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Cool Free iPad Apps

Here are some cool free iPad apps that are not just new to the app store but they also really useful and allow you to get a little more from your iDevice without spending a lot of money (actually you don't have to spend any). … Click to Continue


Civilization Revolution for iPad

Everybody wants to rule the world How do you fancy taking over the word today? Fine, now you just have to decide how you're going to go about it. Are you an inspirational ruler, encouraging the arts, philosophy and science? Or perhaps you prefer to rule by the sword, conquering your way across the continents of the globe? However you chose to enforce your global rule, Civilization Revolution is … Click to Continue

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Keep Your iPad In Perfect Health With System Manager

Have you ever wanted a diagnostic tool for the iPad?  A tool that would let you monitor system information much like you can on your laptop or desktop?  We found one in the app store recently and found it extremely useful.  This is an app that is helpful and useful if you want to keep tabs on all your system resources. … Click to Continue


5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs WordPress

It's just a popular blogging script -- or is it? Wordpress is open source blogging tool and it is free!! This powerful Content Management System known as CMS which is basically based on PHP and MYSQL and runs on any web hosting service. Wordpress can power any project you might envision for your website and often with less effort than you'd expect. If you're on the fence, keep reading. 1. It's … Click to Continue

5 Impressive Premium WordPress Themes For Your Ecommerce Website

Building an ecommerce website can be done easily by using Wordpress platform. You just need to know how to pick the right theme for your WordPress blog, so that you can present your blog like any other reputable ecommerce website. If you want to build an eCommerce website with WordPress, here are 5 impressive premium Wordpress themes for your ecommerce website: 1. UltraSeven UltraSeven is a … Click to Continue

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The Best iPad Screen Covers | Protect And Reduce Glare

I have done many articles on iPad screen protectors, also called screen covers. But I really wanted to do a more comprehensive article and try to gather together a few so you can make the best choice as it's important when you are about to spend your money one one. … Click to Continue

Organizing Photos On The iPad

Organizing Photos On The Apple iPad | Mac and PC

Over the past few weeks I have received a lot of questions regarding the iPad and organizing Photos.  It seems that the documentation online tells you what you "can" do but not "how" you can do it.  And I also get a lot of requests from people saying that they don't know how to organize their photos on the iPad like they do in the official Apple videos.  So for everyone that is new to the iPad … Click to Continue


TCGeeks Weekly Feast | Week Of November 14th, 2010

Well here it is the week before Thanksgiving and I have to make sure I am prepared for that one day I can eat however much I want and then do it again a few hours later after claiming I couldn't eat "one more bite".  Funny how that happens.  Well here is a feast of a different kind.  Here is a feast of our posts for the week.  Now, take them in slowly and don't get too full - we want you to … Click to Continue


Easy Books for iPad

Easy Books Offers Professional Business Bookkeeping And Invoicing In Your Pocket. Easy Books is not only a great example of both a free trail app but also of book keeping on your 'Phone, the app comes with a demo business and a total of 120 transactions which can be easily upgraded should you find, like us, that this application is perfect for home and small business accounting. When using this … Click to Continue

Best Free iPad Cloud Apps

6 Best iPad Cloud Apps | Work From Anywhere At Anytime

If you're looking for some of the best iPad cloud apps then be sure to keep on reading. For those of you who are wondering what cloud computing is then here's a brief description. What Is Cloud Computing? Similar to the electricity grid that powers your home, cloud computing is a type of shared resource except in a somewhat different form. Cloud computing is a fairly new type of data delivery … Click to Continue

game center

Game Center Play Against Friends On Mac

Mountain Lion brings the Game Center experience, previously available only for IOS, to the Mac. If you already have a Game Center account you can log in and access stats and scores as well as view friend requests and receive game suggestions. Games you've played on IOS devices will be listed,a s well as those you download from the Mac App Store, with a link within the app enabling you to view Game … Click to Continue

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