This New VW Bus Has An iPad Interface

vw bus uses iPad

Are you looking for ways to use your iPad or iPad 2 that might be completely different than web browsing or email?  How about using it in your car?  That's exactly what this new VP concept car is doing.  They have crafted a way to use the iPad right inside their concept vehicle and it looks really cool.  Here's the story. … [Read more...]

To Have And To Hold | Why The 7″ iPad Is Imminent


Today, I was on the train commuting.  That's nothing new.  I was also eating dinner in a restaurant.  Nothing new there either.  But in each of these scenarios I reached into my bag and pulled out my iPhone.  I have a Brenthaven Metrolite bag and it has a pocket on the back for my iPad.  In fact, the iPad is right there. I don't even need to do much to get to it.  But I didn't use my iPad. And the reason why is the topic of this Op-Ed.  … [Read more...]

How Much Of Your iPad Do You Really Own?


I have been following the story of George Hotz, aka Geohot for about a month now.  He's the guy from New Jersey that was the first to jailbreak the iPhone and has since been sued by Sony when he issued a jailbreak for his own PS3.  Apple could not sue him since it was deemed by the U.S. Government that jailbreaking is not illegal. But if that were not the case would they too have tried to sue Geohot? … [Read more...]

The Real Reason RIM Bought Tungle


When the news was announced that RIM (Research In Motion) had purchased Tungle, it did not occur to me until later in the day the real reason they did this. Despite what most people believe, I don't think they did it purely for the social calendering features.  Here why RIM really purchased Tungle. … [Read more...]

Security tips for tablet and smartphone users

A new study carried out in the U.S. has discovered that despite describing themselves as “tech literate”, many smartphone and tablet users don’t have even basic security features activated on their devices. The research, carried out by Experian, found that only 40 per cent of people use a password to lock their phones, and a fifth of those surveyed admitted to staying logged in after checking their emails. Just as many people click … [Read more...]

Toys R’ Us Selling iPad 2 April 17th | But Why?

toys r us ipad 2

We mentioned a story yesterday about Best Buy and their new iPad 2 promotion they are starting on April 17th, and here is another story that broke just this morning regarding Toys R' Us. … [Read more...]

A First Look At Android Honeycomb [Video]


CES, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening this week in Las Vegas and there over rumored to be over 30 tablets set to hit the market.  Wow.   Some say they won't deliver  and some say they are really great devices that will overtake the iPad. … [Read more...]

Where and How To Buy The iPad 2

New iPad 2

Here is where and how to buy the new iPad 2.  On March 11, 2011 the iPad 2 goes on sale and even if you have or haven't ever been to the release of a new Apple product there are some good ways to prepare ahead of time.  With rumored limited production and a new design, the iPad 2 is going to be  an instant hot seller so here is where you can buy and and how to buy one too. … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-Inch | The Real iPad Competitor?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch

The Apple iPad may have a true (real) competitor on its hands as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch was revealed today at the Google IO conference in San Fransisco.  Here's what you can look forward to if you are waiting to get your first Android tablet. … [Read more...]

iPad And iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 Update Available

iPad iOS 4.3.3

If you have an iPad or an iPad 2 then you might want to get it updated as iOS 4.3.3 was just released and it while it does not include any major changes you will notice such as big new features, it does contain some code that deals with the tracking cache.  If you are concerned about tracking you can learn more about it here. … [Read more...]

Android Honeycomb 3.1 Features And Updates

Honeycomb 3.1 Update

At the Google IO conference they announced a ton of new services and brand new information for Android.  In particular, to the tablet computer interests, there will be updates to the current Honeycomb 3.0 Operating System and here's what to expect. … [Read more...]

The Case Of The Delayed iPad 2

iPad 2 Delayed

We have two iPad 2 rumors this morning and one of them is an actual video of a case that was obtained by 9to5 Mac and the possible delay of iPad 2.  Here's the full story. … [Read more...]

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