How to Get the Best Business Mobile Phone Plans


Selecting the right business mobile phone plan is not as easy as we may think. If you have a large number of mobile phones in your company or organisation, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal. Do you have different people using their mobile phones for different purposes? Do you have some people travelling and others in your region? Trying to analyse right business mobile phones plan provider is extremely complicated. The cost of … [Read more...]

Apple Starts Race to Retina as Apps Store Guidelines Change | iOS Rumors

iPhone: What's next?

Apple has told iOS developers that From 1 May, all apps submitted to the App Store for the approval must support devices with Retina displays and the  iPhone-5 taller screen. The rule includes new apps and updates. While the Retina display has been a feature of the iPhone for two-and-a-half years, since the introduction of the iPhone 4, giving developers plenty of time to adapt, the iPhone 5 is less than six months old, and its completely new … [Read more...]

Essential VOIP Business Phone System Features: Are You Getting the Best?

While there are many VOIP vendors in the market, the level of products and services they supply are very different. You are not buying a business phone and business mobile phone system. You should be looking for a skilled consultant to solve your communication needs. Whether, for business mobile calling, office calling, or for a complete communications solution, VOIP business phone systems are the best solution for all business types. Even if … [Read more...]

Big Sale for iPhone 5S and 5C in The US

iphone 5s

  Hello, shopaholic ! Well this one is great news for all you. Why ? You should know that Apple give big sale for their product, especially for iPhone 5S and 5C. But those discount just for American. Is it indication of iPhone that they will produce new generation because a lot of pressure from Android smartphone ? Discount for iPhone occur in their native country, United States. Walmart said that they sell iPhone 16 GB only USD … [Read more...]

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