iPhone 5 Features | Truth or Rumor?

All the new iPhone 5 features you wanted to know about. As soon as Apple rolls out the iPhone 5, we’ll all know for sure what it has in it, but in the meantime we have to depend on leaks and rumors. Here are the ones we can verify as truths about the new iPhone 5 features, we hope. Improve Security Apple announced the buyout of AuthenTec, Inc., which is a provider of mobile security … Click to Continue

Star Legend For iPad

Star Legend For iPad

Star Legend For iPad : Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games are difficult to replicate on the iPad and iPhone, as evidenced by their almost complete absence. Rising to the top of such a challeng­ing genre is Star Legends, a sci-fi themed MMO. It keeps the interface and control complexity down, offering easy access to new and experienced players alike. There are strong ties to the community as … Click to Continue

Angry Bird For iPhone

Angry Birds Space For iPhone

Pigs still can't fly, but they've gone intergalactic Angry Birds Space For iPhone : So, the birds are back. Of course they are, given the popularity of their original outing - familiar to everyone from foetuses to your gran, Angry Birds is the most downloaded and paid-for iOS app ever. Hell, there are even plans for Angry Birds theme parks! There must have been a real temptation to just crank … Click to Continue


Google Docs Desktop Version Now For iPad

Google has just made an announcement that their ever popular Google Docs cloud-based applications are now available directly on the iPad as the desktop version (along with the mobile version).  Here are the features you can expect to see. … Click to Continue


Getting Around Your iPad In Style With “Activator”

Tablet computing is all about convenience, and getting stuff done faster than it has been done before.  By now you have probably figured out that there aren't too many shortcuts built into Apple's iOS, presumably for simplicity's sake.  If you're looking to add a couple gesture controls or shortcuts to your jailbroken iPad, "Activator" from the BigBoss repository is the Cydia package for you!   … Click to Continue

ipaddaily move to tcgeeks

Our Blog Move Is Complete | iPaddaily is now TCGeeks (tablet computer geeks)

We have moved our iPaddaily.com content and pages all over to our new domain name which is TCGeeks (Tablet Computer Geeks)!  Same great content, same focus, just a new name so we don't get into issues down the road over the use of the word "ipad".  If you follow us on Twitter (and we thank you), please note we have a new twitter account @tc_geeks and we have a new facebook page.  Please follow … Click to Continue


Learning from Your Computer Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, with so much of our lives in a digital format we can now expose ourselves to a loss of data and even theft of our personal information. It is even more important to avoid costly computer mistakes if you are relying on your computer for income (even if it is just for keeping records). So what are the most common computer problems? • Not backing up … Click to Continue

Blackberry PlayBook Reviews

Blackberry PlayBook Review Roundup

The Blackberry PlayBook reviews have just started to come in and so far it is getting a massive thumbs up except for a few minor areas.  I recently wrote an article on why I feel the PlayBook will be a serious competitor to the iPad 2 and now I am even more convinced of that.  Here are some highlights of the reviews. … Click to Continue

Sid Meier's Pirates images

Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad | Action Games

While iDevices are known for their revivals of classic games, this isn't the 1987 edition of Sid Meier's Pirates! that you may remember, but the lesser known 2004 remake. The app features much better visuals than the original and it retains the gameplay that made Meier's simulation so popular to begin with. For those who've never played Pirates!, expect a deep and varied experience that's … Click to Continue

playing videos

Video Playback Tips

Play Videos On Your iPad. With its large, crisp HD screen, the iPad is the perfect mobile platform for watching videos. You can choose to play your own videos captured on your iPhone, etc, or you can buy or rent movies from iTunes. Playing Videos To begin playing one of the videos on your iPad, touch the Videos icon on the home screen , and then choose a category from the options that are … Click to Continue

Full Force

Fit iPhone apps to your iPad screen with “Full Force”

You are browsing through the App Store on your iPad, searching for the next killer app.  Suddenly, you find it!  Everything from its icon to its description screams awesome, but then it hits you like a ton of bricks, this app is designed for the iPhone's  960x640 resolution screen.  Regardless of its killer content, you're going to have to suffer through an extremely clunky and pixelated … Click to Continue

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