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Pimp Your Screen | Home Screen Wallpapers and App Shelves

So You’ve Pimped Your Ride! Pimped Your Home! So What About Your iPad 2? Pimp Your Screen is an iPad (and iOS devices) wallpapers app. There are a number of these around, some of them quite good — but this is far and away the best we've seen yet. Most wallpaper apps, and online collections, offer lots of walls in categories like architecture, cityscape, animals, celebrities, 'babes' and … Click to Continue

MetalStorm images

MetalStorm : Online For iPad | Action Games

If you've ever played and enjoyed a console based action/flight game, then MetalStorm: Online may seem like a very tempting app. Featuring some high-end 3D visuals and fast open-air action, it looks and plays just like a proper console game, allowing you to engage in some exciting Top Gun-style dogfights as you chase enemy planes and take them down with a series of gun shots and lock-on … Click to Continue

CutTheRope Images

Cut The Rope For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

On the surface this is a seemingly simple game that is easy to dismiss. All you do is slice dangling ropes by tracing your fingertip across the screen. On the end of said rope is a sweet that you must guide into the mouth of a frog-like creature that's been abandoned on your virtual doorstep in a cardboard box. After playing the first ten trial levels we were hooked. You see, it's not as simple … Click to Continue

iPad App Price Drops | March 25, 2011

It's back!  We are doing our weekly iPad app price drops post so you can start the weekend off right with some amazing deals on the apps you have wanted to get.  Here are the top iPad app price drops for March 25, 2011. Enjoy! … Click to Continue

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What Is OS X Mountain Lion | All Updates

Whether you've been lured away from the PC or you're upgrading from an older Mac, Apple's latest operation system will come to a revelation. Everything in the world of Mac is so simple and intuitive, yest almost every element of IOS 10.8 Mountain Lion will surprise layers of design and functionality. Start computing with the cloud! With one Apple ID, you can access a variety of apps, including … Click to Continue

android device manager

Android Device Manager, Gets your android back

If Apple had the 'Find My iPhone' and BlackBerry have 'BlackBerry Protect', Google also plans to launch services with the same function, it's allowing users to find lost Android device and can protect their personal data. Service called Android Device Manager has the ability to know the existence of Android devices. so that users can also locate where a smartphone / tablet Android via … Click to Continue

James Caan For iPad | James Caan Business Secrets for iPad

James Caan Business Secrets For iPad

James Caan is best known to British audience as one of The Dragon from Dragon’s Den, Where he would help budding entrepreneurs by financing their product if he deemed it worthy. How ever, this free app has got to be the second-best assistance a young businessperson could receive. James Caan Business Secrets For iPad - Straight From the Dragon’s Mouth The Secret section of the app consist of … Click to Continue


How To Use Amazon Cloud Player With Your iPad And iPhone

Amazon announced a few new services this past week which got a ton of coverage not just in the tech sector but the national news as well.  They stepped ahead of everyone (even Apple) by offering their cloud player service which means you can store 5GB of music (free) and then access it from any where using any device (kind of). Except the iPad and iPhone, but here is how to access it using your … Click to Continue

Android 3.1 Honeycomb Features

Android Honeycomb 3.1 Features For Motorola Xoom

Within the next few weeks, the Motorola Xoom will be seeing some major updates and most notably to the newest version of the Android Operating system (Honeycomb 3.1).  Here's what you can expect to see with this update. … Click to Continue

New iPad 2

Where and How To Buy The iPad 2

Here is where and how to buy the new iPad 2.  On March 11, 2011 the iPad 2 goes on sale and even if you have or haven't ever been to the release of a new Apple product there are some good ways to prepare ahead of time.  With rumored limited production and a new design, the iPad 2 is going to be  an instant hot seller so here is where you can buy and and how to buy one too. … Click to Continue

Dragon Dictate for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Dragon Dictation| Essential iPad Apps

The concept of the application is simple, that being you will actually be able to use the iPad’s built in microphone in order to actually transfer your speech directly into usable text. The app has been designed so that you can simply activate the core program then dictate into the microphone and then stop the recording. Without the need – at least when we tasted with various users – for any … Click to Continue

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