Watching TV On iPad

Watching TV On iPad

Watching TV On iPad : Although it's no substitute for your widescreen television, when you're away from your couch, the iPad makes for a surprisingly good TV. Due to its size, it's much better than an iPhone or iPod touch and its built-in speaker is good enough to allow the device to be shared, but what can you watch on it? Well, anything you've bought or rented from the Tunes Store will work on … Click to Continue

FTPOnTheGo for iPad | FTP on iPad

Using FTP on iPad And Get Access From Anywhere | FTP On The Go

Need a way to upload to your website or view documents on an external FTP server while on the move. This is definitely the app you need. It not only enables you to look at what’s on the FTP server and open files but also download existing files or upload new ones direct to and from your device. Its own browser means you can see all changes you make from within the app. Files can be shared … Click to Continue

The New iPad Review

The New iPad Review

All the new iPad reviews are so wordy you can't tell what's good or bad about the new iPad. Here's a cut down version, so you know what Apple is offering with their new iPad. Even though they didn't fix the screen so you can view it in the sunlight, you can see the difference with the new pixel count. The screen has some very remarkable improvements. However, it's pretty much the same size as … Click to Continue

ways to organize apps

Ways To Organize Apps With Folders and Multiple Screens

The most common way of arranging apps on iPad or iPhone would be to press and hold an icon until it starts to move about and 'jiggle'. These are some extension ways to organize apps with folders and multiple screen. Move and Arrange What to arrange your apps in a different order? Tap and hold on any icon until they all 'jiggle'. You can now drag any of them around - the other will slide out of … Click to Continue

Twitter on iPad

Your Guide Using Twitter On iPad

Follow this guide to get started with your Twitter account and the official application on your iPad. From installation, searching for users, to tweeting your latest thoughts or opinions, we have got the core uses covered in much more than 140 characters! Twitter On iPad - Getting Started Upon opening this app you will greeted with a lot of information, don't panic, on the left you will … Click to Continue


Tap Tap Revenge 3 for iPad

Musical vengeance runs strong Almost assuming the role of Rock Band within the Phone's world, Tap Tap Revenge 3 is without doubt one of the finest musical-related games available on Apple's handheld device. Free to download supplemented thanks to its own store that has an abundance tracks to increase your experience, it finds true excellence by enabling a host of songs to be downloaded 'without … Click to Continue

Skype for ipad

Best Social Networking Apps For iPad | iPad Tutorial

Our team has put together this comprehensive round up of the most popular Social Networking apps for iPad and we share our thoughts on them so you can choose which is right for you, whilst giving you our picks too. AIM For iPad Upon launching this app, we were impressed with its quick startup and the fact that one can choose from three different instant messaging accounts, AIM, MobileMe or Mac. … Click to Continue

Tool Palette

Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK

Adobe is giving a gift to creatives everywhere, and opening up a cornucopia of development opportunities, with three new tablet apps that are sure to enhance your Photoshop workflow.  Being confined to clicks and drags no longer, you'll be able to pinch, swipe, and tap your way to a beautiful art piece. … Click to Continue

iRig For iPad | Music on iPad

Make Music With Your iPad | Music On iPad

iRig For iPad So you always wanted to be in a band, but you have no musical talent whatsoever? Well, there's an app for even that. Garage Band ($4,99) is perfect for making simple music on iPad, and everything from guitar strums to drum fills is pre-programmed. But to make real music, dust off that guitar and plug in the iRig ($40). This bad boy'll let you play real guitar and bass directly into … Click to Continue

iPad Speaker System

Speaker Options for iPad 2 | iPad Speakers

You may want to get iPad speakers if you are looking to get ‘big sound’ out of your iPad. But don’t worry, arranging for iPad speakers is not as difficult a task as you may think. It doesn’t even have to be a costly process. In truth, if you already own a decent speaker system you’re won’t need much more than a stereo auxiliary cable (which can be had for less than a dollar). But … Click to Continue

iPad 2 3G Options and Pricing

Your Options For iPad 2 3G Connectivity | A Complete Guide

We did a post on the iPad 2 WiFi and 3G pricing and options but since then there have been a lot of questions regarding 3G, MiFi, Hotspots and tethering.  Here are all your iPad 2 3G connectivity options so you have everything you need to make a sound decision. … Click to Continue

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