Microsoft Store or Apple Store ? Find The Difference

microsoft stores

Microsoft is beginning to develop the Microsoft Store nowadays , offline stores that are selling gadgets , software , and products made ​​by this vendors which have it’s Base in U.S. One Step of the company which was  founded by Bill Gates is arguably following it’s rivals in the operating system segment  both the PC and smart phones from Apple . Microsoft Store was opened to promote vendors' products include X - box , Microsoft … [Read more...]

They drop out of school , They do not give up , and Managed to write a Success Story to be A Billionaire

technology founder

Logically, the lesson that students obtained from school will become ' backbone ' for them in the future . but , there are some people who got their success although they droped out of the school . Science , education and experience are things that are very valuable in life and pople often  compete to get it . some way  to achieve what they want  of course through formal education at school or university . However , not a few people who … [Read more...]

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