How To Use iPhone | The big picture

How To Use iPhone

What's an iPhone? How To Use iPhone : An iPhone is a smartphone - in other words, a mobile phone that doubles as a handheld computer, complete with web browsing, email, music playback and the ability to run applications, or "apps". The device is produced by Apple, manufacturers of the iPod, iPad and Mac computers. After years of speculation, and to great media fanfare, the iPhone was launched in the US and UK in 2007, with an updated version … [Read more...]

How to Use iPhone 4s | Sync and Use Calendars

iphone Calendar

How to Use iPhone 4s : More and more of us are switching from paper to digital diaries — not just for work, but for life, too. The iPhone is helping to accelerate this trend by making it easy not just to schedule and manage appointments on the go — but also to view, edit and, share multiple calendars and to synchronize them with laptops, iPads and other devices. Setting up and syncing calendars Although it's possible to use the iPhone as … [Read more...]

How To Use iPhone 4s| Using FaceTime

Using FaceTime

How To Use iPhone 4s : Easily the most important new feature of the fourth-generation iPhone was FaceTime, a foolproof way of making and receiving video calls. Unimaginable outside science fiction just a decade ago, mobile video calls offer a whole new type of communication - the downside being that it's only possible to make or receive FaceTime calls using a recent iPhone (4 and later), iPod Touch (4 and later), iPad (2 and later) or Mac (OS X … [Read more...]

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