Stupidness 2 PRO

Edutainment Doesn’t Come Any-More Educational And Entertaining Than This!

Although we not entirely sure that the title of ORANGENOSE STUDIOS’ new application is entirely fitting! There is certainly some doubt as to the true value of this as an educational tool when held in comparison with more traditional apps, particularly as a method of gauging IQ. That said there is very little doubt that this application will improve lateral thinking and reaction times, which explains how this also sits within the gaming category on the App Store. Which leads on to the best poster friendly summation we came up with to describe the brain expanding content within, “Dr Kawashinna’s Brain Training but fun!”. For the minimal asking price you will be given a total of 80 questions/puzzle, each with time penalty

incurring hints if needed, as a timer-ticks down in the background. Unlike the comparable Nintendo DS game, these puzzles are based more upon quick thinking than scholar like ability. Take for example the pictured puzzle requesting you place “this” elephant in the fridge, dragging the creature itself into the fridge results in a fail, while dragging the word elephant gets you a pass! Each question answers adds points to your 10 meter, let the timer run out and the current 10 rating is allegedly a ­reflection of your brain power! If you are happy with the results you can post your ranking directly to FaceBook.

Discounting any claims to measure IQ, you are left with an experience that is certainly entertaining and, will certainly take a toll on your grey matter, although we doubt it will expand it to a massive degree.

Apple Store | Stupidness 2 PRO For iPad

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