for you to play around with and we feel that this app is a little more special than a lot of the other notebook apps in the Pad app … Click to Continue

How To Use iPhone 4S | Activate The iPhone

How To Use iPhone 4S | Activate The iPhone

In past years, to activate the iPhone (or any other iOS device), you’d have to tether it to your Mac or PC and launch iTunes; not so with the iPhone 4S. Instead, you can set things up directly on the device itself—no computer need ever be involved. Once you’ve unboxed your iPhone, turn it on by pressing the On/Off switch. You’re greeted with a welcome screen displaying a slider … Click to Continue

iPad Network Tools

10 Ways The iPad Can Be The Ultimate IT Tool | Network Toolkit

System Administrators work hard.  I should know as I've done network engineering work for over  a decade.  As an IT professional will tell you, access to system information 24/7 is critical.  For years, backs were broken lugging around laptops, cables, adapters, etc.  But with the iPad, things are different.  Here, we explore 10 ways that you can use the iPad to help you monitor your … Click to Continue

Tetris iCon

TETRIS for iPad

Do You Really Need Another Version Of Tetris? Of Course You Do! When Alexey Pajitnov came up with the idea of game that involved interlocking geometric shapes falling down a screen and disappearing when a complete line was formed he can't possibly have realised that he'd just devised what would become the single most universal, omnipresent video game in the history of, well, video games. The name … Click to Continue

Benefits of Recycling Empty Printer Cartridges

If you have to use your printer regularly then you might be troubled with the fact that the ink cartridges can get empty way too soon. If you are purchasing branded cartridges then it will drain much of your money. Refilling the ink cartridges is going to be a recurring expense, which you cannot avoid if you have no other option. But a good thing is that you won’t have to waste money on … Click to Continue

The Danish Market For Mobile Phones

Trends Being Seen If you look at the Danish market for mobiles, the popularity of the smartphones has increased from the year 2012. There are a growing number of consumers who use smartphones today. These are devices that are popular among the young people as well as with adults. Those who use smartphones use them for a number of purposes. While the primary need for any mobile device is to talk … Click to Continue

Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Words With Friends : Chances are, any given iPhone has Words With Friends downloaded on it. Zynga's run¬away hit found the sweet spot among word game enthusiasts when it came over to iOS in 2009, making the iump from the web browser and Facebook to the iPhone and iPad. The asynchronous, turn-taking mode with push notifications set the standard for these types of multiplayer games. Players match … Click to Continue

DukeNukem icon

Duke Nukem For iPad

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum A perfect port of the original Duke Nukem PC game - one-liners and humour fully intact - this is a classic example of when control methods don't quite live up to expectations. The game offers the choice of analogue or digital on-screen controls, the analogue controls bordering the screen as buttons and the digital method appearing as two control sticks … Click to Continue

Lego Creationary Images

LEGO Creationary For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

With Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter and Lego Indiana Jones all hitting stores within the last couple of years, you'd be forgiven for thinking a certain child's toy is making somewhat of a comeback. Instead, the ironic humour behind a man composed of tiny pieces literally falling apart has risen anew, leaving Lego's more traditional role — giving children an easy introduction to how … Click to Continue


Auto Save and Versions,You Won’t Lose Your Work Again | Mac Basics

Thank's to OS X, lost work could become a thing of the past. Barring catastrophic failure of the hard drive, you need no longer worry about losing stuff of things go wrong. This is because OS X now has two clever system built into it: Auto Save and Version. Provided you're using an app that has support for these two features built in, OS X automatically saves what you do as you go along. If you … Click to Continue

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