Webcam Transformation Into A Surveillance System That Detects Motion

If you thought that turning a webcam into a surveillance system that detects motion and streams the information is impossible, then you should change your mind. This is something possible and you only need to know how it is done. To do this, expensive software is not required or going for a new camera unless you just want to use it in keeping an eye on what is happening at home. This can be to catch burglars in the act or looking into the affairs … [Read more...]

Security tips for tablet and smartphone users

A new study carried out in the U.S. has discovered that despite describing themselves as “tech literate”, many smartphone and tablet users don’t have even basic security features activated on their devices. The research, carried out by Experian, found that only 40 per cent of people use a password to lock their phones, and a fifth of those surveyed admitted to staying logged in after checking their emails. Just as many people click … [Read more...]

Electronic Point of Sale Devices: a History

Epos (Electronic Point of Sale) devices are currently experiencing a boom. Technologies involved (Wifi, internet, portable devices, batteries) have evolved to such a level that allows Epos systems’ wide spread implementation and allows Epos systems to provide many added benefits without hindering either client or vendor. Although it seems that only in the last few years have Epos systems been implemented, the truth is that Epos technology … [Read more...]

Eight Newest and Best Features of Windows 8.1

windows 8.1

Windows 8 operating system has not become the biggest operating system in terms of  its use since the early launch in October, but Microsoft wants to change it for the first major update to its OS called Windows 8.1. Introduced at the beginning of this season, Windows 8.1 brings features that are said to be the superior features Microsoft promised that based on the user feedback and complaints on the previous operating system.past  Rumor has … [Read more...]

What are custom Flipbooks?


A book or movie flipbook is a book that contains a number of graphics or images tend to vary gradually from one page to another, in order that when the pages are turned or are delayed, the images tend to show an animation and movement counterfeit or some other variation. Flipbooks really illustrates often or custom made for entertaining children, but can also be channeled to adults through the use of a set of photographs rather than drawings … [Read more...]

Tablets – Taking the Middle Road


Laptops have large and comfortable screens, but they are bulky and inconvenient to lug around. Smartphones are lightweight, but the screen is too small to read text or enjoy movies and other video. It is this space that tablets have invaded and given users the best of both worlds. It all started with the iPad, but there are more than a dozen vendor offering competing tablets. Here is a brief look at the best tablet options you have. iPad … [Read more...]

Tablet PC Buying guide


Tablet PC’s have been one of the most popular electronic devices in the market for quite sometime now. Here is a list of things that the users need to look at before buying a Tablet PC of their choices:- Weight and Size factors One of the best parts about the tablet PC is that they are mobile, and they can be carried anywhere. Thus, it becomes important for you to check the size and weight of the tablet that you want to purchase. The … [Read more...]

Kindle Fire HD – Amazon’s Most Exclusive Tablet for 2013

images (1)

Kindle Fire HD introduced by Amazon with attractive price showed various signs to be worthy. With brilliant screens and delightful graphics which are smooth and mash able. With amazing Wi-Fi connectivity perhaps the best so far it offers unlimited, instant streaming of thousands of TV shows and movie and with “New Kindle FreeTime” Unlimited for kids, there can be accessed to unlimited books, movies, applications, and TV shows. Kindle Fire … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-Inch | The Real iPad Competitor?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch

The Apple iPad may have a true (real) competitor on its hands as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch was revealed today at the Google IO conference in San Fransisco.  Here's what you can look forward to if you are waiting to get your first Android tablet. … [Read more...]

Top Tablets Of 2011 Replacing Laptops And Desktops And Readers

how tablets are used

It's early in 2011 but we can already predict what may be a banner year for tablets.  Two separate reports out today point to a growing tablet segment and the top tablets are starting to finally emerge. … [Read more...]

iPad And iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 Update Available

iPad iOS 4.3.3

If you have an iPad or an iPad 2 then you might want to get it updated as iOS 4.3.3 was just released and it while it does not include any major changes you will notice such as big new features, it does contain some code that deals with the tracking cache.  If you are concerned about tracking you can learn more about it here. … [Read more...]

Will Your Next Tablet Be Made By Amazon?

Amazon Tablet Computer

Your next tablet might just be made by Amazon.  According to a report over at Digitimes, we may be seeing Amazon deliver their own version of the tablet computer very soon.  Here's what it might actually be. … [Read more...]

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