The Real Reason RIM Bought Tungle


When the news was announced that RIM (Research In Motion) had purchased Tungle, it did not occur to me until later in the day the real reason they did this. Despite what most people believe, I don't think they did it purely for the social calendering features.  Here why RIM really purchased Tungle. … [Read more...]

Toys R’ Us Selling iPad 2 April 17th | But Why?

toys r us ipad 2

We mentioned a story yesterday about Best Buy and their new iPad 2 promotion they are starting on April 17th, and here is another story that broke just this morning regarding Toys R' Us. … [Read more...]

Android Honeycomb 3.1 Features And Updates

Honeycomb 3.1 Update

At the Google IO conference they announced a ton of new services and brand new information for Android.  In particular, to the tablet computer interests, there will be updates to the current Honeycomb 3.0 Operating System and here's what to expect. … [Read more...]

This Might Kill The Motorola Xoom. Having To Pay For WiFi?


The Motorola Xoom ad aired during the Superbowl and it definitely got some buzz going since it appeared to mock the iconic 1984 Apple commercial that is now a cult-classic.  But behind all of the hype there is a tablet.  Here's the Motorola Xoom and you can decide if it's for you or not. … [Read more...]

Are Web Apps The Future For Mobile Devices?


I believe they are.  If you own a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer then it's probably easy to agree that the apps are a very large part of the device.  And while the app stores continue to get more crowded and the mobile device wars heat up, there is something else going on that may just change all this.  Web apps.  Here's why they may be a smarter approach for those using them and the companies making them. … [Read more...]

Ultimate Smartphone apps for your Car

In the years to come, the cars that are yet to be developed will need no driver to be in control. It is a future vision that can be foretold due to the technology right now. Though if such cars come to the real world they will only be utilized in closed environments and preserved yards. For the apps, they should be sensible and modified to the extent of being able to send a warning signal that something is wrong. A puncture perhaps or needing … [Read more...]

I Was Not Impressed With iPad 2 | Why Get an iPad 2 ?


At first I was not impressed with iPad 2.  Mostly because of the hype that surrounds an iLaunch and the rumors leading up to it.  In fact,  I kind of felt as if I already knew all about the iPad 2, so the only thing left was holding out for some completely astounding and shocking feature no one knew anything about.  But that didn't happen.  So what we got was exactly what we all knew about.  And yet, as I type this I cannot wait to get in … [Read more...]

What Our Poll And The Latest HP Slate Numbers Reveal


The HP Slate, a potential rival to the iPad, has not seen the greatest of numbers and this is congruent with polls ran right here on TCGeeks.  Originally reported over on The Apple Insider, it appears HP is in for a battle when it comes to getting demand for their Slate tablet computer to rise anywhere close to that of the iPad.  Here are some interesting stats our own readers have told us which seems to confirm what we are learning about the … [Read more...]

Adobe works toward peace amidst the war on Flash!

Flash vs HTML5

With all the iPad 2 (and 3) rumors that have been flying lately, we have almost forgotten last year's battle between Apple and Adobe over which development platform is the better web standard.  Marketing king, Steve Jobs all but condemned Flash to a forgotten grave in favor of the less processor intensive HTML5, while Adobe battled to maintain their market share by lobbying for Flash support from other mobile device manufacturers. … [Read more...]

Apple Planning To Let You Pay With Your iPad 2


There was a recent report from Bloomberg suggesting that the iPad 2 could integrate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into the iPad 2.  What this means is that you could use your iPad (2) to pay for purchases.  Here's the details. … [Read more...]

A First Look At Android Honeycomb [Video]


CES, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening this week in Las Vegas and there over rumored to be over 30 tablets set to hit the market.  Wow.   Some say they won't deliver  and some say they are really great devices that will overtake the iPad. … [Read more...]

Mobile TV On Your iPad


Ever wondered about the future of mobile TV on your iPad?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just tap on an app and have instant access to all of the TV you want?  Here is a new technology being demonstrated that shows off the future of mobile TV right on your iPad. … [Read more...]

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