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Keep All Your Vital Company Information Up To Date, Up To The Minute And In Your Pocket.

Developer MeLLmo took a look at the business applications currently available for mobile devices and decided they weren’t going far enough. Modern business representatives on the move need more than just your basic spreadsheets, calender apps and mobile email facilities to really keep on top of everything that’s going on with the business. With this in mind MeLLmo set about creating the perfect business application, designed from the ground up with the iPad and Tad in mind. Making the app native to these platforms has enabled them to maximise the potential of the functionality and the interface. This was evident on the iPad but it’s even more so on the iPad, making use of the device’s larger screen and extra capabilities to create a truly deep and immersive overview of your company’s performance, business and accounts on the go at any time. It can be connected securely to your business systems so that all information is accurate and as up to date as it can possibly be.

Roambi Visualizer

The San Diego based company already has an established base of customer businesses including Fortune 500 companies in fields as diverse as technology, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. This should give you an idea of the power of the app as well as it’s flexibility.

Basically it takes all kinds of company information from various sources including HTML, spreadsheets and other established business applications and presents them as interactive dashboards_ These are presented in graphical form as graphs, charts and so on. These can then be analysed and manipulated as needed with simple swipes and taps of the screen. This enables you to have a complete up to the minute overview of your business on hand wherever you may be. For example on the way to a meeting you might need to amend elements of your pitch or presentation to take into account unforeseen developments.

Roambi comes in several different flavours, the most basic of which is the free Roambi Lite. This is the ideal starting point to get a flavour of it and see if it’s something that might benefit your business. If so you can look at investing in a yearly license for the Pro version that adds more compatibility and functionality.

This is really a serious app for the serious businessperson on the move. The ability to transfer all the information quickly between devices combined with the attractive way information is presented makes it a potentially powerful business and decision-making tool.

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Originally posted 2012-11-16 00:00:19.


  1. G2M LoneResQ says:

    Roambi visualizer sounds interesting.If it can give benefits to my business,I won’t hesitate to try.I’ll research more about it.Thanks for sharing.

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