So you like FRUIT NINJA and other slicing, dicing games?

Fruit Ninja is famous for its exciting, quick-paced gameplay. After a two-minute session slicing fruit, you’ll doubtless have a new favorite time waster. But what makes it so addicting? It might be the great game modes, which allow you to compete for a high score by slicing fruit the most stylishly for two minutes, or, alternatively, play a game in which you must slice all the fruit for as long as you can. It might be the appealing graphics, it might be competing against your friends, it might be any number of things. But we have a theory.

Fruit Ninja is the most fun you can have on an iOS device because the physical act of sliding your finger to slice feels natural and gratifying. That’s why we’ve found a handful of games that are just as satisfy to slice and dice with, whether you’re cutting dangling candy from ropes or fighting a huge troll with a two-armed axe—these games will have your wrists as sore as the first time you found Fruit Ninja.

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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope has all the makings of an iOS classic: good graphics, constantly escalating difficulty, and that oh-so-important “levels to come in future updates” note in their app description. But where it really shines is the satisfying snips of cutting ropes with that same sliding finger gesture we’ve grown so accustomed to in—you it—Fruit Ninja.

In Cut the Rope, your task is to help feed a cute little monster who desperately needs pieces of candy. The little green monster then moves around the various edges of the stage, making adorable noises and pointing to its adorable little mouth. You have to then cut the ropes in order to drop candy for the monster to eat. If the monster doesn’t get the candy, then he makes yet another adorable face that you just can’t help but squeal over.

Our only serious gripe with the game is that it sometimes asks you to rate it between levels–that is, unless you select the option that tells it to never ask you again. Developers, take note: we bought it, so there’s no need to constantly solicit us for 5-star ratings. That’s in poor taste and we hate it.

Cut the Rope has a free version, a paid version, an HD Lite version and an HD version. If you’re choosing between the four, we think that the game is best suited for on-the-go play so we like it for the iPhone. But it really depends on you and the iOS devices you’ve got laying around.

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Veggie Samurai

Veggie Samurai is to Fruit Ninja as butter is to margarine; they’re technically different, but nobody can really tell how. Sometimes you’ll probably find yourself saying “I can’t believe it’s not Fruit Ninja,” and for good reason. Veggie Samurai is a rip-off so blatant Gameloft, the creators of dozens of console-exclusive copycats, would blush. But Veggie Samurai also grants us a wish we’ve had since we were children. We can finally destroy all those vegetables our parents made us eat as kids. Just don’t go in expecting anything new and refreshing from Veggie Samurai.

For all intents and purposes, these are the same games. But Veggie Samurai is still excellent, and the graphics are different enough that no one would ever confuse the two. Even though Veggie Samurai adds a single element to the fray that changes the gameplay so much, you almost won’t believe it’s a Fruit Ninja rip-off; in Veggie Samurai, you can not only slice your vegetables in half, but you can dice them into fourths. This little feature might seem like a small add on, but it speeds up the pace of the game, making for more interesting combos, and utilizing multitouch far more than Fruit Ninja does. It also, you know, adds a single feature to help differentiate between the two games.

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Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is almost definitely the prettiest game on iOS devices. And with an ever-increasing list of unlockables, even more gorgeous iPad-2-optimized graphics, and infinite replayability the game just keeps getting better. But that’s not why Fruit Ninja fans will love it. It will be a huge hit with fruit slicers because it basically takes Fruit Ninja’s idea (slashing screens from side to side) and implements it in a gorgeous third-person fantasy action game.

Even just adding a legitimate story to Fruit Ninja would be cool enough, but Infinity Blade has way more than that. It has character upgrades (both armor and weaponry), money, and even a multiplayer mode where you can dice your friends to pieces. The first Infinity Blade was a critical strike, but with Infinity Blade 2 just around the corner, it seems everything you loved about it is going to get even better. Oh and did we mention the main character can now carry two weapons at once?

But even more important than the “cool factor” is the confidence we have in the creators (Chair Entertainment, a studio that belongs to Epic Games) to continuously and progressively make Infinity Blade 2 better and better.

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  1. Niraj says:

    Fruit ninja is my most favorite game..will try out the other games soon thanks for the info.

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