The bubblegum concept and Myspace

Myspace - Myspace is one of the popular social networking sites that have been very successful all over America and all round the globe since its commencement. It was first started by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe in the year 2003 and then later owned by Specific Media LLC and singer and actor Justin Timberlake. The headquarters of myspace are in Beverly Hills, California. In a study, myspace … Click to Continue

asus fonepad

Next Generation of ASUS Tablet

Some time ago, Asus was rumoured to be preparing next generation of ASUS tablet device and smartphone at a special event held in France. At the event Asus rumored to be presenting some of the latest versions of smartphones and tablet devices. Some of them, namely the Asus Padfone Mini, Nexus 7, Memo Pad HD 7, Memo Pad HD 8 and HD MemoFone 5.Well, new news circulating that the latest Asus tablet … Click to Continue

Guinness World Record For iPad

Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips

Spread across a handful of extreme categories  (including Tallest, Craziest and Most Expensive), Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips offers users an interesting insight into what it takes to become a legend among generation of drunks. This may occasionally require doing a little more than withstanding the pain of a needle or forgetting that falling causes death, but oh well. If You Want To … Click to Continue

Marvel Comics for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Marvel Comics | Essential iPad Apps

This app offers comics book fans an exciting new way to experience the Marvel Universe using the iPad. Upon opening this app you will need to create a Marvel Comic Store account – don’t worry as this free. Upon confirmation of sign up you are given access to the comic book adventures of some of the world’s most popular super heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-man, … Click to Continue

Hero Academy icon for ipad

Hero Academy for iPad

Hero Academy for iPad : Here's a game that takes asynchronous, turn-based, multiplayer games seriously. A cross between chess and a collectible card game, Hero Academy plays like a real-time strategy game, only players send their moves one at a time like Words With Friends. Games are straightforward. There's a grid to place different units, and each unit has special moves, powers, range, and … Click to Continue

Mobile Printing For iPad

iPad Printing On The Go With PrinterOn

If you are like me, you love your iPad as much as a person is comfortable admitting that they love an inanimate object. If there was one thing that would only make you love Apple’s crowing jewel just a little bit more it would be the ability to print a little easier. Of course the release of iOS 4.2 solved some people’s problems because they are now able to use AirPrint to send your … Click to Continue

Sharing Huge Data on Cloud Servers Quickly!

Introduction Sharing files on cloud servers was a headache for most of the business enterprises that keep their entire information online for maintaining the communication bridges but not anymore! With advanced cloud integration technologies, seeding and peer systems have come into the scenario that make data uploading and sharing remarkably faster! There have been several uploading tools … Click to Continue


The Best iPad Cleaning Cloth [Plus A Giveaway]

Do you have the best iPad cleaning cloth you could buy?  I thought I did.  I had a really nice cloth that was this great blue material which seemed to to a good enough job getting smudges off my iPad. And you know how often this happens: just about every time you pick it up to use it.  Well, if you think you have a great cleaning cloth, take a look at this one. … Click to Continue

Home Sharing on iPad

How to Use Home Sharing on iPad

Introduced in iTunes 9, Home Sharing was initially designed to allow you to share music and copy files between iTunes on different computers over a local network. But with iTunes 10.2, you can now use Home Sharing on iPad to stream content to iOS devices as well. Here’s how it works. Using Home Sharing on iPad - iTunes Setup To start with, you need to activate Home Sharing in iTunes on … Click to Continue

How a Co Located Hosting service offers growth in your business

For making your website visible on the internet, it is very essential to promote it well. Businesses these days know that their products as well as brand can be promoted well while taking necessary steps. Today, it can be seen that online users make it a point to depend greatly on the internet for the purpose of understanding products and services on a detailed basis. Internet, according to many … Click to Continue

lg nexus 5

First Gadget for Android 4.4 OS

Google has just launched their latest OS  Android 4.4 KitKat, but who is the first gadget that will be reinforced in the market later this OS? Google itself has actually been giving a little glimpse of the first handsets that will carry this Android 4.4 OS KitKat. It is seen from an Android 4.4 KitKat Video pedestal in front of Google's office also claimed that there is the presence of leaked … Click to Continue

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