Memory Map 1

Memory Map for iPad

Gain Access To A Huge Range Of Reasonably Priced Local Area Maps And Charts Fancy turning your iPad into an outdoor GPS navigation unit that enables you to access Ordnance Survey maps and many other full colour topographical maps, marine and aviation charts as well? If you're the outward bound type, the chances are you're probably nodding at this point. Ok then, Memory-Map, you have our … Click to Continue

Melodica images

Melodica For iPad & iPhone

Make beautiful music with a tap of your finger We were expecting to find this music-making application a bit of a waste of time for such a small fee but after one play we were hooked. Effectively, Melodica is a just a grid of small squares. Once you touch a square it is illuminated and at a specific time it is highlighted and plays a note. As you illuminate more squares you begin creating rhythm … Click to Continue

London mobile agency is something to sing about

In a world where mobile is fast outpacing desktop, it’s easy to get left behind as your online marketing strategy is no longer as effective and starts gathering e-cobwebs. A mobile agency in London provides effective solutions for brands to get mobile and reach the apex of developing mobile technologies. Yodel Mobile has been around since 2007 and develops mobile communications solutions for … Click to Continue


Rotating your homescreen wallpaper on a timer with ‘BossPaper’

The  gorgeous 132dpi screen on your iPad is great for displaying beautiful wallpaper on your homescreen.  It is so great, that you might have trouble choosing one killer background out of your library to hold that position of honor.  However, if you have a jailbroken iPad, you may not have to! … Click to Continue


iPad Configuration Utility And Configuration Profiles

If you have an iPad or more than one iPad and you need to use them in your place of business then you will probably want to consider using the iPad configuration utility.  This is a series of XML files that contain common configuration information that each iPad gets and uses to work within your business. … Click to Continue

Engaging and Appealing Online Games

Online games are gaining enormous popularity and the demand for some variety of games are never ceasing. A lot of online sites specialize in offering many different types of games. Free games and paid games are the two main versions of online games. There are also categories including direct web browser games and download games. It is up to players to choose the variety in which they are … Click to Continue

iPad Project Management | How To Use Your iPad To Manage Your Projects

Using the iPad to manage all your projects both large and small can be both valuable and a huge time saver.  Here's how to make your iPad the ultimate project management tool... … Click to Continue


Top 5 Things of iOs6 That you should Know

Apple at World Wide Developers Convention (WWDC) 2012 inducted their latest contributions to the Apple’s portfolio; new software, new hardware and the world’s most dominant mobile operating system for iOS lovers.  iOS 6 would be supported from the iPhone 3GS and above, iPad 2, the new iPad and 4th and 5th generation iPod touch.   The new iOS 6 promises over 200 new features … Click to Continue


VOIP and Skype: The Latest Battle Between Apple and Microsoft

Business phone systems using are already very big business. VOIP-based communications are fast becoming the norm for everyone in business. Even without substantial investment, many companies are using software applications to make the most of VOIP (Voice/Video Over Internet Protocol). Skype has penetrated the consumer market very quietly over the last few years. Do you know anyone who is not using … Click to Continue

iPad Apps For Network Admins

Essential iPad Apps For Network And System Admins | Your Network Toolkit

Are you an Network or System Admin and wondering just how the iPad can benefit you or be of value?  Perhaps you already have an iPad and you want to know what you can do with it to make your IT job easier.  Here are some essential iPad apps you can use to do just that. … Click to Continue

MonkeyIsland2 images

The Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition For iPad | Adventure Games

We're not sure why it's taken so long for LucasArts to realise that it's sitting on a back catalogue gold mine, but we're glad it has finally seen the light. Indeed, with its swanky new high-definition visuals, amazing voice acting and truly excellent audio, this is LucasArts' hilarious adventure but as you've never seen or heard it before. The iPhone's screen makes walking around and interacting … Click to Continue

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