Pairing and Unpairing Bluetooth Device

The Bluetooth function on your Wad allows you to use lots of different peripherals such as keyboards and headphones. Before you can use these wireless extras, you will need to pair them to your iPad.

Pairing Bluetooth Device To The iPad

Pairing simply means making your iPad see and connect to a device.


Follow the instructions given with your chosen Bluetooth peripheral to make it visible to your iPad. The actual steps needed to do this vary between devices so make sure to follow them carefully.


Make sure that Bluetooth on your iPad is turned on. To do this, go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and tap the button to turn Bluetooth on.


You will now need to select your device from list. You might need to enter a PIN depending on what device you are trying to pair. If a PIN is required, it will be supplied with the Bluetooth device.

The name of the paired device will appear on screen along with an icon showing you what type of device you are paired with (headphones, keyboards, etc). If using a Bluetooth keyboard and you want to switch back to using the virtual keyboard, simply turn off Bluetooth. If the keyboard has one, you can also press the Eject key. The device will still be paired with your iPad.

Unpairing A Bluetooth Device

If you want to change to a different Bluetooth device, you will first need to unpair your iPad from the previous one.


Open the main Settings, open the General settings page and then select Bluetooth. You will need to turn Bluetooth on if it isn’t already.


Choose the device you want to unpair from the list, select it and touch Forget This Device. You can now choose a different device to pair with.

The Bluetooth icon which appears at the top of the screen lets you instantly see if you are paired with a device or not. If the icon is White, that means Bluetooth is on and paired to a device. If the icon is Grey, Bluetooth is on, but no devices are paired with your iPad

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