GoodReader iPad PDF App Updated

GoodReader iPad PDF App Updated | Review

Great news for all those out there using the GoodReader iPad PDF app. It's just been updated with some really great new features that make it an even better app.  Here are the new features and how you can use them. … Click to Continue


Samsung 850 PRO SSD, 3D V-NAND Feature

Nowadays Samsung is launching SSD device, Samsung 850 PRO SSD. 3D V-NAND flash memory feature, well this device is claimed that it give the amazing performance by good  durability and efficient energy which supported by vertical cell batery. Samsung 850 PRO SSD is considered that it can read 550MB data per second and also writing speed until 520MB per second. To avoid lossing data, Samsung have … Click to Continue

Gray Anatomy for iPad

Grays Anatomy Premium for iPad | Medical App for iPad

This medical app for iPad has absolutely nothing to do with the TV show - thank goodness- ' Gray's Anatomy' is the renowned classic anatomical book penned Henry Gray way back in 1858. His work is considered to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time and is now available to view the high resolution screen of the iPad. Not to mention, thanks to the 3.1 version update, … Click to Continue

mouse gaming zeus1

Mouse Gaming ‘Gamdias ZEUS GMS1100′Mouse Gaming ‘Gamdias ZEUS GMS1100′

Good news for games lover ! Well especially for console PC games lover, devices such as headset, keyboard and mouse are the crucial things to support gaming. Without those hardware how nothing the gamers are ! At this time, Gamdias present the modern mouse  ZEUS Professional eSport Edition GMS110. Right now this mouse sold in Indonesia. They are optimis will get many profit in Indonesia, it is … Click to Continue


The BlackBerry Keeps you at Par with the World

Blackberry, a stylish, distinctive, exotic and popular brand in the smartphones industry, has always astonished the viewers with something innovative and stylish yet simple. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 has blown the mind of its users through efficient and brilliant handling and functioning. The full and awesome QWERTY keyboard presentation has made the messaging and typing faster and easy. Plus, the … Click to Continue

Read It Later Pro For iPad

Keep As Many Articles As You Like | Read It Later Pro For iPad

Scooting around the internet you quite often come across articles that seem interesting but you may not have time to read them there and then, especially if you’re at work. You plan to go back and have a look later but of course you never do and they get forgotten about. Not any more though with Read It Later for iPad. With that app installed, any time you stumble across a feature that takes … Click to Continue


Most Valuable Brand: Google Is More Creadible Than Apple

As for as people know that Apple is the most valuable and the richest device, well actually is not totaly right. Because the most valuable brand is Google, not Apple as people know. Research which is done by Millward Brown said that brand value from Google is USD $ 158.84 billion, beside that from Apple is only USD $ 147.88 billion. There are 3 main reasons why Google more valuable than Apple, … Click to Continue


Profil : Steve Wozniak | Mastermind of Apple

Although it was once cheated by Steve Jobs as yet so nothing , in fact, Steve Wozniak never hold a grudge . In fact , he even helped Jobs in the world to build innovative technology companies , Apple . Initially , Wozniak who has expertise in designing and assembling the hardware to make a revolutionary computer called the Apple I. This computer from the hardware , circuit board , up 100 … Click to Continue


Ever best iPad Gaming Apps

An increasing variety of the top totally free Apple iPad video games you'll actually want to check out. Give mission to yourself and your loved ones with one of these interesting totally free challenge video games. You'll find nothing bad along with enjoying video games or even playing with your friends, however be sure you select video games which are beneficial and also good for health (common … Click to Continue

green softcase


1. Nillkin Frosted Softcase for iPhone 5/5s The first softcase that we will discuss is Nillkin Frosted Softcase for iPhone 5/5s which is simple, slight, and precision. Frosted Softcase special designed by Nillkin for  iPhone 5/5s. It made from high quality TPU materials , in addition the superficies of softcase is really smooth and comfortable in your hand. By additional design from Nillkin on … Click to Continue


2 New Portable iPad Speakers From iHome

iHome has done it again.  They have just released two brand new portable iPad speakers that you most certainly want to check out if you are looking for a much better way to enjoy movies, music, or even games.  Check these out and let me know what you think. … Click to Continue

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