A New Digital Magazine For the iPad Generation | Shelf Magazine

Are you ready for the next generation of digital magazine? Shelf media group is launching Shelf magazine on September 1st, available through the Zinio reader app.  If you have not yet seen the way that magazines are changing using the iPad then you will want to check out the Zinio app and some of the current issues available - and then get ready for Shelf. … Click to Continue

star trigon images

Star Trigon For iPad | Arcade Games

Namco's Star Trigon is part of the Mr. Driller franchise and is an obscure coin-op from 2002. It also makes for a surprisingly fun, if limited iPhone game. Unlike other games in the Mr Driller universe, the aim of Star Trigon is to rescue weird little creatures called Uchujin.This is achieved by trapping them within trigons (basically triangles). Numerous plan­ets are dotted around each screen … Click to Continue

Crystal Defenders For iPhone

Crystal Defenders For iPhone

Square Enix tower defence? Just a fantasy, surely? Crystal Defenders For iPhone : Taking a popular genre for iPhone games like tower defence and blending it with the art styles, job system and characters of Square Enix RPGs like Final Fantasy seems like a great match, and it generally is. Players of Crystal Defenders must protect a hoard of crystals against waves of varied fantasy enemies, all … Click to Continue

Mobilizing your IT system

Living in an increasingly mobile world means that more and more enterprises are looking at smarter ways of working, allowing employees and business owners to access information from wherever they happen to be. The accepted way of running a business is still very focused on the workplace, with computers and the various requirements for hardware and software based at a central location. Satellite … Click to Continue


Google Docs Desktop Version Now For iPad

Google has just made an announcement that their ever popular Google Docs cloud-based applications are now available directly on the iPad as the desktop version (along with the mobile version).  Here are the features you can expect to see. … Click to Continue

iPad Jailbreak

What Is iPad Jailbreaking?

I bet you have heard the term "Jailbreaking" from time to time or even in the media and wondered what it is.  Jailbreaking has a really bad sounding connotation to it but it really isn’t that bad at all. In fact, it is one of those thing that can actually be useful and helpful.  Here is everything you need to know about jailbreaking the iPad. … Click to Continue

GobbleGator Images

GobbleGator Gold For iPad | Board/Family/Kids

Every child loves playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, and this loving homage is exceedingly well done. It only caters for two players (would be pretty crowded otherwise) but it remains fast and furious fun, even if the experience is rather annoyingly short-lived. The single-player mode is nothing more than a time attack — gobble all the ducks in as short a time as possible — but it's the fun … Click to Continue


What are custom Flipbooks?

A book or movie flipbook is a book that contains a number of graphics or images tend to vary gradually from one page to another, in order that when the pages are turned or are delayed, the images tend to show an animation and movement counterfeit or some other variation. Flipbooks really illustrates often or custom made for entertaining children, but can also be channeled to adults through the … Click to Continue


File Taxes Directly From Your iPad

It's tax season.  For those that like to do their taxes by themselves, this year you can get an app that will help you complete your tax return and file them electronically.  Here's the details. … Click to Continue

Essential VOIP Business Phone System Features: Are You Getting the Best?

While there are many VOIP vendors in the market, the level of products and services they supply are very different. You are not buying a business phone and business mobile phone system. You should be looking for a skilled consultant to solve your communication needs. Whether, for business mobile calling, office calling, or for a complete communications solution, VOIP business phone systems are … Click to Continue

Air Vinyl For iPhone

Air Vinyl For iPhone

Do you pine for the days when your music player was made of, well, pine instead of glass and steel? Air Vinyl For iPhone  : does two things: it gives your music a warm, analogue feel, and presents it like you're putting LPs on a turntable (albums usually) or flicking through mixtapes (playlists), and dropping a cassette into a Braun-inspired deck. The audio filter is subtle, though broadly … Click to Continue

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