How To Restore, Restart Or Reset Your iPad

Do you know how to restore, restart or reset your iPad? Do you know the difference between the three?  This is one of the most valuable things you can know how to do with your iPad because it is also one of those skills that you can take with you and use when your iPad stops responding or for some reason completely freezes.  … Click to Continue

iPad Apps For Network Admins

Essential iPad Apps For Network And System Admins | Your Network Toolkit

Are you an Network or System Admin and wondering just how the iPad can benefit you or be of value?  Perhaps you already have an iPad and you want to know what you can do with it to make your IT job easier.  Here are some essential iPad apps you can use to do just that. … Click to Continue


What Do You Think Of These 5 New Must Have iPad Apps?

Have you seen these 5 new must-have iPad apps?  Here they are.  It seems like iPad apps roll off the presses in droves each day and it's hard to keep up on all the new and changed stuff so we are bringing you this article so you can see some of the latest and greatest apps.  We think these are pretty darn valuable and represent some of the best in what Developers are working on. … Click to Continue

iPad PDF Readers | How To Download PDF’s On Your iPad

Are you wondering how to download PDF Files to your iPad?  This article shows you how several popular PDF readers will help you get PDF's onto your iPad … Click to Continue

iPad financial app

How To Make Better Financial Decisions With Your iPad

If there are two things that help make the iPad useful it would be helping you balance your checkbook and then setting up a plan for paying off your debt.  Ideally, these go hand in hand since getting your checkbook balanced means that you can then focus on a pay off plan for any loans you might have.  Here are two ways to do that. … Click to Continue

Army of Darkness images

Army of Darkness for iPad

It’s The Evil Dead mixed with castle defence gameplay! Army of Darkness for iPad : Fan of the Evil Dead films? If so, you'll get a real kick out of this game. It's loosely based on the Evil Dead universe, and sees Ash Williams battle hordes of the undead with a variety of weapons. This is a castle defence game with a side-on view. That means the majority of the gameplay sees you dash forward … Click to Continue

lenovo s650

Review Lenovo S650, Unique Casing Design and Full Customization

    Lenovo launch 4.7 inchi smartphone which support platform Android Jelly Bean for domestic market. S650 smartphone powered by quad core 1.3GHz. Design Dimension : 138 x 69.8 x 8.8 mm, weight : 126 gr; Price Black phone : $154.79 White phone : $149.79             Lenovo S 920 one of S series made from plastic and has black color in the front and silver on … Click to Continue


scarry game for iOS , Prepare your Halloween

ios not only presents a light and funny game , but also spooky games , which can make your Halloween this time more tense and can raise up your adrenaline . and this opportunity we will talk about the scarry game for iOS that can be enjoyed during this halloween.Here are them: 1 . Year Walk Year Walk , spooky game that will take you the streets for solving puzzles in the Swedish forest about … Click to Continue

iPhone 5 Features

iPhone 5 Features | Enough to Impress Any Tech Guru

The new iPhone 5 has arrived and people are very excited. This phone has been a year in the making. New iPhone 5 Features include a slimmer design, a faster chip and a larger display. Battery life hasn't been sacrificed in the making of this new phone and Apple has reconfigured the headphones so they are very comfortable and sound great. You won't believe what is housed in this incredible little … Click to Continue


Why Social Networks Will Not Kill Your Blog?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype either you are buying a new cell phone or laptop with inbuilt windows or even a tablet of any company in all these products’ features you surely will find at least one application designed for the use of social networking via phone it mostly are for Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. And how can we ignore the fact that almost 5 billion cell phone users are out … Click to Continue


Top 5 Camera Phones

With all the smart phones now out, not to mention the new iPhone 4S (and the iPhone 5 on its heels), along with a zillion new HTC models, the techno race for the best camera phone is clearly on. But with so much to choose from these days, have you found yourself wondering which really is the best camera phone? The winner is debatable, but if you’re a photo-phone junkie or if you just want the … Click to Continue

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