Play Ragnarok 2 online on Mac

For those who like to play online RPG game must know Ragnarok 2 Online.a popular Rpg that nowadays often played by RPG lovers.but,how can we play it in mac? This is the tutorial on how to run Ragnarok 2 Online on Mac without need to install Windows on Bootcamp .The things that are needed to run ragnarok 2 on Mac is VMWare application .Already have Windows XP or newer installed virtually, copy Ragnarok 2 Online which can be obtained from Lyto .

ragnarok 2 online

Ragnarok 2 Online when running in VMWare virtual Windows will come out error ” ** Sorry this application can not run under a Virtual Machine ** ” . The error can be tricked by changing settings of virtual Windows OS in VMWare and change its registry .

vm ware2

Let’s begin !

1 . Find the location of a virtual Windows OS on VMware by right-clicking on the Windows virtual machine , then select ” Show in Finder ”

2 . Once you find it, right click again on the virtual Windows file , select ” Show Package Contents ”


3 . Next you have to find the virtual machine settings file , with extension  .vmx . Open the file with a text editor or edit text. .

4 . Add this filenya.monitorcontrol.restrictbackdoor = “true ” on the bottom , then save .

5 . Next we will modify windows registry . Run Windows in VMWare . Typing RegEdit in Windows ( Start ) > Run .

6 . In RegEdit , navigate to this directory:



7 . After the 0000 folder selected , right-click on ” DriverDesc ” , and choose Modify . Remove the existing posts . Done !

8 . Run Ragnarok 2 Online . and enjoy the game .

ragnarok 2 on mac

The weakness of running Ragnarok 2 Online in VMWare is the graph can not be maximal , but still comfortable to be played . Instead of using Bootcamp , should restart into Windows , with this virtual machines you can play it on the Mac desktop .

Originally posted 2013-10-30 19:11:40.

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