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Strip Designer for iPad is fun and easy to use, and it provides numerous creative options for turning your photos into comic strips or graphic novels. And while I enjoy using it on my iPhone, the iPad version provides a much better user experience.

The first thing you do is select one of the many available page layout templates, as show in the figure on the left below. Then you populate the panels by choosing photos from your Photos app library – or a map of any location in the world. Inserting a map or map of your creation into a comic strip is brilliant integration of iPad technologies.

Strip Designer For iPad – Create Your Own Comic Strips

Once you’ve selected a picture or map for panel, you can modify it in various ways if you want. In the figure on the right below, for example, I’m applying the halftone filter to the picture of Allie and the dog (top left). You can apply any or all of the other effect – grayscale, sepia tone, invert, sketch, and so on – to any image or map in any panel of your comic.

Strip Designer for iPad

But that’s just the beginning. Now you can add embellishments like cartoon balloons, text blocks, shapes, sticker, borders, cutouts, and more. Cartoon balloons do more than just let you put words in some one’s mouth. They also include arrows, stars, hearts, and oval.

Then there are dozens of interesting stickers that let you make your strip even more comic-like. I used a couple – Ka-Boom and BAM – in the figure on the right.

I’m also pretty impressed with the Cutout feature, which lets you store an image or part of image – say, your logo or other “branding” – and reuse it in any panel or page with one tap.

Now, in additional to all the creative possibilities I’ve described so far, your also have the option of choosing a different page-layout template for any page at any time. Better still, you can preview your images in a number of different layouts very quickly and easily.

You can change page layout templates at any time, but here’s a word to the wise: Do it after you add your photos or maps but before you add any text, bubbles, stamps, or other embellishments to your panels. And here’s why: some or all of embellishment your place will appear in the wrong location in other page layouts. I’m just sayin’ you’ll save yourself work if you try different page layouts before you embellishment rather than after.

Finally, as you’d expect. Strip Designer for iPad has export and social-media options galore, making it easy to share your strips with others via e-mail (at normal or high resolution), Facebook, Flicker, and Twitter.

It adds up to easy-to-use tools for creating comic strips that look (at least in my humble opinion) extremely cool, as you can clearly see in the figure on the right.

Or not. But if you think my comic shows even an inkling of promise, you’ll have a ball with Strip Designer for iPad.

Best Features

Choices. This app is all about choices. Its myriad of page templates, filters, visual effects, cartoon balloons, stickers, and customs provide almost infinite creative options.

Worst Features

Choosing a different page template can shift elements, which can cause extra work for you.

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