The Fate of Apple : in the hand of two new Champ (5S&5C)

apple fact

As we know, Apple's iPhone sales have fallen quite sharply, which is 6.2 million units. According to Digitimes (5/9), Apple's revenue declined in the second quarter amounted to USD 18.2 billion dollars. Almost everyone knows, especially for sales of Apple iPhone is currently experiencing a downturn that is quite exceptional. Even in the second quarter of this year, the sales decline to 6.2 million units. As reported by DigiTimes Research … [Read more...]

Fingerprint Security System : Effective but Dangerous

fingerprint scanner

A few days ago , Apple has introduced two new smartphones ,  iphone 5C and iPhone 5S . Both of them are equipped with a fingerprint sensor technology or Touch ID . Indeed, a few moments after being introduced , a lot of people think that this innovation is one of the major steps to change the conventional security system that using a password to be  more effective and safer . However , although it’s sophisticated , but the application … [Read more...]

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