It’s Real War | Syrian Hacker plan to Give a Nightmare for United States


Syrian hackers plan belonging to the Syrian Electronic Army to provide a nightmare for the United States seems not just messing around. Just now, a group of hackers based in Syria is to deface the official website of U.S. Marines. As reported by the Wall Street Journal (2/8), this attack seems aimed at preventing hackers attack the U.S. in the foreseeable future. This is evident from the contents of the site deface who wrote that … [Read more...]

Clever is not Always Clever | Best Five Ridiculous Hacker that ever caught by the camera

ridiculous hacker

Hacking or something that was do by hacker often happened since internet has been grown . Many hackers and the victims appear each day as a result of this action .Hackers themselves have many ways to diserve or at least break into the security system of the victim. In fact , this security system  is continue to be  improved by anyone . Hackers itself has a variety of clever ways to outsmart the security system that continues to evolve this … [Read more...]

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