Draw Race for iPad


RedLynx shows you what a real racing line One of the things that most impresses us with the iPhone is how app developers seem to be constantly thinking but of the box in order to create truly memorable gaming experiences. When we come across titles like DrawRace, we quickly come to the conclusion that the iPhone really doesn't need any extra buttons for gaming as much as some may have insisted it did back in the day. On first glance it appears … [Read more...]

Fast Five for iPad

Fast Five Images

Fast, furious and packed full of high octane mayhem Drawing heavily from the mechanics of its Asphalt racing titles, Gameloft's tie-in for Fast Five is a hefty title that delivers more content than its small asking price would initially suggest. Fast Five is purely a racing game, so all of the on foot action and shooting from the movies is nowhere to be seen. On-foot shooting sections would have certainly mixed up each chapter, as they are … [Read more...]

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