Protecting Data On Your Mobile Devices

It's not news anymore that most of us are conducting more and more business, both personal and professional, in digital form. Computers and technology have completely overhauled the ways in which most businesses operate, and the ways in which we communicate, and the result is that most of us are constantly absorbed in digital data. This has of course been the case for years now. The newer, … Click to Continue


How Can you Create Incredible iPad Applications?

If you want to develop iPad applications, you should begin doing it now. Many apps are developed and many others are going to be developed in the future.  You should begin early if you want to cope with the competition.  The good thing with development of iPad application is that individuals or small groups of developers can compete with the large development shops. Although the large … Click to Continue

GarageBand For iPad

Your Guide To GarageBand For iPad

GarageBand for iPad is the must have app for anyone who enjoys dabbling in music creation. It’s also the perfect tool for people without any musical experience to get a feel for making their own music. About GarageBand For iPad Whether your harbor dreams of music stardom, want to express yourself artistically or simply fancy dabbling with a few musical sounds and doing a bit of recording then … Click to Continue

iPad iOS 4

iPad iOS 4.2 Officially Out [Plus A Special Giveaway]

In case you have not yet heard, iOS 4.2 for the iPad (and iPhone) were released today.  As promised by Apple, the new version of their flagship iOS is finally out of beta and ready for general public use. For those that just want to the download, here is the direct download of iOS 4.2. We have an iOS 4.2 Guide all ready and prepared for you in case you want to learn how to use all the great … Click to Continue


Selection of iPad Apps becoming your Wise Choice

There are several great iPad apps that you can run on your iPad device for fun, entertainment, or other meaningful actions. As you may know, there are tons of apps for iPad devices that you can find on Apple AppStore. However, selecting the best app is necessary for you as a number of those apps are paid apps. You cannot pay for each and every app present in the App Store. You will get a wide … Click to Continue

ios 4 for ipad

3 More iOS 4.3 Features For iPad

With Apple content to hit the public with update after update to it's hugely popular iOS software, some of these updates bring minor fixes to the mix while other's can bring a whole new dimension of features to your iOS device. We recently discussed specific gesture features that could be found in iOS 4.3 but this time we are considering some other developments of iOS 4.3. … Click to Continue

Waking Mars For iPhone

Waking Mars

The best gardening adventure set on a fictional, soil-rich Mars you'll ever play. Probably Waking Mars is a game we found very easy to put down. Don't get us wrong: we loved its every extraterrestrial second, but simply leaving the game's insanely detailed Martian ecosystem to its own devices yielded countless moments of heartbreak and hilarity. See, Waking Mars seals you in the high-tech hazard … Click to Continue

iOS 4.3 For iPad 2

iOS 4.3 For iPad 2 Features

Along with the other great iPad 2 features and information there is iOS 4.3 that will be arriving on March 11, 2011.  This update to iOS will bring some really nice new features and enhancements to the current iOS 4.2.  Here's what you can expect in iOS 4.3 for your new iPad 2. … Click to Continue


Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light For iPad | Adventure Games

After finding success on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live, it was somewhat inevitable that Lara's latest adventure would appear on Apple's machines. Dispensing with the traditional adventures that were so popular on the PlayStation, Guardian Of Light instead takes a more arcade-style approach in the form of an impressive twin-stick shooter. There are still tombs to plunder and puzzles to solve, but the … Click to Continue

Strip Designer for iPad

Strip Designer For iPad | Create Your Own Comic Strips

Strip Designer for iPad is fun and easy to use, and it provides numerous creative options for turning your photos into comic strips or graphic novels. And while I enjoy using it on my iPhone, the iPad version provides a much better user experience. The first thing you do is select one of the many available page layout templates, as show in the figure on the left below. Then you populate the … Click to Continue

Configure Mail Setting on iPad | iPad Mail

Configure Mail Setting on iPad | iPad EMail

As you know, you can configure Mail Setting on iPad in the Settings app on the Home screen. You’ll find the information under Mail, Contacts, Calendars. The first option under Accounts is Fetch New Data. Push is a technology that allows Internet servers to send information to your iPad as soon as the message is received by your email provider on their email servers. Some email servers will … Click to Continue

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