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LG new Optimus Mach LU 3000 previously called LG hearsay

LG released its new Smartphone i.e. LG optimus Mach LU 3000, which is considered to be the most fastest phone which was earlier known as the Hearsay. LG optimus Mach incorporates Android 2.2. The phone is available at the price of US dollars 700 and is released worldwide in the month of December, 2012. LG optimus Mach is a candy bar Smartphone boasting a touch screen of 3.8 with a screen … Click to Continue

iPad Alarm - ClockPro

iPad Alarm Clock Apps | Five You Should Know About

The iPad does not come with an alarm clock (or any clock for that matter), so we thought we would show off the the many ways you can make perfect use of the top alarm clock apps.  You may be surprised at how much you can do with these. Read on for the details... … Click to Continue

Hero Academy For iPhone

Hero Academy For iPhone

Holding out for a hero because our upcoming item queue's currently full of swords and shields. Hero Academy For iPhone : Hate would be a harsh word to describe our initial feelings towards the game, it would also be accurate. And that's because Hero Academy initially shoves a difficulty wall in front of you — one that repeatedly punches you in the face while laughing like a loon. The strange … Click to Continue

Top 3 Hilarious iPad Hoaxes (That People Actually Believed)

While most hoaxes are jut plain crazy, here are 3 iPad hoaxes that people actually believed were true... … Click to Continue


I Was Not Impressed With iPad 2 | Why Get an iPad 2 ?

At first I was not impressed with iPad 2.  Mostly because of the hype that surrounds an iLaunch and the rumors leading up to it.  In fact,  I kind of felt as if I already knew all about the iPad 2, so the only thing left was holding out for some completely astounding and shocking feature no one knew anything about.  But that didn't happen.  So what we got was exactly what we all knew about.  … Click to Continue

How Training on Web Design Helps You Build a Prospective Career

There are a number of advantages associated with Web Design training. Moreover, it helps you find jobs in IT profession if you join the best Web Design training institute in Kolkata. In the present day, every business is running after having the most unique website. To bring in variation in the websites and to make one different from another, it is utmost important that a website is designed … Click to Continue

Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Words With Friends : Chances are, any given iPhone has Words With Friends downloaded on it. Zynga's run¬away hit found the sweet spot among word game enthusiasts when it came over to iOS in 2009, making the iump from the web browser and Facebook to the iPhone and iPad. The asynchronous, turn-taking mode with push notifications set the standard for these types of multiplayer games. Players match … Click to Continue

iPad Battery

Tips For Extending Your iPad Battery Life

Reducing battery consumption as much as possible on the iPad not only extends the time between charges but also extends the overall life of your iPad battery. Here are few suggestions: Dim the Screen. The touch screen drains lots of battery power, so dimming it reduces that power. On the Home screen, tap Settings, tap Brightness & Wallpaper, and then drag the slider to the left to dim the … Click to Continue


Google Earth for iPad

Google Earth Gives You A Fresh View On The World. If you have ever wanted to feel like you're flying, the Google Earth iPhone app can provide just a slice of that feeling. This app is for people who enjoy playing with Google Earth online, but this is kicked up a notch. You can swipe your finger across the screen and feel as if you're soaring above earth to your next destination. Heading to a … Click to Continue

Android apps for windows

Download your Android apps for PC

Technologyis very important in our life. The day to day improvement in technology makes our life easy and fast. The android is very latestand famous software. The android is an operating system it’s based on the Linux Kernel. The Android operating system is a Google invention; it’s very famous and high market shares. The android application is very easy to use and that’s a reason it’s very … Click to Continue


What Our Poll And The Latest HP Slate Numbers Reveal

The HP Slate, a potential rival to the iPad, has not seen the greatest of numbers and this is congruent with polls ran right here on TCGeeks.  Originally reported over on The Apple Insider, it appears HP is in for a battle when it comes to getting demand for their Slate tablet computer to rise anywhere close to that of the iPad.  Here are some interesting stats our own readers have told us which … Click to Continue

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