Facebook was reported to U.S.federal regulators


Facebook was reported to U.S. federal regulators for allegedly making an adverse user policies. In the policy at issue, it is mentioned that the pictures and names of Facebook users will be commercialized without the user's knowledge. As reported by the LA Times (4/9), this is a veiled way of commercialization Facebook entitles advertisers to use its name and photo in the add. This is certainly a disadvantage because the photos and names can … [Read more...]

Busy with Your Work ? Don’t Let it Makes you Left The Information from Social Networking ! Get This Five Best iPhone Apps

iphone apps

iPhone is a classy smartphone that can access  information from all around the world . The phone is also equipped with a variety of applications that will make users comfortable , entertained , as well as impaired . Why ? Because the iPhone is always located in our hand . Surfing the web , social networking , all of things can be done easily through this device . Unfortunately this internet syndrom will make the  work productivity being … [Read more...]

Instagram : When Loyality Comercialized


Increasing the number of users in a photo sharing service Instagram seems to be a good sign for them . With the number of users is now 150 million , reportedly the Instagram ready to commercialize its services . In the year ahead Instagram ready to welcome the advertisers to get into the service . It is also confirmed that Facebook bought Instagram is the reason to make profits . In addition to advertising , it is still questionable as to … [Read more...]

From The Local Beautifull Girl Site , Cheated Acts , Untill The King of Social Networking World | Here are Some Facts about Facebook And it’s Founder , Mark Zuckerberg

facebook users

Facebook is a social network that currently get a lot of users in many countries in the world . However , before it was established , the Creator , Mark Zuckerberg , had to cheated first. Previously , Zuck a familiar call of Mark Zuckerberg has created a similar social networking site which oriented to beautiful women called Facemash . A site that features photos of pretty girls on his campus . This site provides an access to the user for … [Read more...]

Big Sale for iPhone 5S and 5C in The US

iphone 5s

  Hello, shopaholic ! Well this one is great news for all you. Why ? You should know that Apple give big sale for their product, especially for iPhone 5S and 5C. But those discount just for American. Is it indication of iPhone that they will produce new generation because a lot of pressure from Android smartphone ? Discount for iPhone occur in their native country, United States. Walmart said that they sell iPhone 16 GB only USD … [Read more...]

Mobile payment system on Facebook

mobile payment

Facebook currently designing a mobile payment system features that can be used by users to pay for the transaction are available in a variety of applications on a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg. According to the BBC News, Tera Randall (Facebook spokesman) said that this feature is designed to help our partners simplify application online shopping services in the wider Facebook. Randall also added that this feature will be integrated … [Read more...]

How To Stay In Touch With Facebook in Your Mac | Mac Basics


Social networking these days means staying in touch with friends and contacts anywhere, any time. We're used to tweeting or sharing snaps from our iPhones, But Mountain Lion now integrates social networking, making it easier than ever to share pictures or web pages via Flickr or Vimeo, post to Twitter and more. Here we'll focus on Facebook, but the principle are the same for the other social networks supported. Once you have Facebook … [Read more...]

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