iPad Bluetooth Speakers For Wireless Freedom

There are all kinds of iPad speakers.  You can get external iPad speakers. You can get portable iPad speakers that are small and light. You can also get iPad speaker docks and plug your iPad right into the speaker unit.  But there is another type of speaker that you might want to check out and it's completely wireless. iPad Bluetooth Speakers Since your iPad is Bluetooth enabled it works … Click to Continue

Save Your iPhone 4S Battery

How To Save Your iPhone 4S Battery

We know that the iPhone 4S's battery life leaves much to be desired. But there are several settings you can tinker with to help it last as long as possible. Sure, I've heard the protests: "If you turn off d the features, all you have left is a regular phone — what's the point of having an iPhone if you don't get all the bells and whistles along with it?" To that I say, just be judicious about … Click to Continue

Hiring a local or a global SEO: Which is better?

Search Engine Optimization has become a must for every business that desires to have success online, irrespective of its location, size and the type of products and services, which they deal in. SEO services can be availed in plenty, either local or global. Most entrepreneurs are confused as to which service they would use to enhance their online business. But, with some tips and understanding, it … Click to Continue

iPad 4.2.1 Jailbreak

Easy iPad Jailbreak 4.2.1 With RedsnOw

When I first started writing this tutorial I was writing for 4.1 as it was anyone??™s guess when iOS 4.2 would be released by Apple. Well Just before publishing this Apple decided to push out 4.2.1 today. So here I am rewriting my premiere tutorial on jailbreaking the iPad with iOS 4.2.1.?  And pay no attention to my tears due to deleting my 4.1 tutorial. custom essay writing service … Click to Continue Logo’s iOS App Gets Useful Voice To Text Feature

On occasion, users of the iPhone and the iPad and to a less degree the iPod Touch forget that one of the truly big draws of the iDevices is that they are portable devices that can provide all sorts of benefits to the man or woman on the go.  And one of those benefits is the use of the Dictionary.  Here's how it just got better. … Click to Continue

Groupon HD For iPad

Groupon Arrives On The iPad | How To Use It

Groupon has now arrived on the iPad which is great news but if you have never used it, then you might be wondering what it is.  Here's more information on Groupon, how to use it to save money, and the new HD version. … Click to Continue

iPhone text spy

Spying iPhone for Preventing Leakage of Company Information

If your employee is thinking that you cannot catch hold of his act of leaking information to your competitors just because he has an iPhone, he is absolutely wrong. By using iPhone text spy software, you can very easily track down such employees. There are many employees who resort to unscrupulous means for earning money quickly which is why they do not even think once before indulging in such … Click to Continue

iPad painting app

Use The iPad And The iPhone Together With Remote Palette

You can now use the iPad and the iPhone together to make art.  Awhile back there was a game released which let you use the iPhone to "throw darts" while the iPad acted as the dart board.  There are also other iPad games which use both the iPad and iPhone to play the game (such as scrabble).  But this time, it's all about art. … Click to Continue

iPad EMail Setup

Configure POP3 Email Account on iPad | iPad EMail Setup

POP3 email accounts differ from web-based accounts in many ways. POP3 email accounts are commonly provided by companies that offer Internet service you pay for, such as Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, and the like. You can also have a POP3 email account from a place where you work or go to school, or from a dedicated email host. These are often referred to as email providers, but can still be POP3 … Click to Continue

Smash Cops For iPhone

Smash Cops For iPhone

Police chases are fun, but is e fir to wear the silver badge? Smash Cops For iPhone  : You know a game's not taking itself entirely seriously when `Suspect arrested!' is splashed across the screen shortly after you've rammed a fleeing car so hard, it flies into the air and lands on its roof. But then, Smash Cops isn't about doing it by the book — instead it has a rather smashy-oriented sense … Click to Continue


How To Enjoy The Oscar’s On Your iPad

The ultimate Hollywood event is coming on Sunday February 27th, 2011 and instead of trying to catch all the important information your TV, why not use your iPad for "insider" information?  You can do that with Oscar Backstage Pass.  Here's what you get. … Click to Continue

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