Eight Newest and Best Features of Windows 8.1

windows 8.1

Windows 8 operating system has not become the biggest operating system in terms of  its use since the early launch in October, but Microsoft wants to change it for the first major update to its OS called Windows 8.1. Introduced at the beginning of this season, Windows 8.1 brings features that are said to be the superior features Microsoft promised that based on the user feedback and complaints on the previous operating system.past  Rumor has … [Read more...]

Repix for Android Finally Launched

repix for android

In less than five months since it was launched for iOS, users Repix has now reached 4 million people. Now, Repix ready to 'colonize' Google Play.what is Repix ? Photo editing applications that can transform ordinary into the extraordinary with a variety of brushes offered. "Since the initial launch of iOS five months ago, Repix enough attention among users," said Ilkka Teppo, CEO Sumoing. "It's incredible to see how applications and various … [Read more...]

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