GroupShot For iPhone

GroupShot For iPhone

Now it's easy to take group photos without one person ruining it all for the rest of you! The idea of GroupShot is simple: take a bunch of similar photos of a group of people, and combine the best bits from each one to create the perfect group shot, yep, without a little thing called Photoshop! So if you've got an almost-super shot but with one person blinking, you can just replace their head in … Click to Continue

Opera Mini For iPad | Web Browser For iPad

Web Browser For iPad

Sure, Mobile Safari got lots of great upgrades when iOS 5 dropped. Reading List is nice, even if it's really just a quick, temporary bookmark list. Reader is where the real action is, stripping all the extraneous Internet out of the way. Private Browsing? Welcome to 2005's version of Safari on your iMac running Tiger. Tabbed browsing? Not so fast, little guy. Unless you're playing with the big … Click to Continue


Recent Growth of eCommerce- An Inside Look!

Without a doubt online merchandising is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It offers convenience that is not offered by brick and mortar stores. Using the internet consumers can easily compare prices, order goods, read reviews and see products in action, without ever having to leave their home. The internet offers more information on good and services than people could ever access … Click to Continue

MMA icon

MMA Underground for iPad

The Biggest And Best UFC And MMA App Around? MMA Underground for iPad : Followers of mixed martial arts, stop whatever you're doing and pay attention because the ultimate MMA app has arrived and you need it in your life. You'll get all the latest news from MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship as well as the ability to follow events and result as they happen. You also get access to a vast … Click to Continue

Tuneup Media - iTune

The Only iTunes App You Need For Your Music Collection And Much More | TuneUp Media

There's no need to have your music a mess on your computer these day. Using an iTunes app to clean up and organize all your music is the way to go. Although, this iTunes add-on has been around for a while -- Now, it's upgraded to make the best of the world of music. TuneUp Media has done it again. Several years ago they created this iTune app to keep your music collect in order, now it does … Click to Continue


Spider-Man : Total Mayhem HD For iPad | Adventure Games

We're pretty sure that there isn't a decent computer format out there that hasn't had a Spider-Man game or two made for it. So, we can understand why consumers can treat the release of yet another game featuring the world's most famous web-clinger with a little indifference. Those of you that fall into this category need to seriously rekindle your faith in that little radioactive spider that bit … Click to Continue


Organize and Sort Your iPad Photos With Photo-Sort

Organizing and sorting photos on the iPad, even with iOS 4.2, is still in need of improvement.  The default photo app on the iPad is great for viewing photos but when it comes to organizing or sorting them, you will start to see the limitations quickly.  Here is a much better solution. … Click to Continue


Best Gadget 2013 : from Smartphone to Playstation

Not felt,the year 2013 will pass soon. not felt too , many new gadgets have been released by the vendor with specifications ranging from the ordinary to enchanting . Various innovations continues to be made by the developer of the technology world to bring the best of the best gadgets . The gadget lovers then was got confusion because so many gadgets that are claimed to be the best in this year . … Click to Continue

Urbanspoon for iPad

Urbanspoon For iPad | Find The Best Restaurants Around You

How many times have you spent 45 minutes playing the “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” game with your spouse, your friends, or your workmates? I hate that game, and can’t event begin to tell you how much, but Urbanspoon for iPad can change that. The basic premise of the app is to let you find a restaurant by randomly choosing from various  cuisines, price points, and different … Click to Continue


3 New iPad Keyboard Cases To Check Out

There might be times when you want to have an iPad case that comes with a built-in keyboard.  The reason is that it's a lot easier to compose documents on an iPad using an external keyboard as opposed to using the on-screen version.  Now you can definitely get an external keyboard such as the Apple Keyboard dock or the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard but some people want all of this functionality built … Click to Continue

iPad Dropbox

iPad Dropbox And Cloud Sevices

In case you're out of the loop and still haven't owed any of the dozen "CoolGuy87 invites you to join Dropbox" emails lingering in your inbox, all he wants is for you to join the best-established file syncing and online backup service free-99 can buy. iPad Dropbox creates a folder (aptly called Dropbox), the contents of which it backs up to its own cloud server and syncs to any other device on … Click to Continue

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