Personalised News Apps | iPad Apps

Trying to stay on the top of the news via the Internet could be a full-time job if you're not careful. Simply trawling through site after site in Safari looking for interesting or relevant information can be a real chore, which is why it pays to employ the services of an app or two to help drill down the real nittygritty of what interest you without losing you off from potential new sources and … Click to Continue

Video Conferencing Technology removes the physical Business travel for any Meeting

Contemporary business operations all share exactly the same swiftly depleting item: Time. When time is ascendancy, productivity and result inevitably boosts inside an organization. Technology is constantly to supply workers and businesses with new tools to assist control time. Video conferencing could end up being probably the most important time profiting business tools of this century. Once a … Click to Continue

iPad Gesture Single Tap

How to Use iPad 2: Gestures and Techniques | iPad 2 User Guide #2

Before you start playing your iPad 2, you’ll want to know the basics of working with iOS and your apps, and what they can (and can’t) do. In this articles, we’ll walk you how to use iPad 2 through basic gestures, help you take control of navigating and organizing, and throw in some typing tips. How to Use  iPad 2: Basic of Gestures and Techniques If you’ve never before owned a … Click to Continue


How to Choose the Best Free Website Templates for Your E-commerce Site?

Custom-made websites can have attractive looks and have amazing functions exactly according to your needs. But it is quite time-consuming and costly bet. If you are starting your online business, then making a high-end, persuasive and conversion-optimized ecommerce site can be more expensive. Here you have to promote your new business as early as possible and you don’t have budget that is enough … Click to Continue

ipad media backup app

Manage And Backup All Your Media With One Tap

Do you have a lot of media on your iPad?  Perhaps you have a lot of photos and videos that have been collected since it came out way back in April.  Well if you are like me then you collect a lot of stuff and once you realize just how much you have on your iPad you might want an easy and simple way to back it all up and manage it.  Here's a simple way to to that. … Click to Continue

5 Must-Have IPad CRM Apps for Businesses

It wasn't that long ago that managing customer relationships relied largely on feedback from customers themselves, by way of calls, letters, and emails voicing concerns, complaints, or alternately, glowing reviews. These days there are a lot more tools at the disposal of the average business when it comes to understanding what consumers are doing and thinking in regard to a particular brand. For … Click to Continue

ridiculous hacker

Clever is not Always Clever | Best Five Ridiculous Hacker that ever caught by the camera

Hacking or something that was do by hacker often happened since internet has been grown . Many hackers and the victims appear each day as a result of this action .Hackers themselves have many ways to diserve or at least break into the security system of the victim. In fact , this security system  is continue to be  improved by anyone . Hackers itself has a variety of clever ways to outsmart … Click to Continue

Fizz 1

Fizz Weather HD for iPad

Find Out If It Is Going Rain Or Shine with a Little Help From This App Fizz Weather HD is one of the latest weather apps for iPad to hit the App Store; released just over a week ago. Fizz Weather itself has been around for years on various mobile platforms and the iPhone version has been in the App Store since 2008, shortly after the store launched. I always liked Fizz Weather back in Windows … Click to Continue

Kensingtion iPad 2 Keyboard Case

iPad 2 Keyboard Case By Kensington

The iPad 2 is pretty much perfect. But I'm biased. It is amazing to hold and even more amazing to use with it's quick processors and better graphics. But there is still one thing I will always need and that is an external keyboard. Here is a case with one built right into it. … Click to Continue


Did Apple Already Reveal Some Mac App Prices?

I am pretty excited about the Mac App Store.  This means that I can get the same apps I use on my iPad and install them right on my Macbook Air.  This is a great thing and I have wanted to see this for a very long time.  But one question I still have is the cost of the apps.  Will be they the same as on the iPad? Or significantly more? Well, Apple may have given us a hint already and here is … Click to Continue

iPad App Price Drops

iPad App Price Drops For Thursday, October 7 2010

Did you know that developers will often drop the price of their apps without much warning?  It's true.  There are days when you can get a $9.99 app for next to free.  We decided that the readers of TCGeeks might want to be in the loop on these price drops (since they don't last long),  so we will be adding a new feature that will go live on Tuesday's and Thursdays.  Here is the first edition … Click to Continue

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