Video Stream

Stream HD Videos To Your iPad From A Mac or PC

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to watch those great looking HD videos stored on your Mac or PC right on your iPad?  But then you struggled with the question of how to get the videos onto your iPad.  Sure, you could sync it via iTunes but that's a pain. So why not keep all that great media right on your computer and stream it to your iPad?  Here's how you can now do that … Click to Continue

Pages For iPad

Pages For iPad | Working in Pages on iPad

Working in Pages on an iPad isn’t all that different from working in a desktop word processor: You start with a blank sheet, type in some text, and then embellish it with typography and graphics. The difference is that your tools for doing all that on the iPad are somewhat curtailed. Pages For iPad - Start a Document You begin with the app’s My Documents browser. You can either create a … Click to Continue


Facebook Paper : Feel The new Experience in Accessing Facebook

Facebook is a social media that have been close to us . Yesterday Facebook launched a new app in the App Store for the iPhone with name PAPER . Download it and feel the new experience in accessing facebook with facebook paper,new way new look.After downloading Paper you will be presented with a login page that has a distinctively iOS 7 ,that is thin font and minimalist background . Enter the … Click to Continue


Technology and Your Children: A Powerful Combination

Even though your frayed nerves may cringe at the sound of another game coming from your child’s tablet the advantages that he is acquiring may give him a competitive edge in his future. Because children have no fear of failure their adeptness at games and working their way through technology is an impressive quality that will work well for them as they enter a competitive world. By providing … Click to Continue

How To Use iCloud

Wondering How To Use iCloud?

Apple’s new iCloud service has the potential to be really cool. If you’ve been wondering how to use iCloud and what type of cool things it may be useful for you’re in for a treat. With Apple’s new iCloud service you can store music, photos, documents, and all kinds of data wirelessly, in ‘the cloud’, or more accurately, in the iCloud. Seamlessly push your data to all your devices … Click to Continue

Twitter For iPad

How To Use Twitter On The iPad To Grow Your Business

Did you know that Twitter can do more than be a distraction? It is also a practical tool that can help you grow you business.  Most people don't realize it but there are ways to use Twitter other than simply watching tweets roll by and wondering if it's all worth your time.  Let's see how to use Twitter on your iPad in order to grow your own business. … Click to Continue

how to sell your old ipad

How To Sell Your Old iPad For Cash

Soon we will have the iPad 2 upon us.  And after that we will have the iPad 3 and so on.  When a new iPad is announced,  many people will find that they want the latest and greatest 'Pad so they start to wonder how they can get it without paying full price.  One way is to sell your old iPad.  This gives you some extra cash that you can put towards the new one.  Here's how to sell your old … Click to Continue


Mensa Brain Test

Just How Intelligent Are You Brain training apps have been all the rage for years now. In fact we seem to have been training our brains so hard for so long that we should all be super geniuses by now. Has it worked. Who better to give you the answer than Mensa? Try to answer a wide variety of Mensa questions and really put your grey matter through its paces. To be a member of Mensa you must have … Click to Continue


The Multitasking Bar On iPad | iPad Tips & Tutorials

One of the best features of iOS is something you'll probably never notice: the way it dynamically manages memory and background task, closing them if necessary to make more memory available to new applications. What you will notice is how easy it is to switch from one app to another: there's no need to quit one app before you launch another. Instead, you simply move from one to the next and, if … Click to Continue

iPad App Price Drops

15 Last Minute App Price Drops | Black Friday

In case you weren't aware it was "Black Friday" and it would be hard to miss since everyone is having a sale today.  Well, we didn't want you to miss out so here are 15 pretty amazing app deals that are valid until at least midnight (and maybe longer).  There are some great deals here if you want to check out some nice iPad and iPhone apps. … Click to Continue

Benefits of Recycling Empty Printer Cartridges

If you have to use your printer regularly then you might be troubled with the fact that the ink cartridges can get empty way too soon. If you are purchasing branded cartridges then it will drain much of your money. Refilling the ink cartridges is going to be a recurring expense, which you cannot avoid if you have no other option. But a good thing is that you won’t have to waste money on … Click to Continue

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