How To Use iOS 5 - Tips and Tricks

How To Use iOS 5 – Tips and Tricks

Just as your computer has shortcuts and key commands for commonly used tasks, your iPhone has a variety of fun techniques you can use for copying and altering your text. Select Text There are two types of text you can select on your device: editable and non-editable. To select non-editable text, just tap and hold on the word or phrase you’d like to select: If the text is editable, double-tap … Click to Continue

Are you looking to sell your mobile phone?

If you are looking to sell your mobile phone, you should want to go through a number of online and offline sources. There are a number of online service providers through which you can source the best agency to sell your old or broken mobile phone. Various websites online can help you in this context as you will be able to sell your phone for the best price. The value of money that you will get … Click to Continue


iPad Cloud Storage Options Compared

I was just talking to a friend that had her laptop stolen.   It was unfortunate but the thieves also stole her external hard drive.  This meant she lost all her most valuable information, music, photos, etc.    Feeling her pain, I was reminded how valuable I find cloud storage these days and thus wanted to explain all your options for cloud storage with your iPad. … Click to Continue

iPad2 Notification Centre

Use Notifications Centre On iPad | iPad Basics

Before iOS 5, anything requiring your attention on the iPad would pop up in a box in the middle of the screen, interrupting whatever you happened to be doing. Fortunately, the iOS on the latest iPad's addresses all that with an easy access Notification Centre. You can now decide for yourself how notification appear, either as a pop-up in the middle of the screen, as a bar the top, or not at … Click to Continue

Getting the Speaker Sounds You Need

Are you sick of getting poor quality sound from your computer? When it comes to purchasing audiophile speakers there’s a few things to consider when choosing the right kind of speakers for your setup. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself before you even decide on what type of speakers you need to enhance your overall listening experience. How Much Do I Want to Spend? If you have a … Click to Continue

Meter Reading for iPad

Save Money On Your Household Energy | Meter Reading for iPad

Everyone likes saving money. It's almost like earning money except that it's often easier. We go out to work and most of us think we ought to paid more but if you break down what you spend each month you'd probably be surprised at how much you could save. Often all it takes is a little bit of research and you could save enough cash every month that it would equate to a significant pay … Click to Continue

Real Racing HD For iPad

Racing Games with Real Racing HD For iPad

At least a dozen car-race games are available for the iPad already, but Real Racing HD For iPad is the real deal. With 48 cars in 4 classes, 12 tracks, and 5 unique game modes, a career mode with 3 divisions and 76 events, plus multiplayer Wi-Fi support for as many as 6 racers, it’ll take you a good long time to master it. Heck, it’ll take you good long time to unlock all the different tracks … Click to Continue

iPad PDF Readers | How To Download PDF’s On Your iPad

Are you wondering how to download PDF Files to your iPad?  This article shows you how several popular PDF readers will help you get PDF's onto your iPad … Click to Continue

great love song

True Love Make a song entered Top 10 iTunes

Love is not limited to space and time, although the beloved no longer accompany the real world. A 96-year-old grandfather named Fred Stobaugh write a love song with lyrics specially for his wife who had preceded him in April.He is not a composer or a musician too powerful, but unique, so his songs entered the Top 10 iTunes songs in the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, … Click to Continue


Facebook, Microsoft Attack Apple and Threaten Business VOIP Providers at the Same Time

Facebook and Skype backed by Microsoft and the launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft in the very near future is about to turn the world of VOIP upside down as they take on iTunes and Apple’s iOS. Business phone systems based on VOIP will be under serious threat. This means we can all expect a lot of competition and much better services and features with VOIP in the very near future. Business … Click to Continue

Top 3 Hilarious iPad Hoaxes (That People Actually Believed)

While most hoaxes are jut plain crazy, here are 3 iPad hoaxes that people actually believed were true... … Click to Continue

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