Newsflash : Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

samsung galaxy tab pro 10

One of the awaited tablet today , Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 , has been known will use a screen with resolution of 2560 × 1600 and chipset octa - core Exynos processor . This specification revealed by the appearance of AnTuTu benchmark , which is just a few days after entering the FCC test . According to the benchmark,this tablet with codename BC - T520 will be equipped with 10 -inch display ( 2,560 x 1,600 pixels ) , octa - core processor 1.9 … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 : Rumour and preview

iPhone 6

 iPhone 5S and 5C have been released by Apple a few month ago. However , this does not make the company which has based in cuppertino stopped innovating . Reportedly , this time they are developing a prototype of the next iPhone that is expected as the iPhone 6 . Unfortunately , as is done in private , only a little information that can be known by the public until now . At least , there were about 6 things that will probably exist in Apple's … [Read more...]

Apple Asked to Cancel e-Book Contracts

apple e-book

U.S. regulators have asked Apple to cancel apple e-book contracts with major publishers following a price-fixing scandal that was revealed some time ago. Regulators also will provide a five-year ban sanctions for Apple enters distribution contracts related e-book anti-competition violations. The move follows a court ruling in July that Apple engaged conspiracy with five publishers in e-book price fixing, the BBC reported recently. The court … [Read more...]

Apple Starts Race to Retina as Apps Store Guidelines Change | iOS Rumors

iPhone: What's next?

Apple has told iOS developers that From 1 May, all apps submitted to the App Store for the approval must support devices with Retina displays and the  iPhone-5 taller screen. The rule includes new apps and updates. While the Retina display has been a feature of the iPhone for two-and-a-half years, since the introduction of the iPhone 4, giving developers plenty of time to adapt, the iPhone 5 is less than six months old, and its completely new … [Read more...]

iPhone 5S Rumors and Apple will made a Low Cost iPhone

Will iPhone 5S launch at June 13?

Samsung is at present top the smartphone competition, so something big without doubt be supposed to come from Apple if they have strategy to reach the top over again. Apple is expected to show up their next iPhone at their international developer conference in June. Further indication that this is happen comes from reports claiming that suppliers are already creation the display for the so-called iPhone 5S. While other companies have already … [Read more...]

Apple Looking to Hire Engineers with Solar Experience

apple in china

Apple appears to be investigating the use of thin film solar technology for future mobile products with a new job listing on the company’s website looking to hire an engineer with experience in the solar industry. The thin films engineer would join Apple’s Mobile Devices group and “assist in the development and refinement of thin films technologies applicable to electronic systems.” The job listing adds some proof to rumors in recent … [Read more...]

Motorola Nexus 5, will be released in Q4 2013?

nexus 5

Through a Google + social networking accounts, Taylor Wimberly, a former editor for AndroidandMe believed to know all the information from Motorola says Motorola released the next generation of smartphones Nexus, the Motorola Nexus 5. "Motorola will release the Nexus smartphone in Q4 (which is not the Moto X)," the statement Taylor Wimberly on Google + account From the statement predicted Google and Motorola will make the next Nexus … [Read more...]

Next Generation of ASUS Tablet

asus fonepad

Some time ago, Asus was rumoured to be preparing next generation of ASUS tablet device and smartphone at a special event held in France. At the event Asus rumored to be presenting some of the latest versions of smartphones and tablet devices. Some of them, namely the Asus Padfone Mini, Nexus 7, Memo Pad HD 7, Memo Pad HD 8 and HD MemoFone 5.Well, new news circulating that the latest Asus tablet has been able to know the specifications and … [Read more...]

iWatch: What’s the tech going to be like?

iOS 8 for iWatch?

iWatch: What’s the tech going to be like? We’ve heard about the people working on the iWatch, but what will the watch be like? For much of this we must rely on analyst predictions and speculation. Sizes ranging between 1.3-inches and 1.5-inches have been put forward as possible iWatch stats, as has a much larger 2-inch screen. LG is making the screens: According to a Korean news source, LG was awarded the contract to produce the … [Read more...]

New iPhone | Cheap iPhone That Will be Launched This September

iphone 5s gold

Many rumors about the presence of the latest iPhone that was claimed as "cheap iphone". From  the use of the body that made of plastic, to form shown in some pictures. The latest issue written by All Things Digital (ATD) about  the product that will be launched on September 10 because  the day  was known that Apple will launch the iconic device. ATD reporter Ina Fried added on Saturday,  the event on 10 September  is not  a launching of … [Read more...]

Apple’s Data Centers are Now Fully Sustainable. But is Our Gadget Habit? | iOS Rumors


THE Customer DATA centers run by Apple are now entirely fueled by renewable energy, as are 75% of all its corporate facilities, according to the company’s recently released ‘Apple and the Environment` report. But despite the commitment demonstrated by building one of the world‘s largest solar arrays, as well as a biogas plant, beside its new iCloud facility in Maiden, North Carolina, the annual review of environmental impact also … [Read more...]

Apple Send Email Highlighting iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 to Employees

cheap iphone 5c

After announcing the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c this morning, Tim Cook sent an email about the new products to Apple employees, reports 9to5Mac. The email focuses primarily on the new features coming with iOS 7, and details some of the components of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. iOS 7 has been engineered with "deep integration" for both of Apple's upcoming phones. Team: Today is an important day for Apple. Many of you and your … [Read more...]

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