Fit iPhone apps to your iPad screen with “Full Force”

Full Force

You are browsing through the App Store on your iPad, searching for the next killer app.  Suddenly, you find it!  Everything from its icon to its description screams awesome, but then it hits you like a ton of bricks, this app is designed for the iPhone's  960x640 resolution screen.  Regardless of its killer content, you're going to have to suffer through an extremely clunky and pixelated interface.  Well, if you have a jailbroken iPad, … [Read more...]

Getting Around Your iPad In Style With “Activator”


Tablet computing is all about convenience, and getting stuff done faster than it has been done before.  By now you have probably figured out that there aren't too many shortcuts built into Apple's iOS, presumably for simplicity's sake.  If you're looking to add a couple gesture controls or shortcuts to your jailbroken iPad, "Activator" from the BigBoss repository is the Cydia package for you!   … [Read more...]

Have some fun this weekend and add USB Peripherals To Your iPad

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Nothing to do this weekend?  Want to add a USB Hard Drive or Keyboard to your jailbroken iPad? Just grab your camera connection kit, and do some experimentation!  First, rummage through the house and find all those dusty USB peripherals that you've collected over the years.  Look for USB speakers, headsets, keyboards, hubs, and portable harddrives. … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Copy/Paste Experience

Enhance Your Copy/Paste Experience

Enhancing your 'copy and paste' experience may not be at the top of your 2011 New Years resolutions, BUT it is a great way to boost productivity and add functionality to your jailbroken iPad.  This post will cover two Cydia tweaks that are sure to save you precious seconds that, in the future, can be used to memorize random facts about Steve Jobs' childhood. … [Read more...]

Downloading YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing, the FREE way.


Do you want to be able to download YouTube videos to your jailbroken iPad for offline viewing without shelling out the cash for a paid package like YourTube?   … [Read more...]

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