Sync Your Firefox or Chrome Bookmarks With Your iPad

If you use Firefox or Google’s Chrome on your desktop computer then you probably have all your bookmarks set up how you want them and now you might be trying to figure out how to sync them to the Safari App on the iPad.  Here is a quick and easy way to sync all your Firefox and/or Chrome bookmarks with Safari on the iPad…

Being in sync these days is more important than ever because we tend to use smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Some of us use all of these each day.  The important thing for using multiple devices is having all your information on each device remain consistent.

We did a post on how to keep your calendar and contacts in sync. Here is some additional information to help you keep your Firefox and Chrome bookmarks in sync with your iPad.

Syncing Bookmarks With Firefox

The first thing you need to do in Firefox is export your data over to Safari on your desktop/laptop (whichever device you are using to sync your iPad to).  This process works on either a Mac or PC.

  • On your Firefox menu bar, click on Bookmarks and choose Organize Bookmarks
  • The window opens allowing you to manage your bookmarks.  Click on the Star button and choose Export to HTML
  • The Export Bookmarks File window now opens and you can choose a location to save your exported bookmarks
  • Open Safari
  • On the menu bar, click on the File menu and choose Import Bookmarks
  • Find the file that you saved from your Firefox export, select this file and then click Import

At this point all your Firefox bookmarks are now imported into Safari and if you have bookmark syncing turned on in iTunes when you connect your iPad, then those bookmarks will sync up with the Safari app on the iPad.

Syncing Bookmarks With Chrome

Chrome does not have as much market share as Firefox but it is definitely growing and has a very loyal user base.  If you are a Chrome user, then we are going to show you how to get all your bookmarks in sync with your iPad.

  • Download and install the Xmarks Add-on for Chrome.  You can download that here.
  • Sign up for an Xmarks account within Chrom (it’s free) and once you login it will then begin syncing your bookmarks.  All your Chrome bookmarks are actually placed on the Xmark server.
  • Install Xmarks in IE from here or in Safari here. (same location but it will detect your browser type)
  • Now you can sync your Chrome bookmarks and then when you connect your iPad to iTunes and have your Bookmarks syncing turned on, all your Chrome bookmarks will be in sync.

Originally posted 2010-07-16 11:53:29.


  1. Thanks for including us Chrome users, Shane!

  2. Ben says:

    Thank you! Now my iPad & Chrome synced makes so much more sense!

  3. Shane says:

    Hey that is excellent!!! Thanks for reading and glad I could help!

  4. Firefox is my main browser of choice when not using my iPad, nice to know syncing like this is possible in just a few easy steps. Thanks again for the great tip!!

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  6. Jennifer says:

    All I wanted, was to easily get my chrome bookmarks onto my ipad. As much as I wanted to have a live sync, there are just times when living on the edge of technology has its disadvantages. I am equal opportunity geek, and as much as I love my APPL products, and I hate loosing the great features of the Chrome Sync in order to use xmarks.

    After much much frustration to get my bookmarks set up on my ipad, i realized why DropBox is my ultimate best friend. Although it’s not a live sync, I realized that all I really needed to do was export my bookmarks from any of my chrome browsers into a file on my dropbox account. The free app for my ipad allows me to view the file easily. It’s easily updated as well. One quick save over the original and I have the new list.

    Not an answer for everyone, but I think it will work out just fine for me.

    1. Shane says:

      Thank you for that excellent solution using Dropbox. I am amazed each day how people are finding new ways to use it and this is a great use – it would be nice just have the bookmarks work the way they do on a desktop but this is a great solution as well.

      1. Jennifer says:

        Thanks Shane –
        I really wish I could have made a live sync w/ xmarks work, but I just wasn’t willing to give up my chrome sync features.

        I am doing some housekeeping today, and may also work with what Evernote might do for this situation as well…. we’ll see.

        1. Shane says:

          If you find that the Evernote works….let me know…I’ve searched around and have not found anything – there are a ton of ways to use Evernote so it may be entirely possible.

  7. Davidek says:

    There is also a good way to synchronize all your bookmarks online and so shall be off service

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