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MetalWars2 For iPad | Action Games

There are few things cooler than stomping around in a massive robotic tank, so it's easy to see why - MetalWars2 might appeal to many gamers. Thankfully, it's not just a cool concept — the game boasts great controls, excellent visuals and compelling gameplay. It also has a neat progression system, thanks to the fact that you can upgrade your meth with new parts and weapons.The lack of a … Click to Continue

Leather iPad Sleeve: Saddleback Leather

When I first bought my iPad a few weeks ago, I was so caught up in playing around with the features that I forgot to get a case for it.  Being a Mac owner and an iPhone owner, I know that a good case is essential in keeping my products protected.  I’m pretty picky, however, when it comes to cases.  I don’t like big, bulky ones that add a lot of weight or unnecessary volume. I don’t like … Click to Continue

People Crazy About Ps4

Everybody now wants PlayStation 4, but stock is limited, so even if they could find the best PS4 Deals still it is not certain whether they would get the delivery before Christmas. But the craze has reached to such a height that customers cannot do without getting the PlayStation 4 come what may. Why this craze? The first reason is the news that the play station 4 has been made to extremities, … Click to Continue

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Low Grav Race 2 HD for iPad

A fast-paced sci-fi racer for your iPad Low Grav Race 2 HD for iPad : There's 18 tracks included in this hover racer, each with incredible graphics that include detailed track-side scenery and real-time reflections. The vehicles are a mix of floating racing pods, and as you race power-ups appear in the track that enable you to fire an assortment of weapons or receive a speed boost. The Al is … Click to Continue


How To Use Calendar App In iPad | iPad Basics

Calendar is one of the centrepieces of your iPad. Everybody needs a diary and here's yours - a digital assistant that sync with different calendars. The calendar app is a doddle to use. For example, you can simply swipe between days, drag to create events and just tap a tab to change your view. The process of creating new events is incredibly easy. If you use a web-based calendar you may … Click to Continue

Online Backup - MyPCBackup

MyPCBackup – Online Backup For Home Users

MyPCBackup - Easy, Quick and Reliable Backup For Home Users Overall it was a good experience working with MyPC Backup. The installation was simple, the backups were easy to set up, and ran without issue The software and website were designed well creating an easy to understand and use interface. MyPC Backup is currently only available for PC users (No Mac support). Also, it lacks a detailed … Click to Continue

harman kardon soundsticks III

iPad Speakers Updated: Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

In the department of iPad speakers you have several options.  You can use the tiny little speaker that is built into it, you can use AirPlay (with iOS 4.2) or you can connect some external speakers.  We did a few articles outlining some of those choices and a clear favorite of external speakers that works well with the iPad are the Harman Kardon Soundsticks.  As it turns out, Harman Kardon has … Click to Continue


The New Apple | iPad 5th Gen

This 22nd  of Oct Apple will announce the existence of the iPad 5th  Gen and iPad mini 2 . It is of course a good news for us who are bored with the iPad design that has not changed since  iPad 2 was introduced by Steve Jobs . Are there many change that’s will brought by iPad 5th gen ? Lets find out more here.These are some fact about iPad 5th Gen : 1 . Similar design with iPad … Click to Continue


Best iPad Browser Alternatives To Safari

Here are some best iPad browser alternatives to Safari for all of those that are not quite satisfied with the default browser app that comes with the iPad.  Perhaps Safari will continue to improve as we  see upgrades come down the pike but until then the app developers are hard at work helping to make your iBrowser a little better. Best iPad Browser Alternatives To Safari The good news is … Click to Continue


Assemble And Present A Professional Portfolio On Your iPad

Here's an iPad app of a different kind.  It allows you to present, display, and share your entire professional portfolio.  This is perfect for photographers, artists, models, designers, or anyone else wanting to impress their clients or land a job.  Here's the details. … Click to Continue

Command Conquer Images

Command & Conquer: Red Alert For iPad | Strategy/RPG Games

Although the iPhone Red Alert is a completely different game to its similarly titled 1996 PC forebear, the fact that it's up there with its big brothers shows just how far mobile gaming has come. It's one of the best-looking games on the iPhone, and in its largest battles it's a mind-blowing technical achievement. It's not without issues, though. Real-time strategy is infamously difficult to … Click to Continue

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