Smash Cops For iPhone

Smash Cops For iPhone

Police chases are fun, but is e fir to wear the silver badge? Smash Cops For iPhone  : You know a game's not taking itself entirely seriously when `Suspect arrested!' is splashed across the screen shortly after you've rammed a fleeing car so hard, it flies into the air and lands on its roof. But then, Smash Cops isn't about doing it by the book — instead it has a rather smashy-oriented sense … Click to Continue


How To Enjoy The Oscar’s On Your iPad

The ultimate Hollywood event is coming on Sunday February 27th, 2011 and instead of trying to catch all the important information your TV, why not use your iPad for "insider" information?  You can do that with Oscar Backstage Pass.  Here's what you get. … Click to Continue

iPad Cloud Sync App

The Absolute Best iPad Cloud Sync App [plus a giveaway]

We stumbled on an app that could quite possibly be the best iPad cloud sync app that we have seen.  It offers an incredible set of features that are sure to protect all your most important information as well as keep you in sync. Best iPad Cloud Sync App What does cloud sync actually mean and why would you use it?  The cloud, of course, is the Internet and syncing all of your information to … Click to Continue

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume's cardboard cutout world will enchant and delight you, albeit for a relatively short time Lume HD For iPhone : Lume is a frustrating game. Not because it's particularly difficult. In fact, the puzzles contained in this point-and-click adventure are mostly at the casual end of the spectrum. The reason it's frustrating is because it's very, very short - even by mobile gaming standards. The … Click to Continue

Adobe Ideas For iPad

Adobe Ideas For iPad | Perfect Tool For The Creative

Whether you’re a professional graphic, designer or simply someone who enjoys drawing and playing about with pictures, Adobe Ideas for iPad could be right up your alley. In essence it’s a simple art package that enables the user to sketch out ideas on the move or whenever inspiration strikes. It also enables you to play about with photos and even draw over the top of them using the original … Click to Continue

iPad 2 Smart Cover Care

How To Care For Your iPad 2 Screen And Smart Cover

If you are a new or not so new owner of the new iPad 2 then you might be wondering just how to care for that screen.  You might also be wondering how to properly care for your new Smart Cover if you purchased one and it's getting a bit dirty already.  Here is how you can care for your iPad screen and your Smart Cover. … Click to Continue

windows 8.1

Eight Newest and Best Features of Windows 8.1

Windows 8 operating system has not become the biggest operating system in terms of  its use since the early launch in October, but Microsoft wants to change it for the first major update to its OS called Windows 8.1. Introduced at the beginning of this season, Windows 8.1 brings features that are said to be the superior features Microsoft promised that based on the user feedback and complaints on … Click to Continue


Battlefield : Bad Company 2 For iPad | Adventure Games

The Battlefield series has become a huge success for Electronic Arts and developer Digital Illusions, with the Bad Company spin-off series in particular faring well. Famed for its sensational graphics engine, slick ingle-player campaign and excellent online multiplayer mode, it's gratifying that this new iPad release does everything it can to capture the authenticity of the console … Click to Continue

Documents To Go Premium

Documents To Go Updated With Brand New Features

One of the best iPad office applications is Documents To Go.  It's been reviewed on hundreds of sites and used my thousands of satisfied iPad users.  The premium version of Documents To Go is one of the best examples of how to be productive with the iPad, and the latest updates to this app improve it even more. … Click to Continue

Big Bang Images

Big Bang Board Games For iPad

Respected developer Freeverse appears to have come up trumps with this collection, covering all traditional board game bases with chess, checkers (draughts), reversi (Othello), four-in-a-row (Connect 4), backgammon, tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) and something called Mancala. Presentation is generally good and control is easy, with taps to place and move pieces, but not being able to zoom in … Click to Continue

Pages For iPad

Pages For iPad | Working in Pages on iPad

Working in Pages on an iPad isn’t all that different from working in a desktop word processor: You start with a blank sheet, type in some text, and then embellish it with typography and graphics. The difference is that your tools for doing all that on the iPad are somewhat curtailed. Pages For iPad - Start a Document You begin with the app’s My Documents browser. You can either create a … Click to Continue

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