iPad Dropbox

iPad Dropbox And Cloud Sevices

In case you're out of the loop and still haven't owed any of the dozen "CoolGuy87 invites you to join Dropbox" emails lingering in your inbox, all he wants is for you to join the best-established file syncing and online backup service free-99 can buy. iPad Dropbox creates a folder (aptly called Dropbox), the contents of which it backs up to its own cloud server and syncs to any other device on … Click to Continue

AmpliTube for iPad | Essential iPad App

AmpliTube | Essential iPad Apps

In category that is as broad as it is littered with apps, we were unsure how we should focus our criteria to find the best music application? So avoiding the excellent apps that link to your iPod music library, and those that identify music or give you access to a variety of sounds, new and old. We set our sights on those applications that actually allow you to create and interact with your own … Click to Continue

Beginners Guide to Studying for Your First Cisco Certification Exam

Congratulations, the time has come for you to take your very first Cisco certification exam and become certified in entry level networking, which will open the door to the exciting and broad world of the IT profession! Since this is likely your first foray into the Cisco certification process, you may be overwhelmed with facing such an important exam, especially when it comes to preparation. … Click to Continue


A Clean Phone Is A Happy Phone

With the increasing popularity of precious personalized phone cases and the common practice of using extremely delicate touchscreens, phone care has never been more important. We protect our phones’ internal parts from things like viruses and memory loss but the outside often gets forgotten about. We know that dropping or throwing our phone face down on a hard surface is a bit of a bad idea but … Click to Continue

GarageBand For iPad

Banging The Drum | GarageBand For iPad

Don’t rely on the Smart Drums, go manual and create sets of patterns and effects for your GarageBand tunes. Here’s how to create at 16-beat track drum section There are two sets of drums that can be used in GarageBand for iPad. The Smart Drums and the Regular Drums. The Smart set just consist of placing drum symbols on a grid to create the overall pattern. The standard Drums come with three … Click to Continue

Choosing Between the PS4 & The Xbox One

Are you having a hard time choosing between the Xbox One and the PS4? This review will shed some light on which console is the one for you. But at the end of the day you will ultimately make that choice. This review will outline the details about each console. Xbox One vs. PS4 Both consoles displayed an impressive set of features that would make any game nerd drool, but there are a few things … Click to Continue

What Kind of Devices Communicate over M2M?

The M2M (machine to machine) communications market is growing rapidly for the average consumer and for businesses. Most analysts predict that over the next ten years, the number of M2M connections will increase to somewhere in the region of one billion. That means that there will be more than one billion networked devices across the world sending and receiving information. So, what sort of devices … Click to Continue


Download Movies Online, Burn And watch

There was a time long ago when if you wanted to see movies you had to go to the theater. If you could not afford or did not have the time to go to the theater, you had to wait until the movie you wanted to see came on local television. Finally, the opportunity came to rent or purchase VHS cassettes and later DVDs or Blu-ray from your local store. However, you still had to wait months after the … Click to Continue

Earbuds, Earphones or Headphones: Which is Best for You?

Listening to audio on your tablet is probably for you, like so many of us, becoming more and more frequent. Whether listening to music, taking in a movie or video, or transcribing business meetings, privacy is preferred in so many settings that it’s almost unheard of (no pun intended) to NOT use some sort of earbuds, earphones or headphones when in the presence of others- politeness, obviously, … Click to Continue


Is Apple’s Bubble Expanding Or Ready To Burst?

Do you remember back in September of 2008 when the news came over the wire that Lehman Brothers was in trouble?  They were in deep trouble.  And so were many other of the world's largest financial institutions.  It didn't all happen that day, however, it actually started a long time before that.  It represented a bubble that had burst.  And in 2000 we saw another bubble burst, the dot com … Click to Continue

Crystal Defenders For iPhone

Crystal Defenders For iPhone

Square Enix tower defence? Just a fantasy, surely? Crystal Defenders For iPhone : Taking a popular genre for iPhone games like tower defence and blending it with the art styles, job system and characters of Square Enix RPGs like Final Fantasy seems like a great match, and it generally is. Players of Crystal Defenders must protect a hoard of crystals against waves of varied fantasy enemies, all … Click to Continue

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