Powerless Multicore Chip | MIT Development that has 110 Core

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop a chip that has 110 cores. The goal is to improve performance but with efficient power consumption. Execution chip called the Migraine Machine is intended for mobile devices, PCs, and servers.it’s called  powerless multicore chip.

While chip makers are developing processors with 12 and 16 cores, the researchers at MIT makes processors with 110 cores on a chip the size of 10 x 10 mm with a 45-nanometer manufacturing process.

With many-core processors are made ​​to reduce data traffic in a chip. So by Mieszko Lis (graduate student at MIT), as quoted by Computerworld.com, during a presentation at the Hot Chips conference (California), its performance will be faster but more efficient power consumption.


Typically transfer data between cores in a chip and cache. With 110-core chip that replaces the shared memory pool cache that reduces channel for data transfer. This chip also can predict the trends of data transfer, thus reducing the number of cycles required to transfer and processing of data.

powerless multicore chip

Reduction of traffic data helps mobile devices run applications like video more efficiently as well as to save power consumption. This method also helps reduce the amount of data sent by a mobile device to the network. In addition, this chip also accelerates database processing.

Originally posted 2013-08-31 10:33:14.

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